b"ABC affiliates target sustainabilityPAGE 14 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / MAY, 2019AmericasBestCleanersfo- BusinessSystemspresented workshop opened up into a dis- Country Club Cleaners spoke on The Great Game of Business ascused on sustainability and its role Technology of Today and the Fu- cussion on actions each affiliate their solar project. a model.in the future of the industry at its ture, offering affiliates a look at intends to implement in their busi- Next, hosts Ablitts Fine Clean- To conclude, the affiliates gavenational affiliate meeting in Santa the future interface of SPOT and ness. ers and Tailors leadership team formal presentations on their bestBarbara, CA, March 13-15. functionsofthenewDelivery Thegrandfinalewasapro- outlinedhowthisprogramhas business ideas.The first day started with a tour Console, SPOTTrac, and Route- gram called Big Thinking and changed their lives and the lives The next ABC meeting will beof the facilities of the host, Ablitts Trac. Big Savings. First, ABC affiliate ofalloftheirassociatesusing a power breakfast at Clean 19.Fine Cleaners and Tailors which Thelastdayoftheevent Obituaryprovided an example of how to started with Dave Troemel of Be-run a drycleaning business now Creative360presentingOnline Seymour Katzsonand in the future informed by the Reviews, the Real Driver of Or-sustainability pillars of planet, ganic Growth. ABC and BeCre-people and profit. ative360 joint review program up-Thegroupthantouredthe dates were presented along withSanta Barbara Desalination Facil- internal rankings and program tar- 80 years of service to drycleanersity. With water a primary utility gets.for drycleaners, understanding the The affiliates then shared their Seymour M. Katzson, a Den- shrinking Greatest Generation, heneed for a sustainable resource is growth and performance targets ver, CO, native, respected busi- and his brother Sidney spent mostcritical to the short and long-term for client satisfaction in 2019.nessman and community philan- oftheirformativeyearsatthefuture. Toran Brown of Rytina Clean- thropist, passed away March 23, Denver Sheltering Home for Jew-From there, Bill Odorizzi and ers preented Market Forces and just days shy of his 99th birthday. ishChildrenaftertheirmotherWesley Nelson of Sankosha gave Forecastthatprovidedback- Hewaswell-knowninthe passed away when Seymour wasapresentationonsustainability ground data and information for drycleaning and laundry industry less than a year old. At the age ofSankosha style. forecastingmajortrendsfacing for his consummate sales and cus- six, he was selling newspapers onPresentationsalsofeatured the industry. tomer relation skills and his broad his 15th and Champa Street cor-Harry Carranza of Select Risk In- Then ABC Partner Catherine knowledgeofequipmentand ner in Downtown Denver. surance,withhistalkUnder- McCann oversaw a workshop on parts. He was a friendly, indefati- His brother, Sidney Katzson,standing Risk Within Your Sus- sustainability. Participants defined gable presence in the industry for foundedDenverTailorSupplytainabilityPlan.ThenMark goals for their sustainability plan over 80 years. (later to become Katzson Broth-Jones and Toran Brown of SPOTplanet, people, and profit. The A member of the increasingly ers) in December, 1935, financed with savings of $50 and a $150loan, which served as down pay-ment on a used car in from whichhe distributed supplies to the tai-lors in Denver. At the time, he car-ried his entire inventory in the carand sold shop to shop. Seymourjoinedthefirmin1937 and the two brothers movedtheir business into a tiny 12' x 30'Denver storefront. The buildingwas so small that we had to movehalftheinventoryoutontothesidewalk when we opened up inthemornings,Sidneyrecalledyears later. Seymour left for military serv-ice during world War II, servingas a radio operator in the Ascen-sion Islands. After the war, he re-joined his brotherto help operateand run the business they had es-tablished before he left.During the next few years thebusiness grew quickly, which re-quiredanewwarehousewherethey expanded into the distribu-tionofacompletelineofWet Cleaning is thedrycleaningandlaundryequip-ment plus soaps, chemicals andother supplies.New Dry Cleaning By 1962, again in need of alarger facility, they built a new Wet cleaning is better & faster thanwarehouseattheirpresentsitewhich received additions in 1966and again in 1977. In 1985 thecompany expanded into the hos-dry cleaning. We wet clean anythingpitality industry. from wool suits to wedding gowns. In 1986, the Katzsons askedRichard Right, a Denver-area at- Gary Hein, Owner, Perfect Cleaners torney and Seymours son-in-law,tojointhemintheirendeavor.Since that time, Katzson Brothershas expanded into ten states andthree locations. Sidney passed away in 2015 atPoseidon offers innovative programmability for complete control overthe age of 100. Seymour contin-ued offering his advice, saying onevery conditional aspect of the wet cleaning, drying and ironing process.theoccasionofthecompanysThats why professional fabricare operations rely on Poseidon equipment80th anniversary, I tell Richardto perfectly wet clean the most delicate items including tailored wooleverydaytolistentohiscus-suits, cashmere sweaters, silk wedding dresses, and so much more! tomers.Theyknowwhattheywant and it is our job to make sureCALL 800-482-3400 FOR A COST ANALYSIS OF DRY CLEANING VS. they get it.WET CLEANING IN YOUR FABRICARE BUSINESS! Seymour was married to Max-inePriceKatzsonwhoprede-ceased him after 64 years of mar-POSEIDON riage. His daughter, Mindy, passed away 11 years ago. He is survivedT E X T I L E C A R E S Y S T E M S by two daughters, Michele Rightposeidonwetcleaning.com (Richard) and Robyn Levy (An-800-482-3400248-457-1140 Visit us at Clean 19Booth 4557 drew);fivegrandchildren;andeight great-grandchildren.Donations can be made to Den-To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 46 or visit www.natclo.com/ads ver Hospice."