b'PAGE 12 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / AUGUST, 2020T HE R OUTE P RO BY J PAMES EUSTERSo many questions, so few answershatcananyonesay thismonththatisntabout lead and ship. To lead is to do through this. vive. If your stores are not sup-W rightabout2020?I doom and gloom? what exactly it means: be with Some retail and route man- portive of routes, your chancesmean, no one could Seriously, things I see on fo- your team and get out there agers have raised their game of survival decease. We see thishave ever said this may be the rumsandotherresources with them. somuch,theireffortshave waytoooften;makesuremostchallenging,confusing, seems to be more negative in A popular definition is this: greatlyaffectedthepercent- everyone is on the same page.concerning, discouraging year nature. Sometimes I feel like to cause (a person or animal) ages. Many owners and man- Step Three is analyzing re-we have faced since 1968.Our industry is down likeeveryoneelse,butthenew The best thing you can do as an owner is be the light ofnormal hasnt been created. Ihavebeenonthephoneso hope within your company. It lets your staff know thatmuchtalkingwithclients,owners, drivers, managers and we will persevere through this and be stronger than ever. other industry leaders as weallseekouttheanswerstoquestions likeWhats next? some owners migrate to that togowithonebyholding agers are out in the field driv- sults and finding creative waysWhat works? What are you do- lookingforanswersthatare them by the hand, a halter, a ing routes and working hard tomotivateyourteam.Ac-ing?and so on and so on. right in front of them, yet their rope, etc., while moving for- on retention and sales. countability doesnt have to beSPOTPOSsystemshave own negativity prevents them ward. While the piece counts go destructive; its mainly instruc-been producing reports based from making the decisions that Wow,ifeveryowneror down,gettingmoreoutof tive. Combining the two willon sales numbers. Jeff Schapiro will help them through this. managerweretogowith your staff members must be on create the ultimate opportunityof Cleaners Supply held a we- Heres the magic pill or po- each employee, then the end the rise. Your and their future for developing your staff. Be-binarattendedbythemost tion you are looking forits result is moving forward. The depends on it. ing in a leadership position isparticipants I have seen ever time to step up your leader- ship is your company and it The key to route growth and not being the boss just boss-for a drycleaning zoom meet- ship role. takes a leader to steer in the efficiency depends on you or a ing people around. ing.TheDrycleaningand The best thing you can do right direction. When a storm manager who can be the driv- Finally,collaboratingwithLaundry Institute continually as an owner is be the light of hits, the captain must call the ing force behind it. If you rely your team and getting their in-shares whatever info they can hope within your company. Its crew together to survive, then on orphaned drivers to build put only creates solutions toget about PPP loans and what- not as easy as it sounds, but it you go to Plan B to reach your your routes as well as your fu- theissuesandproblemsouteverpieceofmarketing eases the pain and lets your destination. ture,youmaybewaitinga there. The more involved yourworked for someone else. staff know that we (notice the Covid has created the ulti- long time for growth to occur. staff is the more they will takeThere is one thing for sure key word we) are going to mate scenario for the strong to The challenge is that while ownership of the company. we feel busier than ever as persevere through this and be survive, then to thrive. How- trying to save money, you may Again, doing it by yourselfowners,mainlyduetothe stronger than ever.ever, it will take leadership to fall short on saving your busi- doesnt workwe see thatchaos and uncertainty. The key to leadership is two getitdone.Wehaveseen ness. It takes a leader to make waytoooften.SurroundingSo what can I write about key words ingrained withinmanygreatleadersborn the decisions needed as well as yourselfwithstaffmemberstake action to move forward. who want to be part of growthThe other option is that you is the perfect solution to themayhavetomoveon,and problems we are facing.Have You Ever Considered Selling thats not the future you want The bottom line is still theto take. bottom line. Many of you areStep One is decide what you probably saying you cant af-Your Dry Cleaning Business? need to do now to grow. We ford it right now.all know that stores are down I have said it before and Illmore than routes. While you say it again: you cant affordwork hard with all the admin- not to do it. 2021s theme willistrativedecisionsandinfo probablybeeithergrowor\x03:H\x03DUH\x03VHHNLQJ\x03WR\x03DFTXLUH\x03GU\\\x03FOHDQLQJ provided, taking your foot off go.\x03\x03\x03RSHUDWLRQV\x03ZLWKLQ\x03DOO\x03\x18\x13\x03VWDWHV\x11 the accelerator will slow you JamesPeusterisaconsultantdown more. Then you have tofind or develop your staff to who specializes in route devel-develop your business.opment, management and main-\x03&RQYHUW\x03\\RXU\x03H[LVWLQJ\x03RSHUDWLRQ\x03WR\x03D\x03/DSHOV Step Two is to collaborate tenance.Heoffersonsite\x03\x03\x03DQG\x03OHW\x03XV\x03DVVLVW\x03ZLWK\x03RSHUDWLRQV\x0f\x03PDUNHWLQJ andgrowasateam.Team consultingaswellasongoingbuildingultimatelyleadsto coaching across the country. He\x03\x03\x03DQG\x03VXSSRUW\x03ZLWK\x03RXU\x03\x15\x14VW\x03FHQWXU\\\x03EXVLQHVV\x03PRGHO\x11 business building. Without it, also has cost groups to monitoryour staff is fragmented , mak- route efficiency. For information,ingdecisionsthathurtyour call(816)739-2066orvisit \x03,Q\x03FHUWDLQ\x03FLUFXPVWDQFHV\x0f\x03ZH\x03ZLOO\x03KHOS\x03ILQDQFH chances to grow or even sur- www.theroutepro.com.\x03\x03\x03WKH\x03DFTXLVLWLRQ\x03FRVWV\x11Inquire for more details at www.lapelsfranchise.com,call 866-MY-LAPELS or emailsales@lapelsdrycleaning.com.COMET CLEANERS in Dallas, TX, purchased a Union HP860and a Union HP-860-C with solvent heating through GulfStatesLaundryMachinery.Picturedfromleftare YoungPark, the operator, Aleya Noor, general manager, and Matt A.To learn more, visit www.natclo.com/ads Lipman of Union Drycleaning Products.'