b'PAGE 10 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / AUGUST, 2020 Pandemic influencing planningMiele donates washers for 2021 Clean Show in Atlantato Habitat for HumanityMiele USA is donating a shipment of professional grade LittleGiant washing machines to Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia to Continued from page 1 Laundry Institute, the Coin Laun- Messe Frankfurt will continue tohelp celebrate the June 9 re-opening of its ReStore retail location next year. Elevated cleaning serv- dry Association, the Textile Care monitorpubliceventstandardswhich had been closed since March 14 due to the COVID-19 pan- ices and hand sanitizer stations Allied Trades Association, the As- and measures in the state of Geor-demic. throughout the exhibit hall and fa- sociation for Linen Management gia and within the city of Atlanta.The Little Giant washing machines will be available for dis- cility will be part of that effort. and the Textile Rental Services What happens to exhibitors ifcounted prices at the Southwest City Center Habitat ReStore, located For exhibitors, Messe Frank- Association. the show goes on but they wouldat 2318 Washington Avenue. After being closed since March 14 due furtemphasizedtherewillbe Themostcommonquestion still would like to cancel? Full re-to the COVID-19 pandemic, ReStore reopened on Tuesday, June 9. more floor manager support, a dif- posedbyexhibitorsinrecent funds (less the admin fee) will stillThe Habitat ReStore sells new and gently-used furniture, appli- ferentexhibitorportalplatform times is about the refund policy, be available until Oct. 15. Thoseances, building supplies, home goods and more to the general public, and additional sponsorship oppor- since attending a Clean Show is a who wish to cancel after that datewith 100 percent of profits used to build and repair homes in Philadel- tunities. The company is also con- majorinvestment.Jewell but prior to Jan. 15, 2021, will re-phia.sidering increasing the height of Kowzan,theexhibitorcontact ceive a 30 percent refund.Through its ReStore profit alone, Habitat has worked alongside the side rails between booths as person at Messe Frankfurt, said To keep track of updates on thehomeowners and volunteers to repair 42 homes and build two new an extra precautionary measure. they will essentially use the same Clean Show or to read more abouthomes in Philadelphia. In terms of getting the message policy as the previous one from it,visitonlineatwww.clean-out,thenewshoworganizers Clean 2019, though with one big show.com.isParticularly when so many families are struggling from the ef- promise more social media inter- change. Full refunds (less a $95 FTC considersfects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the damaged economy, Miele action and attempts to broaden the admin fee) will be issued if thehumbled to be collaborating with a long-standing community marketing reach of the show. The Clean Show is cancelled due to repeal of careleader like Habitat for Humanity, said Glenn Liacouras, Miele Pro- exhibitor package plan itself will an inability to stage large eventsfessional Regional Director. With US headquarters in Princeton,NJ, Miele employs hundreds of people residing in New Jersey, New remain unchanged from previous over health concerns. people labeling rulesYork and Pennsylvania. This community is our home and we are editions and the educational ses- Wewanttoassure proud to know that proceeds will contribute to strengthening afford- sions will continue to be devel- were in this to be a good partner Continued from page 1oped by the partnering associa- and we will not be holding peopleable housing in Philadelphia. tions,theDrycleaningand dry, Jira said. Up until the show, to present a wetcleaning option onlabels.The FTC also suggested thatthe rule itself may negatively af-fect market innovation. As an ex-ample, FTC said the lack of a wet-cleaninginstructionmayhavehindered development of profes-sional wetcleaning and discour-aged greater use of that technol-ogy.Thedevelopmentofothernew cleaning technologies couldbe similar hindered by the rule.Allowingthatthecarelabelrule may be unnecessary and outof date, the FTC now seeks com-ments whether to repeal the rulein its entirety.Thecommissionsaiditwillconsider whether the rules costsare offset by countervailing bene-fits to consumers or the market;consumer demand is already suf-ficient to require labeling of atleast the garments consumers careabout; and Section 5 of the FTCAct could adequately protect con-sumers in labeling those garmentsabsent the Rule. In considering this third issue,the Commission is interested inviews as to what type of agencyguidance,ifany,wouldassistmanufacturers in complying withSection 5 of the FTC Act absent.(Section 5 of the FTC Act pro-hibits unfair methods of compe-tition.)The FTC is inviting commenton these questions and any othersissues commenters think are im-portanttoconsiderindecidingwhether to repeal the rule. Comments can be based on thecosts, benefits, and market effectsof repealing the rule as proposed,in particularly the cost on smallbusinesses. Comments opposingtheproposedrepealshouldex-plain the reasons why the rule isstill needed and, if appropriate,suggest specific alternatives, FTCsaid.Formoreinformation,seeKEEP YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2020/06/ftc-seeks-public-comment-proposed-repeal-care-);;\x02=om7\x02o;u\x02\x020bbom\x02|o\x02o@v;|\x02|_;\x021ov|\x02 labeling-rule.o=\x02;mbuoml;m|-\x021om|-lbm-om\x02-m7\x02|_-|v\x02 The FTC last sought input onTurning environmental_\x02ou\x021b;m|v\x02h;;r\x02|_;bu\x021-v_\x02bm7\x02o|\x02_o\x02 the rule in 2011 as part of a regularb-0bb;v\x02bm|o\x02-vv;|v o\x021-m\x02ruo|;1|\x02ou\x02m;v|\x02;]] Call us today! 10-year review of its regulations.That led to a roundtable with in-terested parties in 2014, but no866-888-7911 enviroforensics.com conclusions were published andthe issue has been largely dormantTo learn more, visit www.natclo.com/ads until now.'