July 2019 Volume 60 Number 10 www.natclo.com Sneak Peek It’s best to test 18 34Stop wasting energy 22 Tiny leaks can add up to big wastes of energy. Bruce Grossman tell what to look for and how to make corrections. Supervisor training National Clothesline Don Desrosiers looks back at the parade of pressing improvements that he has seen at Clean Shows past. 8Things seen at Clean Can your supervisors deal with the tricky personnel situations that can arise? Frank Kollman advises that they need training. Cleaning up in New Orleans Dan Eisen outlines some simple tests to run to avoid damaging fabrics in the cleaning process. The Clean Show completed its sixth visit to New Orleans June 23 with a sold-out exhi- bition hall and jam-packed educational ses- sions giving attendees every opportunity to see all that is available to improve their busi- nesses and learn ways to do it. Although final attendance figures were not available at press time, Clean Show manager John Riddle said he expects the final numbers will show a total of about 11,000 attendees, which would put Clean ’19 short of the 12,563 mark set at Clean ’17 in Las Vegas but in the ballpark of the last New Orleans show in 2013 and the 2015 show in Atlanta where the show will next visit in 2021. It was Riddle’s swan song as manager of the show, a post he and his company, Riddle and Associates, has held since 1992. The show’s five co-sponsoring trade associations sold the show to the German firm Messe Frankfurt last year after Riddle had announced his intention to retire. While that changeover was behind the scenes, another new feature this year was no- ticed and appreciated by many attendees. That was the addition of a series of afternoon gen- eral sessions on topics of interest to a broad cross section of the industry. As in the past, each of the sponsoring asso- ciations presented morning programs on topics of specific interests to their respective mem- berships. All sessions, both morning and af- ternoon, were well attended, testimony to the desire of attendees to expand their knowledge to survive and thrive in a changing industry. Next month’s NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE will provide detailed reports on all that went on. Wielding the ceremonial scissors for the Clean Show ribbon cutting is Iris Jeglitza-Moshage, senior vice president of Messe Frankfurt, the new owners of the biennial exhibition. Representatives of the show’s sponsoring organiza- tions took part in the opening. The associations sold the show to Messe Frankfurt last year and will retain a non- ownership role in future shows. Messe Frankfurt has broad experience in organizing trade shows, including laundry and drycleaning exhibitions in Europe and Asia. An expanded menu of Clean Show educational sessions, which included afternoon general sessions in addition to the usual morning sets, were well attended, some with standing room only, with attendees eager to hear about new ways to advance their businesses.