b'NationalMay 2019 Clothe slineVolume 60 Number 8www.natclo.comFinding your place in the crowdThe final countdown is about to beginfor the Clean Show which is making itssixth trip to New Orleans since 1985.As of mid-April, the show had alreadysurpassed the number of exhibitors on thefloor the last time the show visited NewOrleans in 2013. That show had 422 ex-hibitors showing their wares to 10,300 at-tendees.Exhibitorsignupsstoodat428with still time for more to join the party.The show has grown steadily since thatlast New Orleans appearance and, in fact,was listed as among the 50 fastest growingtrade shows by Trade Show Executive mag-azine after the 2017 show in Las Vegas.That show drew 12,563 attendees and472 exhibiting companies the highest at-tendance since 2007 before the economicrecession reduced numbers for subsequentshows.Whether the upcoming show will topthose numbers remains to be seen, but re-gardless of the size of the crowd, time isdrawing short for those who want to be apart of it.The full registration fee of $169 is sig-nificantly discounted for those who registerin advance by June 10. Until then, registra-tion can be secured for $149 which pro-vides admission to all four days in the ex- It was standing room only at this seminar the last time Clean visited New Orleans. Now is the time to make arrange-hibithallplusthedozensofeducation ments to be there when the show returns to the Crescent City next month.programs offered by the sponsoring associ- tiesatavarietyofNewOrleanshotels ing bar, swimming pool, dining options, from the convention center.ations. while the five cosponsoring trade associa- entertainment, a spa, fitness center, and in- The Coin Laundry Association has se-Andmembersofthoseassociations, tions have designated headquarters hotels room services. lectedtwohotelsforheadquarterswhich includes the Drycleaning and Laun- for their members. Reservations for the Hotel Monteleone Loews New Orleans Hotel and the Renais-dry Institute, get an even steeper discount. The Drycleaning and Laundry Institute are open through Connections Housing, the sance New Orleans Arts Hotel.They can sign up for $119. will headquarter at the Hotel Monteleone, official housing agency for Clean 2019. Two hotels will also be home for theAdvanceregistrationnotonlysaves the same hotel the DLI used in New Or- Toreservearoomvisit Textile Rental Services Associationthemoney but it also avoids standing in line to leans in 2013. The Monteleone is on Royal https://book.passkey.com/go/DLI2019. New Orleans Marriott and the Westin Newregister at the show. Street in the French Quarter, just under one Other hotels have been selected by each Orleans Canal Place.Unless you are making a day trip of it, mile from the convention center. of the sponsoring associations. The Association for Linen Managementyou will also want to reserve lodging during Launchedin1886,theHotelMon- The Textile Care Allied Trades Associa- will headquarter at the Royal Sonesta.the show. Clean Show management has teleone offers easy access to the nightlife tion will headquarter at the New Orleans All hotels are part of the official CleanWebsite ranks industry wages at bottomarranged for discounts and special ameni- of New Orleans. Amenities include a rotat- Downtown Marriott just across the street Continued on page 12Drycleaning and laundry workers are earned a median wage of $432 per week, hosts and hostesses, cooks and food servers. https://247wallst.com.amongthelowestpaidworkersinthe or $22,464 per year. Maidsandhousekeepingcleanersalso The Bureau of Labor Statistics report onUnited States, according to the website 24/7 While many of the lowest paying jobs made the bottom 10 at Number 7 wth an employment and wages from May 2018Wall St. https://247wallst.com. inthecountryaregenerallyheldby average annual wage of $24,284. showed that 113,180 workers employed inTo identify the lowest paying jobs in younger people, laundry and drycleaning Overall, wages in the United States re- drycleaning and laundry services earned anAmerica, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed 2018 me- workers are, on average, 44.8 years old, cently hit their highest rate of growth since hourly mean wage of $11.42.dian weekly earnings for full-time wage 24/7 Wall St said. the end of the Great Recession in 2009. Industry workers in the District of Co-and salary workers by detailed occupation To earn that dubious honor, laundry and The 3.1 percent increase from 2017 to 2018 lumbia had the highest average hourly wagefrom the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The drycleaning workers had to earn less on av- is a good sign for the American economy, at $17.73. Hawaii, Alaska, Washington andnumber of workers employed in each oc- eragethanfast-foodworkers($22,672), but millions of working Americans are still California also ranked near the top in aver-cupation was also obtained from the BLS. dishwashers ($22,932), bussers $23,244) earning less than $30,000 each year. age wages, ranging from $13.75 to $17.73The estimated yearly earnings for each oc- and food preparation workers ($24,076). 24/7 Wall St. is a financial news and an hour.cupation was calculated from the median In fact, most of the bottom 10 occupa- opinion company with content delivered Californiahadthemostlaundryandweekly earnings figures. tions were in some aspect of the food serv- over the Internet. Grant Suneson was the drycleaning workers of any state in the na-Laundryanddrycleaningworkers ice business. Also included were cashiers, author of the article. The web address is tion, employing 17,730.Sneak Peek6 Keeping pace 8 Quest for zero defects 18 Building your brand 36 Beat the heatRecently installed as The latest finishing Having a widely Hot summer weatherpresident of SEFA, equipment can get recognized brand is will stress out yourRhonda Eysel is you closer to zero not just for the big drycleaning machine.keeping the company defects and maybe companies like Tide. Bruce Grossman offersstarted by her even pay for itself, You can do it, too, tips on how to keep itgrandfather up to date. says Don Desrosiers. says Larry Siegel. cool this summer.'