b'PAGE 12 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / OCTOBER, 2019NORTHEASTNEFA heading to Worcester for Fall FestWhen the AC Hotel by Mar- Nov.15to17thisyear,which Culture Wins. riott opened in downtown Worces- means there is still time for those Threads,Inc.isasoftwareter in April of last year, XSS Ho- seeking to make reservations at company co-founded by Abbas totels spent about $30 million on the AC Hotel. helporganizationsreviewem-the five-story property, making it Capitalizing on Opportunity ployees on culture.an integral part of the citys down- isthethemeoftheconference He has more than 25 years oftown redevelopment plans. with education sessions and ex- experience managing people andWith 170 guest rooms and a hibits designed to help attendees leading companies. He believes inballroom that can hold approxi- prepare for the new opportunities authenticcommunicationandmately 750 people, the European facing our industry. challenging the status quo and willdesigned hotel offers luxurious ac- Theeventgetsunderwayat use stories from his managementcommodations. 8:30 a.m. on Saturday with wel- experience to help leaders under-Itseemslikeanappropriate coming remarks and an introduc- stand and improve the culture invenue for the North East Fabricare tion of sponsors and exhibits for their own organizations. Chris Allsbrooks Sean AbbasAssociations Fall Fest 2019, the the weekend. The next speaker, Rita Foley,first time the event will be held in SeanAbbas,presidentof will adopt the theme of the con-Worcester, MA, in 14 years. Threads,Inc.willbethefirst ference as the title of her talk.The event will take place from speaker with the topic The Best A popular speaker at the Cleanshow in New Orleans, she is theownerofRegencyCleanersinDurham, NC, a six-store operationincluding laundromats and valetroutes.Shealsoservesasthepastpresident of the North CarolinaAssociationofLaunderersandCleaners and is a member of theCoinLaundryAssociationandMethods for Management. James Peuster Rita FoleyShe will speak from 11 a.m. to 3:20 until 4:30 p.m. Prior to joining ZIPS in 200912:30 p.m. which will be followed Evening plans feature NEFAs she worked in the textile analysisbyaluncheonroundtablewith Saturday night cocktail reception laboratory of the Drycleaning anddiscussion on industry best prac- and silent auction. Laundry Institute for 16 years. Astices. James Peuster and Chris Alls- a textile analyst, her primary roleThat will be followed by an op- brooks will give presentations on was to determine the cause anderator spotlight featuring NEFAs Sunday morning following a buf- responsibility for damage on gar-2019 Spotlight Drycleaner. fet breakfast from 8 to 9 a.m. ments.A break to see the exhibitors Peuster will talk on Turning The conference is scheduled toshowcase will take place from 3 PotentialintoPerformance:In- wrap up by noon on Sunday.to 3:20 p.m. vesting in Your Staff from 9 to NEFAhassecuredadis-RAINBOW CLEANERS in Norwalk, CT, purchased a UnisecModel MS402NE through Yes Tech. Pictured from left are Wrapping up the afternoon will 10:30 a.m. He is the founder of counted rate of $149/night basedRobert Lee of Unisec, Mr. Park, owner of Rainbow Cleaners, be NEFA Executive Director Peter The Route Prosand is a featured on double occupancy at the ACand Kevin Jung of Yes Tech. Blake who will discuss Using All columnist for N ATIONAL C LOTHES - Hotel by Marriott.the Tools in your Toolbox from LINE . His expertise includes man- Full Registration for the con-agement, team building, and staff ferenceis$250/perpersonforObituary development. NEFA members and $300 for non-In addition to his 15 years ex- members. DLI Premier membersEnnis Dawson, Philadelphia cleaner perienceworkinginthefabric can register one and get a secondcare industry, he has also been a registration at no charge.trainingexpertforanational Registration for just Saturday,Ennis G. Dawson, owner of Dawsons Clean- 1980s, he opened a second store. restaurant chain. which includes breakfast, lunchers in Philadelphia, died Sept. 5 at home. He was The two stores were staffed by members of Chris Allsbrooks, currently di- and the cocktail reception, is $19981. the Dawson family, said daughter Crystal Blanco. rectorofstoreoperationsfor for members and $225 for non-He was born on Nov. 26, 1937 in Bivins, TX, Ihelpedforafewyears.Myhusband,my ZIPS, will speak at 10:45 a.m. on member.Sunday-only registrationthe middle child of the late Hiram and Zephyr mother, and my cousin worked there. It was truly CapitalizingonOpportunities: is also available.Dawson. a family operation, she said. The Importance of Valuing Your For more information or to reg-The Dawson family The business had a diverse customer base. Customers. ister, visit www.nefabricare.com.moved to Philadelphia Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was a cus- Three classes remainin 1946. Shortly after tomer. We had people from the Philadelphia Zoo,relocating, they joined and Ringling Brothers when the circus was in on NCAs 2019 slateWilliams Chapel Bap- town, his daughter said. But the bulk of thetist Church, presently business came from West Philly and Overbrook.known as Metropolitan Dawson was an expert tailor and much ad- With a trio of classes filling out the remainder of 2019, the Na-BaptistChurch.He mired for the mentoring of young people in the tional Cleaners Association will end the year on a busy note.was active in Sunday community, his daughter said. He was in business Those seeking to obtain or update their DEC certification forschoolandwasbap- for 42 years before selling both locations and re- New York State will have a chance on Oct. 6 and 13. The class willtized in 1954. tiring in August 2015. meet on those two consecutive Sundays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. inDawsonwasedu- He was an avid fan of National Hot Rod Asso- New York City. The cost is $809 for NCA members and $1,309 forcatedinPhiladelphia ciation (NHRA) drag racing. In his younger days non-members.public schools and graduated from Bok Voca- he enjoyed racing cars, winning many trophies. The association has also scheduled two one-day seminars thattional-Technical High School in 1955 as a tailor. As a spectator, he traveled all over the country to will both take place in the Bronx.Following graduation he began his career at the major racing events, becoming acquainted On Nov. 24, NCA will offer an eight-hour class on Basic Spot-Sears Northeast Philadelphia as the stores first with the professional drivers and their teams. ting 101 with Alternative Solvents.African-American tailor, then a salesman, in the He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Mar- Then, an eight-hour course on Advanced Stain Removal andmensdepartment.Helaterbecamethefirst lene; his daughter, Crystal Blanco; a sister, Saun- Bleaching is set to take place on Dec. 15.African American manager of that department. dra Brown; sisters-in-law, Joan Dawson and Lor- Both classes meet from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. The cost to attendIn the late 1960s, he managed womens wear at raineBrister;brother-in-law,EdwardBrown; the basic spotting or advanced stain removal seminar is $250 forSears Upper Darby. son-in-law, Julio Blanco; three grandchildren, and NCA members and $350 for non-members.In 1973, he left Sears and opened Dawsons a great-grandaugher. For more information on any of the associations upcomingCleaners on Lansdowne Ave., offering profes- Services were held Sept. 14 at 10 a.m. at Mt. events, or to register, visit them online at www.nca-i.com.sional drycleaning and alterations. In the mid- Calvary Baptist Church in Ardmore.'