b'NationalOctober 2019 Clothe slineVolume 61 Number 1www.natclo.comMayhem and mischief at the counterFor an employee at Milt & Edies of the City of Lights to the City of Angels). and The Heat), she then appeared on The hire him, says McCarthy before crackingBurbank, it was a strange week for the ages. Then, things got weird fast. Ellen DeGeneres Show, received $20,000 up. She adds (thanks to DeGeneres actingIt all started after a hard week of Alexis Notonlydidshewaitonasporadic and was featured in a viral video that ap- asamischievousCyranodeBergerac):feeling homesick (she recently moved from Melissa McCarthy (star of The Bridesmaids proached one million hits in less than a Oh, thats a good one. You can see whyweek. Im so successful.Viewers of Ellen DeGeneres daytime The more McCarthy strays off script,talk show are familiar with a prank she thefunnierthevideobecomes. Anotherlikes to pull on celebrity guests, having signsuggestionfromEllen:Whenlifethem visit a public place and agree to repeat hands you lemons, say, Hey, cool. Freewhatever she says to them via a hidden lemons.speaker in their ear. She has played the hid- McCarthysversioncomesoutinadencamerajokeonthelikesof Adele, slurred manner as: One lemon said to theEmma Watson and Bruno Mars. other lemon before she trails off and nods,However, McCarthys version may have adding: That ones a thinker.taken the cake. Dumping clothes on the The next suggestion just gets worse asfront counter in front of Alexis, the star McCarthy fails to recall a long stretch ofacteddisorientedastheyoungcounter dialog from DeGeneres. Fool me once,worker asked her how she was doing. shame on you, she begins, before goingDeGeneres told McCarthy to say she off book. Fool me twice, shame on youhad accidentally taken two Tylenol PMs for fooling me, and shame on you. Shamefor her headache and then compounded her on you.sleepiness by mistakenly drinking sleepy- I like that one, Alexis smiles. How-time tea instead of green tea in an effort to ever,herdemeanorchangeswhenMc-wake up. Carthy drops to the ground (on command)Oh no, so youre like super tired now? and she rushes to help. Thats also whenMilt & Edies staff rushed to assist Melissa McCarthy after she collapsed tothe floor just before it was revealed that it had all been an elaborate prank a concerned Alexis asks, then displays in- everybody in the store becomes concerned.for an Ellen DeGeneres show. A few days later, Alexis, who was working at credible patience and professionalism for Once revived, the Emmy-Award win-the counter and was the main target of the prank, was invited to appear on several minutes as McCarthy repeats things ning actress says Emilio Estevez emphat-DeGeneres show to receive an apology, congratulations for handling the sit- like:Im[BLEEP]up!Imseriously ically before being helped back up. Thank-uation so well and, to top it off, a check for $20,000. [BLEEP] up! fully, McCarthy finally spills the beans onOn an extended cut of the prank on el- the prank and Alexis is clearly stunned.lentube, McCarthy also explains to Alexis She quickly forgives the actress, whothat theres a stain on her blouse that most hugs her and says to blame Ellen for mak-peoplecannotsee,butsheneedsitout ing her do it.nonetheless. Then she adds that its her hus- Naturally, the video went viral later thatbands blouse and laughs hysterically as day, but thats far from the end of the story.Alexis maintains her composure, obviously On the following day, DeGeneres invitedperplexed by her erratic behavior. Alexis to appear on her show that has wonThe check-in stretches out much longer 61 Daytime Emmy Awards to date.as McCarthy offers a few pitches for Milt Ellen begins the segment by explaining,& Edies infamous outdoor sign that always So, I felt so terrible about the poor womanfeatures funny or inspirational messages. having to take care of Melissa. I wanted toHer suggestions, however, were not really meet her, so I can apologize in person.good enough to make the cut. During the subsequent interview, AlexisDeviating from their normal Teach a man to press his shirt and well Continued on page 8routes to learn to do them betterIn lieu of having their annual conference in Kansas City, MO, The Route Prosteamed up with two of their clients to host regional conferences.The first was at Puritan Cleaners in Richmond, VA. Thanks to Gary Clover, NormanWay and Montell White, more than 20 participants were in attendance. Meeting at Pu-ritans Route Hub, the 212 day course was filled with topics like wash-dry-fold and ad-vanced sales training.Two weeks later, Classic Cleaners in Indianapolis, IN, was the place for Round 2.Over 25 participants drove in for the Friday through Sunday Conference.What blows me away is the commitment of our clients, said The Route ProsJames Peuster. Many cancelled their routes on Friday for ongoing training!Route Pros clients came from all over the country to see the route hubs and tonetwork with many of the industrys best route leaders and performers.Peuster offers his take-aways from the two conferences in his column on page 22 ofthis issue. Cleaners gathered for the second Route Pro conference in Indianapolis.Sneak Peek12 Ready for Fall 16 Evaluate carefully 18 New ways of spotting 38 Compressing airFormer DLI Frank Kollman warns If you are still Bruce Grossmangarment analyst that employee removing stains the takes a part-by-partChris Allsbrooks evaluations can be way you always have, look at the inner will be among the fraught with pitfalls Dan Eisen wants you workings of the air speakers at NEFAs that can put an to know that things compressor and how Fall Fest. employer at risk. have changed. they do the job.'