b'PAGE 14 / NACLOTHESLINE / JANUARY, 2020TIONALB t P es awards comes to Texases racticContinued from page 1 tions. functionalities are important as- nershiparerelatedtoCINETs Americas Best Cleaners is antomer and to describe their key CINET said the objective of pects to meet these changing de- maininitiativesfortheProfes- independentagencyforqualityresources, e.g., human resources, the program is to demonstrate the mands, the organization said. sional Textile Care industry, in- certification and provides a teaminfrastructure, machinery, IT, etc.capabilitiesoftheprofessional CINETexpectsthe2020 cluding research and development ofconsultantswhoworkwithUnder this section they are also textile care industry worldwide to awards program will have more of the World of Professional Tex- both ABC affiliates and non-affil-asked to tell what their cost struc- meet customer expectations and than 400 participants from over tile Care Business School, inter- iated businesses to assist owners,ture looks like and how the busi- toprovideabenchmarkanda 50 countries. An independent in- national certification, a new on- managers and team members re-ness model is generating income, platform for new state-of-the-art ternational jury will evaluate the line platform where partners of alize their potential while strivingand to explain how they promote in modern professional textile care nominees based on the five crite- professional textile care come to- for continued personal and pro-their services and how effective services. ria and their presentations. Each getherandfindinformationon fessional success. they believe those channels to be. For professional textile care nominee entered in the competi- businessdevelopmentandthe ABCs website is www.ameri-Finally, they are asked to ex- operations, quality, service, inno- tion will be visited personally by Four regional tradeplainthecustomerrelationship vation and last, but not least, sus- one of the jury members. Global Best Practices Awards. casbestcleaners.com.they aim for and what they can tainability are the key issues to CINET has also announced asay about their brand. changing meet customer demands, CINET working partnership with Amer- shows in 2020 plansIn the innovations category, ap- said on its website. By stimulat- icas Best Cleaners to work on ar-plicants are asked to tell what they ingthebestpracticeapproach, eas of mutual interest such as anare doing to cope withCINET intends to contribute to a international exchange of sharingcustomer demands on quality and modernandsustainabletextile best practice standards, market de- While there is no Clean Show ering for the year will not involveservices or to meet legislative and care sector. velopmentsandinternational to look forward to this year, there an exhibition of equipment. It willenvironmental requirements.Changing customer demands travel experience at Texcare In- will be no shortage of opportuni- take place this month at the GrandFinally, applicants are asked to require new services and business ternational2020inFrankfurt, ties for cleaners to see equipment VelasRivieraNayaritresortintell in what ways their company models.Upgradedqualityand Germany. and learn how to put it to its best Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as clean-standsoutinwaysotherthan sustainability, well-trained human The key areas of the informa- use during 2020. ers gather for the Five Star/Brain-mentionedintheprevioussec- resources, comfort and high-tech tion and knowledge sharing part- But the first all-industry gath- storming conference sponsored bythe National Cleaners Associationand the Drycleaning and LaundryInstitute.The Jan. 16-19 program willfeature speakers on several busi-ness-oriented topics in the morn-ings and plenty of time for socialinteraction for cleaners and alliedtrades people who will come fromall over the country to participate.The first live equipment tradeshow opportunity of the year willcome in April when the SouthwestDrycleaners Association hosts itsCleaners Showcase in Ft. Worth,TX. This year SDA will run fromThursday through Saturday, April16-18 in the Ft. Worth ConventionCenter. Exhibitors and cleaners in-terested in participating can callSDA, (512)873-8195 or visit theassociations website, www.sda-dryclean.com.A new venue is in sight for theSouth Eastern Fabricare Associa-tions Southern Drycleaners andLaunderersShow.TheGaylordPalms in Kissimmee, FL, near Or-lando will be the location for theJune 12-14 exhibition.Information about the show isavailable on the SEFA website,www.sefa.org, or by calling showmanagement at (215) 830-8467.The California Cleaners Asso-ciation will return to its familiarvenue in Long Beach for Fabri-care 2020 Aug. 14-16. Potentialexhibitorscandownloadaprospectus for the show at CCAswebsite,www.calcleaners.com.Information for attendees will be-come available as the dates near.The last scheduled U.S. tradeshow of the year will be Nov. 6-8,theDrycleaningandLaundryExpo sponsored by the Pennsyl-vania and Delaware Cleaners As-sociation.PDCAistakingitsshow to a new venue this year,toothe Gaylord National Har-We Find Funds. We Clean Up. You Stay Open.bor in Maryland. Watch for moreinformationonthisatPDCAs);u;\x02-\x02=v;ub1;\x02;mbuoml;m|-\x021omvm]\x02 website, www.pdclean.org.Cul\x02|_-|\x02_-v\x021;-m;7\x02r\x02lou;\x027u\x021;-mbm]\x02 Of course there will be manyvb|;v\x02|_-m\x02-m\x02o|_;u\x02Cul\x02bm\x02|_;\x02&"\x03\x02);u;\x02|_;\x02 otheropportunitiesthroughtheyearforcleanerstogatherandTurning environmental b-0bb;v\x02bm|o\x02-vv;|v om\x02Cul\x02|_-|\x02=o1v;v\x02om\x02Cm7bm]\x02|_;\x02lom;\x02 learn. DLI and NCA have a full|o\x02r-\x02=ou\x02bm;v]-om\x021;-mr\x02-m7\x02;]-\x02 array of their usual courses and7;=;mv;\x02);\x02u;v|ou;\x02|_;\x02-;\x02o=\x02ou\x02ruor;u|\x02 many state and regional associa-\x02\x02\x02\x02\x02;mbuo=ou;mvb1v1ol _b;\x02ruo|;1m]\x02o\x02=uol\x02u;]-|ou\x02-m7\x02;]-\x02 tions will be holding non-exhibitconventions. 866-888-7911 bvv;v\x02\x07-\x02v\x02|o7- A full listing of this years in-dustryeventscanbefoundonTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 34 or visit www.natclo.com/ads page 33 of this issue.'