b'PAGE 16 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / DECEMBER, 2019 DECEMBER, 2019 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / PAGE 16S T BY D ON D ESROSIERSHIRT ALESDear Santa: It never hurts to askround the holiday sea- only for the extra time that was sort of packaging that would the press. Do you think that This will result in less fa-A son, it is an appropriate needed, but we always felt like protectafoldedshirtfrom this is possible? tigueandbetterproduction.time to write a wish list we were surely about to ruin looking lousy when it is un- This doesnt sound like some-to Santa Claus. the press job. folded. Tangled hangers thing that would be that hardMywishlistisforthings Ibelievethatwedid.In Maybe this would include Backinthedayswhen to do. Would it be expensive?that dont exist but yet sound spite of valiant efforts to avoid lightweightcardboardthat foldedshirtswerefarmore Who knows? Im not engineer-to me like plausible, usable in- it, it seems impossible to pre- would fit into the sleeves that commoninfactallshirts ing today, Im just dreaming.ventions. These are products vent neat folds from turning would prevent unsightly folds werefoldedathree-pieceormodificationsthatwould into horrific scrunches. inthesleeves.Perhapswe shirt unit actually consisted of And the collar blockhelp those in the shirt business For years now, I have been wouldalsohaveavery fivepiecesofequipment:A And while were on the sub-and/or improve the product. ontheconsumersideofthe durablecollarsupportthat sleeve press; a collar and cuff ject of shirt units Manufac-I wish to extend my apolo- foldedshirtandIdontlike wouldstanduptothe press; a body press; a folding turers have found a way to ac-gies to those that may actually what I get. No, I dont need to cramped quarters of a suitcase. machine;and,themostob- commodate a wide variety ofbe producing the products that impresssomeoneinaboard If the plastic bag that con- scure, a machine that stored a shirtsizesbyusingsideex-I pine for. If they exist and I room, but my business is shirts tains the shirt fit more snugly, stack of shirt boards. panders and air bags. Some-dont know about them, per- and therefore mine is expected lightweight shirts would not With each press of the pedal times the shirt is molded to fithaps a more boisterous mar- to be top-notch. slipandpartiallyunfold. onthefoldingmachine,this the shape of the steam chests,keting plan is in order. Maybeaself-adhesivestrip machine would separate one like some manufacturers haveWhenIranandowneda Better folding that allowed one to tighten the shirtboardfromthestack, done,andothertimestheshirt plant, I guess that I hated Thewaythatshirtsare width of the bag after the shirt making it easy for the operator steam chests are flat and dif-folded shirts as much as you folded using currently avail- is in it would help. toselectexactlyoneshirt ferentpartsoftheshirtaredo.Wewouldcringeatthe able equipment and packaging Asabusinesstraveler,I board. pressed in different ways.sight of a freshly pressed shirt isunacceptable.So,thefirst want to open up a folded shirt I want something like that What never changes on anythat needed to be folded. Not item on my wish list is some and see one that looks hot off for hangers. Tangled hangers shirt unit is the size of the col-candriveanybodybonkers. lar block.It is the same sizeWouldntitbegreatifyour whetheryouarepressingapresser could consistently grab size 14 or a size 22 and every-a hanger from the rail and it thing in between. This meansdidntgettangledwiththe that the shirts can not fit thenext two or three? buck the same way. Some needIbetthiswouldincrease to be overlapped, some not.productivity 5 percent by itself. Maybe different size shirtsI cant even imagine the con- wouldfitbetterandpresstraption necessary to make this moreperfectlyifthecollarwishcometrue,butIwant block expanded somehow likethis! on a shirt folding machine. Ormaybe the shoulders expandAdjustable buck height like on a suzy.How about a shirt press thathas a buck that is at a better Buttonhole tagsworkingheightforshorter This next item on my wishBibbentuckers the Dry Cleaner in Dallas, TX, purchased two Union HL-880s with solvent pressers? I think there should list actually does exist, but itheating through Gulf States Laundry Machinery. Pictured from left are Mohammed Kabrane, be a hydraulic adjustment that has little or no presence in thisdirector of operations, John Palms, the owner, Lasharon McDonald, plant manager, Mike Wil- will raise or lower a buck to country.Severalyearsago,son, general manager and Matt A. Lipman of Union Drycleaning Products. best suit the operator. maybe even ten years ago, theJapanese invented a shirt but-tonhole tag that didnt need astaple.Theywereself-adhe-sive. I think that, provided thecost is in line with todays tags,thesetagswouldplayabigrole.I can remember a time whenall I wanted for Christmas wasmy two front teeth.If you do what youve alwaysdone, youll get what you alwaysgot.Don Desrosiers has been in thedrycleaning and shirt launderingbusinesssince1978.Heisawork-flow engineer and a man-agementconsultantwhopro-vides services to shirt launderersanddrycleanersthroughTail-wind Systems. He is a member ofthe Society of Professional Con-sultantsandwinnerofDLIsCommitment to Professionalismaward.Hecanbereachedat186 Narrow Ave., Westport, MA02790orathisofficebyfax(508)636-8839;bycell(508)965-3163;ore-mailattail-windsystems@charter.net.TheTailwindwebsiteisTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads www.tailwind systems.com.'