into a branded, logoed credit card sized card that you could keep in your wallet. 2011 A couple of years later, Unipress upped the ante (seems appropriate in Las Vegas) on its shirt units by adding a passive shirt-back pull down. Sankosha presented the LP685u which remains the best collar/cuff press ever. It has every feature, includ- ing double production — pressing two shirts at once. A Korean company called Othis claimed that their new unit produced a shirt that needs — they were adamant about this — no touch-up whatsoever. Weishi, a Chinese shirt unit manu- facturer, famously kicked me out of their booth, because I write for a trade publication. Itsumi offered their BT500 shirt unit. It has a unique and attractive curved, semi-circle design. One product that really attracted my attention was something called Touch- Stain. It is software that will guide a novice through stain removal at the spotting board. Nice. I was packing folding shirts in my travels back then and I wanted them to be a bit better protected. Liberty-Pitts- burgh marketed a clear molded plastic “clamshell” to protect a folded shirt. I never saw this product again. Too bad. 2013 Back in Lousiana for Clean 2013. Fimas demonstrated its model 296 v2 which featured an oversized steam chest and a touch-screen control panel. Sankosha’s new model LP590u fea- tured an ergonomic control panel and a joystick to tweak the angle at which the body press extends the sleeves. PONY introduced a shirt unit that won’t harm thick buttons, fragile but- tons or snaps. They proved it by press- ing my shirts that have these particular features. As for products, Tailwind Systems introduced its EasyScheduler Em- ployee work schedule software and Wesvic displayed a PieceCounter with a whole new look and new features. And then there was a product called “Coffee Wipes” imported by Larry Fish of Pier Cleaners in Rhode Island. This is a terrific product that I personally use all the time. If you spill coffee on your shirt, use this little towelette, rub the stain and its gone. And it works for all types of stains. Some drycleaners think that this is a bad product because it allows for stain removal at home. Hmmm. Not really. It is an attractive product for someone that has pride in their appearance. Peo- ple that have pride in their appearance are perfect drycleaning customers. You want this product in the purses and the pockets of your customers. 2015 So, four years ago, the Clean Show was in Atlanta for the first time since 1987. Cleaners Supply rebranded a full line of eco-friendly packaging products called Eco-2-Go. EZ Products made a dream of mine come true with a ma- chine that makes hangers and DLI in- troduced its Stain Removal App for your smart phone! Unipress featured the latest reincar- nation of its shirt unit and called it the Hurricane. The unit now featured muf- fler-type pipe instead of those pesky hoses. I loved Trevil’s shirt damp box that fits under their collar/cuff machine and features a spring board base that keeps the shirts within easy reach. 2017 Last time we were back in Sin City and that show certainly didn’t disap- point. Unipress updated the features on its beautiful full-color screen on their Hurricane shirt units, PONY in- troduced two great shirt units. Tailwind Systems introduced ground-breaking plant management software called FlightPlan for Profits PRO-flex III. 2019 We rushed to press just hours after the show closed here in New Orleans. It was great to see all my friends in this industry. I can’t believe that it has been over 40 years now. Unipress has continued to be the pi- oneer in the industry. They have, once again, introduced a new shirt unit. I’ll tell you all about it in the coming months as I present my in-depth Clean Show coverage. Sankosha has a bunch of new equip- ment to tell you about. And Cleaner’s Supply… can you believe what they are offering drycleaners now?! Wow! They are really something else huh? If you missed it, I’ll tell you all about it later. Stay tuned! PAGE 12 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / JULY, 2019 Continued from page 8 Don Desrosiers The things we have seen at Clean Don Desrosiers has been in the dryclean- ing and shirt laundering business since 1978. He is a work-flow engineer and a management consultant who provides services to shirt launderers and dryclean- ers through Tailwind Systems. He is a member of the Society of Professional Consultants and winner of DLI’s Commit- ment to Professionalism award. He can be reached at 186 Narrow Ave., West- port, MA 02790 or at his office by fax (508) 636-8839; by cell (508) 965-3163; or e-mail at The Tailwind web site is www.tailwind- Don Desrosiers at Clean ’19, doing what he has done at every Clean Show since 2003 — examining the current finishing equipment on the show floor. He will report on his finding in the next issue of NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE. On the scene at Clean… Eager to begin their journey through the exhibition hall, atten- dees streamed though the entrance (photo at left) when the opening bell rang on Thursday morning. There was plenty to see and hear, includ- ing seminars presented by DLI. Ja- son Loeb of Sudsies (right) told how he has built a company-wide culture in his business during his Saturday morning talk. In the photo below, attendees lined up to speak to Bobby Patel (at left in the photo) after he told how he purchased and revived a sagging cleaning business by im- proving and updating all of its as- pects.