b"NationalApril 2019 Clothe slineVolume 60 Number 7www.natclo.comLearning the ins and outs of wetcleaningWetcleaning was the topic of the day at Unipress headquarters on March 2 where attendees came from far and wide to learn from experts. Frank Briercheckof Laundry Pro of Florida is shown speaking to the group while Tom Stites of Unipress looks on.Industry suppliers teamed up to put on a wetcleaning Half of the day was a hands-on experiencesorting The large group was broken down into four smallerseminar in Tampa, FL, last month that drew strong atten- garments for wetcleaning, stain removal, cleaning and fin- groups that rotated between wetcleaning, working on twodance by cleaners, including some from Minnesota, Ohio, ishing. Attendees had a wide variety of garments among Unipress tensioning pants stations, a Unipress utility stationTennessee and Canada. the 300 pounds of cleaning that was available to work on. and a Hurricane HS-2 double for shirts.It was the second such seminar hosted by Unipress at Guiding them were Liz Davies on finishing, Jeff Quail Overall it was an excellent turnout and seminar, saidits Tampa headquarters. Sponsors included Laundry Pro and Frank Briercheck on wetcleaning equipment and Joon Tom Stites of Unipress, the hosting company.of Florida, Poseidon Textile Care Systems, Seitz and Fab- Han, Ken Chambless and Larry Wolff on chemistry, all The entire event was free for those attending and thatDLI readies sp m for Cleaneaker prograriclean Supply who provided instructors and presenters. representing the sponsoring companies. included a continental breakfast and full lunch.What do you do on a steamy summer decisions based on new perspectives, tech- will tell how to improve your website's per- DLI presentations on Saturday morning.day in New Orleans? Find a cool, aircondi- nologies and diversifications. formanceandimpresscustomerseven Beginning at 8 a.m., Jason Loeb, creatortioned space to hang out in until the sun Leading off for DLI on Thursday morn- when you are not around in a one-hour pro- and visionary of Sudsies Dry Cleaners thatgoes down and the nightlife begins. ing will be Bruce Hamilton and his talk gram beginning at 8 a.m. revolutionized the home pickup and deliv-That will be easy for the thousands of No Bad Days: Positive Attitude is Every- Are your marketing methods changing ery drycleaning business in South Florida,cleaners who come to the Big Easy for thing.A professional speaker, sales trainer with your clientele? That is the question to will explain why being good is not goodClean 19 June 20-23. The Ernest N. Morial andbusinessowner,Hamiltontravels be addressed by the second speaker on Fri- enough when it comes to customer service.Convention Center will provide the aircon- throughout the United States spreading his day, Bobby Patel, owner of Kona Cleaners With todays customers expecting theditioning along with plenty of things to No Bad Days philosophy using an inspi- with 17 locations for in Orange County and finestserviceandamarketthatofferskeep attendees engaged and occupied. rational,fast-paced,humorousstylede- The Inland Empire area of California. He plenty of choices, drycleaners need to pro-The main attraction, of course, will be signed to motivate and inspire his audience is also a founder and current marketing di- vide service above and beyond their expec-the massive exhibition of equipment, sup- to take control of their lives. rector of BeCreative360, started in 2013 tations to keep them coming back.plies and accessories for anyone in the tex- Slated for an 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. time slot, with Dave Troemel and Bryon Eser. Loebs main role at Sudsies is to ensuretile care business. But there is plenty more. he will be the only DLI speaker on the He was born in India and emigrated to that every customer receives a quality prod-All of the cosponsoring associations will opening day.the United States where he attended Cali- uct and the type of attention that goes aboveoffer morning seminars geared to the inter- TwospeakersareslatedforFriday forniaStateUniversityinLongBeach, and beyond customer service by instillingests of their memberships, then in the af- morning beginning with Nick Chapleau, graduating with a degree in engineering be- these core values in his team members. Heternoons there will be general sessions with CEO and founder of Starchup Inc. who will fore purchasing Kona Cleaners in 1995. will tell how its done.across the board appeal for all attendees. askWhatFirstImpressionDoesYour He will discuss how he has evolved his Wrapping itup on Saturday morningThe Drycleaning and Laundry Institute Website Make? marketing techniques to attract a growing will be Tips for Entering the Wash Dryhas lined up five speakers to address topics HiscompanyisaChicago-based new wave of consumers in a one-hour pro- Fold Market from Rita Foley, owner ofdesigned to help drycleaners improve their provider of digital ordering and route man- gram titled that begins at 9 a.m. Regency Dry Cleaners and White Star Drylivelihoods and make informed business agement for drycleaners and laundries. He Two more speakers will round out the Continued on page 24Sneak Peek6 Making mulligans 8 Process at the press 20 How heat can help 32 Say what you meanMike Harris likes to Top productivity on Understand the roleUsing vague languagelook for mulligansthe single buck of heat to maximize in personnel mattersmistakes that he can requires a regular results in spotting, will not help you casemake right and make procedure that leads wetcleaning and when trying to defendcustomers happy to a steady rhythm, drycleaning. Danyour actions, Frankat Oceanside Cleaners says Don Desrosiers Eisen explains. Kollman advises."