b'NationalJanuary 2020 Clothe slineVolume 61 Number 4www.natclo.comTime for training in Naples SDA to host USABest Practicesawards programAn international program that The deadline for submitting anrecognizes top companies in tex- entry in the program is March 1.tile care will come to the U.S. dur- Details and an entry form can being the upcoming Cleaners Show- foundatwww.cinet-case trade show sponsored by the online.com/awards. Highlights ofSouthwest Drycleaners Associa- winners of the 2018 awards cantion. also be found there.TheGlobalBestPractices There is no cost to submit anAwards is a program organized by applicationfortheawardspro-CINET, a global umbrella organi- gram. All nominees will be invitedzation with more than 100 mem- as special guests of CINET at thebers consisting of national associ- award even in Ft. Worth. USA fi-ations,suppliers,research nalists will be reimbursed for theirinstitutes and individual compa- trip to Texcare in June if they at-nies.CINETaimstobuilda tend the meet and greet one dayglobal network of experts, stimu- prior to the event and participatelate the implementation of inno- inthepresentationsduringthevation by exchanging information event.and profile the capabilities of the The entry form asks for com-industry. pany information concerning theCINET,inconjunctionwith type of business and cleaning ma-MethodsforManagementand chines and solvents in use and de-SDA, will present the Best Prac- tails on the key areas targeted bytices awards program on the open- the program.ing day of the show, Thursday, Thoseareasincludequality,April 16, from 2 to 5 p.m. which sustainability, business model andwill be followed by the Showcase concept, and innovation. Appli-Dan Eisen (right) leads a session at Platinum Dry Cleaners instructing, from left, Chris SneakPeakReceptionat5:30 cants are asked to describe theirBamberg, Magali Rodriguez and Bill Gutierrez.p.m. the same day. companies under these parame-Two Naples, FL, cleaners availed themselves ice, Jeff and Marlaina Rhea, second-generation The entire conference will be ters. of the expertise of Dan Eisen in recent seminars owners of Fashion Fresh, believe the pursuit of April16-18,2020attheFort In terms of quality, applicantsat their plants. knowledge by and for their employees results in Worth Convention Centerin Fort are asked about their training, ed-At Fashion Fresh Dry Cleaning & Alterations, the best possible experience for customers.Worth, TX.ucation and labor policy and anyEisen led a three-day wetcleaning training pro- At Platinum Dry Cleaners in Naples, FL, Eisen Weareexcitedtohostthe professionalcertificationstheygram Nov. 30-Dec. 2. led a day-long session to help the company stay USA Best Practices Awards and may have received and to tell howDrycleaners are learning the art of wetclean- current with quality trends in drycleaning and contribute to the sustainability and quality is controlled and guaran-ing because many fabrics have stains and soil wetcleaning on December 3. promotion of the textile industry, teed by their company.that cant be removed in a routine drycleaning Eisen advised the staff on the latest advanced saidJessCulpepper,Cleaners Sustainability relates to usingprocess,Eisen said. techniques in spotting as well as enzyme bath, Showcase Chairman and owner of modernequipment,operations,Professional wetcleaning is nothing like home bleach bath, issues with problem bleeder gar- Culpepper Cleaners in San Anto- optimalworkingmethodologieswashing or laundering, he noted. ments, mechanical and mineral baths. nio, TX. The heart of the awards and for professional textile clean-The professional drycleaner uses state of the This was so educational for us to maintain is to share best practices and that ingand/orlaundering.Specifi-art wetcleaning machines, moisture control dryers our high quality standards to keep meeting our is what the SDA and the Cleaners cally, it asks about equipment andand finishing equipment that returns the garment customers demand, said Chris Bamberg, owner Showcase is aboutsharing in- how it reduces emissions, how theto the customer in a new and original condition. of Platinum Dry Cleaners. Dan Eisen is the ab- formation we can all use to im- results are measured, what goodThe staff at Fashion Fresh Cleaners are well soluteauthorityonqualitygarmentcare,he prove our businesses and indus- housekeeping practices are used,trained and capable of using this technically ad- added. try. and what sort of recovery and re-vanced process, he said. Platinum operates a 12,000-sq.-ft. processing CINETsaidtheUSABest cycling methods are used. FashionFreshDryCleanersisacouture facility with 40 employees that serve three retail PracticesAwardswillbethe Under the business model anddrycleaner and alterations service that is family locations with five delivery vehicles. American pre-selection event for service concept section, applicantsowned and has been locally operated since its in- The company is increasing its already estab- the Global Best Practices Award are asked why customers chooseception in 1987 by Nicholas and Paula Shirghio. lished Naples, Marco Island, and Bonita Springs 2020Programwhichwilltake their service over a competitor andThe company specializes in delicate fabrics and retail locations through further direction on home place during Texcare International what benefits are offered to cus-gowns and hard to clean items. delivery of all services with an emphasis on con- in Frankfurt, Germany, in June. tomers. They are also asked to de-After years of working to provide convenience, venient, affordable, and time-saving wash and Overall winners in the U.S. will scribetheirkeyactivities,howsuperior drycleaning quality and customer serv- fold garment care. be invited to the Best Practices fi- serviceisprovidedtothecus-nal in Frankfurt. Continued on page 14Sneak Peek6 Bushelmans legacy 8 A life in drycleaning 22 Resolutions for 2020 30 Dont blow a gasketJeff Protheroe has Robert Zengeler, Sr., Frank Kollman offers Mainting or replacingcontinued the work started working in the some resolutions that gaskets can stopstarted by his family business as a dont involve losing leaks and save aY grandfather more schoolboy and stayed weight or exercising bundle. BruceY than 100 years ago in it right up to the more but could help Grossman explainsY in Hoquiam, WA.end of his life. your business. how to do it.'