b' NationalAugust2020 ClotheslineVolume61 Number11 www.natclo.comFull steam ahead FTC eyes repealof care label ruleTheFederalTradeCommis- ing technology and care symbolsion is proposing to eliminate the revisions.care label rule, a nearly 50-year- As an example, FTC cited wet-old regulation that requires gar- cleaningtechnology,whichhasment manufacturers and importers been available in the marketplaceto attach labels with care instruc- for many years. Twice in the pasttions on drycleaning or washing, thecommissionconsideredbleaching,drying,andironing addingaProfessionallyWet-clothing. cleaning instruction to the list ofThe FTC said in its June 22 care procedures. It was rejected inannouncement that the rule may the late 1990s because the FTCnot be necessary to ensure that felt the wetcleaning process wasmanufacturersprovidecarein- not sufficiently defined and therestructions,mayhavefailedto was no appropriate test method.keep up with a dynamic market- Morerecently,in2011,theplace, and may negatively affect FTC agreed that the process hadthe development of new cleaning been sufficiently defined, but dis-technologies and care symbol re- agreement broke out over whethervisions. a wetcleaning instruction shouldIn arguing that the rule may not be included for any garment thatbe necessary to ensure that manu- couldbecleanedassuchorfacturers provide clear, accurate whether it should reman an optioncareinstructionsongarments, for the manufacturer.FTCnotedthatmostEuropean The rule as it stands requiresUnion nations and Canada have thatonlyonecleaningprocessvoluntary care instruction systems needs to be indicated in the careand manufacturers in those mar- instructions even if other methodskets voluntarily provide cleaning might be successful. Since manu-instructions. The FTC also noted facturers must have a reasonableThe Basseri family business survived a devastating fire 20 years ago and now Steamer that market demand for care labels basis for listing a care procedure,Cleaners is facing the challenges of the pandemic head on, adapting as needed while in the U.S. is sufficient to moti- theyresistedthepossibilityofmaintaining good humor. Humor is a specialty for daughter Ariana (pictured standing vate marketers to provide them. having to test garments for multi-between parents Shawn and Nicole). She joined the business in 2014 while also pursuing Despite several revisions since ple processes.acareerinentertainmentthatincludesacting,writingandstandinginfrontof its inception in 1971, the FTC said To date, the federal regulationstrangers, making them laugh with embarrassing personal anecdotes after introducing the rule does not appear to have still does not allow manufacturesherself as Hi, Im Ariana, and Im a drycleaning heiress. Their story is on page 6.kept pace with advances in clean- Continued on page 10Will pandemic affect the ne tle n Sx C a how?With less than a year to go until the next many which boasts just under 5 million sq. months. look like? It should look better, for oneCleanShowisscheduledtotakeplace, ft. of exhibitscompared to just under 2 We know that the global pandemic is thing as there are plans to upgrade the over-Messe Frankfurt announced in a recent we- million at the Las Vegas Convention Cen- wreaking havoc on our industry, Jira said, all look of the show. For the onsite regis-binar that attendees and exhibitors can ex- ter. adding that the company has had to cancel tration process, attendees can expect con-pect one thing from them in the uncertain Those concerned about the Clean Show some recent events and currently have plans tactless technology and floor clings spacedtimes ahead: they will proceed with plan- making drastic content or format changes, to host a virtual event this month. 6aparttoensuresocialdistancing.Ifning a live show for next June as if its def- need not worry, according to Jira. Though, In terms of the Clean Show, though, Jira needed, there could even be temperatureinitely going to take place. the company does hope to find a way to tap is confident that it will be held live in At- gauges at entrances that work in a mannerWere committed to building on the in- into more markets. lanta. We are operating as if all of this in a similar to walk-through metal detectors.credible legacy the founding associations Its our belief that we do not change year from now in June will be in a better Safety will clearly be a major concernalongwithRiddle&Associatesbuilt, what has made the show great, and weve place, he said. We believe it will be a at the event as Messe Frankfurt will designnoted Greg Jira of Messe Frankfurt who is leveragedMesseFrankfurtsglobalre- great show, but we are fully expecting that the show with traffic flow patterns in mind,the director of the 2021 Clean Show. In a sources to help attract representation by there will be less square footage. including one-way aisles, and revised lay-word, I think what you can expect is con- other affiliated markets that perhaps have Messe Frankfurt also anticipates a chal- outs of meeting rooms. People throughoutsistency. not been reached in the past, he said. lenge to entice cleaners to travel to Atlanta. the convention center will also be trackingMesseFrankfurtsconfidencemight Forthosetryingtoenvisionhowan "We know that the attendee side is going to the numbers of those entering and exitingstem from the fact that is has some experi- event as big as the Clean Show will work be tough, Jira noted. We have put money areas to make sure safe limits are main-ence with this sort of endeavor. The 113- in the age of social distancing and COVID- in the budget to do more direct marketing. tained. Another promise from the companyyear-old company hosts shows much larger 19 concerns, that is something that Messe For those who make the trip, what will is that the Clean Show will be even cleanerin size than Clean at its own hall in Ger- Frankfurt has been dealing with for many the first Clean Show since the pandemic Continued on page 10Sneak Peek12 Questions? Answers? 14 Keep it damp 18 Politics at work 20 Lessons learnedEverybody is worried The first line of What can you do if Peter Blake takes aabout survival and defense against contentious issues look at the lessons wewhats next. Its your poor quality is start dividing have learned so far asjob to point the way proper moisture employees in the cleaners struggle toforward and lead, says retention, says workplace? Frank get through theJames Peuster. Don Desrosiers. Kollman advises. pandemic.'