b'P / NA pa Y, 2019PAGE 12 eCLOTHESLINE / MAmake the most of Clean 19r TIONAL re toContinued from page 1 20, remaining open until 5 p.m. gramsbeingplannedbythe changing with your clientele? type of attention that goes aboveShow package which includes 23 OnFridayandSaturday,show Drycleaning and Laundry Institute Askingthequestionwillbe and beyond customer service byhotels in the area around the con- hours will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Thursday, Friday and Saturday BobbyPatel,ownerofKona instilling these core values in hisvention center. Clean Show man- then opening again at 9 a.m on mornings. Cleaners with 17 locations in Or- team members. He will tell howagement has arranged for exclu- Sunday before the final bell at 3 DLI sessions ange County and The Inland Em- its done.sive discounts and amenities at p.m. pire area of California. He is also WrappingituponSaturdaythese hotels. But before the official opening DLI has lined up five speakers a founder and current marketing morning will be Tips for Enter-One of those amenities is shut- onThursdayandcontinuing to address topics designed to help director of BeCreative360, started ing the Wash Dry Fold Markettle bus service to and from the throughout the shows run there drycleaners improve their liveli- in 2013 with Dave Troemel and fromRitaFoley,ownerofRe-convention center. With the ex- will be education sessions offered hoods and make informed busi- Bryon Eser. gencyDryCleanersandWhiteception of hotels within walking bythesponsoringassociations ness decisions based on new per- Hewilldiscusshowhehas Star Dry Cleaners in the Raleigh-distanceofthecenter,thefree gearedtotheinterestsoftheir spectives,technologiesand evolved his marketing techniques Durham, NC, area.shuttle service will be provided members. diversifications. to attract a growing new wave of Foley has experience in bothfortheheadquartershotels;all A new look for this year will LeadingoffforDLIat8:30 consumers in a one-hour program the drycleaning and laundry sideother hotels in the package are feature a series of general sessions a.m. on Thursday will be Bruce that begins at 9 a.m. as the owner of six cleaners andwithintwoblocksofashuttle in the afternoons with topics of Hamilton and his talk No Bad Two more speakers will round coin laundries. pickup point. broader interest appealing to all Days: Positive Attitude is Every- out the DLI presentations on Sat-Reservations should be made attendees.thing. urday morning. General sessionsthrough Connections Housing, the Allprogramswillbeatthe TwospeakerswillleadDLI Beginningat8a.m.,Jason A variety of topics will be pre-official housing agent for Clean Ernest N. Morial Convention Cen- programsonFridaybeginning Loeb,creatorandvisionaryof sented at the General Sessions in2019, to ensure receiving the con- ter. The morning sessions will be withNickChapleau,CEOand SudsiesDryCleanersinSouth the afternoon.tracted amenities. Rates and reg- in designated conference rooms at founder of Starchup Inc. who will Florida, will explain why being Thefirstsuchsession,onistration information can be found the center; the afternoon general ask What First Impression Does good is not good enough when it Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. willontheCleanShowwebsite, sessions will take place in the ex- Your Website Make? comes to customer service. feature a speaker familiar to manywww.cleanshow.com. hibit hall. ThesecondFridaymorning Loebs main role at Sudsies is in the drycleaning industry. BrianThe exhibit hall will officially Drycleanersarelikelytobe speakerwillaskthequestion: to ensure that every customer re- Rashid,CEOofBrianRashidopen at 10 a.m. on Thursday, June particularly interested in the pro- Areyourmarketingmethods ceives a quality product and the Global, will address Social MediaMarketing and Measurement.He has spoken to several audi-ences of drycleaners in the lastyear, including trade shows spon-sored by the California CleanersAssociation,theSouthEasternFabricareAssociationandthePennsylvaniaandDelawareCleanersAssociation.Mostre-cently he spoke to a gathering ofthe Association of Wedding GownSpecialists in Nashville, TN.The second afternoon sessionwill address the topic of Work-placeRisksofLegalizedMari-juana. Barry Spurlock, an attorneyand assistant professor at EasternKentucky University, will bringhis insights.More is in store Friday after-noon beginning with a session onHelpful Business Apps presentedbyBethZ,YourNerdyBestFriend. She is a technology ex-pert who speaks to groups all overthe country about the best free andbargain apps and online resourcesthatwillhelpyoureleaseyourInner Nerd and become moreorganized, efficient and awesomeat work and home.The next speaker will be famil-iar to those who attended the re-centDLI/NCAFiveStarsandBrainstorming conference. ArthurGreenowilltakeonthetopicCompeting in a Tough Job Mar-ket: The Importance of Screeningand Training.Greeno is a long-time Chick-fil-A employee turned owner andis the author of two best sellingbooks, Dysfunctional Inspirationand Breaking Conformity.Two more general sessions areslated for Saturday afternoon. Thefirst will be Tips for Entering theCommercial Laundry Industry.Attorney Kacey Coleman willtake the podium for the last of thegeneral sessions at 3:30 p.m. Sheis with the Sturgill, Turner, Barker& Moloney law firm in Lexing-ton, KY, where she focuses on em-ployment and education law mat-ters. Her timely topic at the CleanShow will be #NotHere: SexualHarassment Prevention.Complete information on theprograms, making hotel reserva-tionsandhelpinlocatingex-hibitors in the hall to make thebestuseofyourtimethereisavailable on the Clean Show webTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 46 or visit www.natclo.com/ads site, www.cleanshow.com.'