b'Newhouse Specialty marks 75 yearsPAGE 16 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / AUGUST, 2020When World War II ended in May of stretched back to size. (They are hardly the No. 1 Counter Rack like hot cakes and It looked like a daddy long-leg spider. Each1945, Ernie Newhouse closed his dryclean- used any more). that put Ernie in business. metal leg had a tube attached that whening plant, which was outside the gates of As result of having his own drycleaning In the following years, Newhouse ex- pressed down on fabric would dispense aCamp Roberts in Southern California. plant, he had some ideas for other tools that hibited at state and national drycleaning specific spotting agent. This saved reachingThroughout the war years, Ernie had would help in drycleaning shops. He started shows, adding new products to the line. for a specific bottle, but the product diedcleaned and pressed thousands and thou- Newhouse Company in his garage to pro- Many of them were ideas brought to him an early death. sands of officers uniforms together with duce them. by other cleaners. One of those was Fred In the early 1960s Newhouse introducedclothes for the surrounding population. At that time, drycleaning consisted of Stein from Indiana who had made some the Jacobson Magic Teflon Iron Shoe toHe often worked so late that he would verylargedrycleaningcompaniesthat items himself. He brought those and ideas the world and for many years sold it exclu-fall asleep on the pile of clothes waiting to cleaned the clothes, then sent them to drop for others for Ernie to make and sell to the sively before manufacturing its own Mira-be processed. He would take a spit bath off stores or shops that pressed them. Some market. cle Iron Shoein the morning and Marguerite, his wife were company-owned shops but most were Stein became a friend and team member In 1967, Cy Alford, a relative of Ernieswould bring him breakfast. He would start independent. at the shows where they sold the various wife, Marguerite, joined Newhouse as aover the next day and perhaps go home that ThefirstitemErnieofferedwasthe products, many of which are still offered in partner and then took over the company inevening. But with the war over, the base Number 1 Counter Rack. It was attached at the Newhouse line. Some products were 1968 when Ernie died. After 45 years, Cywas shutting down. the end of the counter in the shop call office dropped due to changes in clothing style or turned over the ownership and reins to hisNewhousehadabackgroundinthe for hanging a customers order while a cus- lack of demand. Newhouse added many stepson Daniel Borrero, who is preparingcleaningindustry,havingworkedfora tomer paid his bill. Before this, each shop products to the company line, including the company for the future. It is still a fam-drycleaningequipmentcompanybefore operator had to make his own rack out of scales for on-premise laundries in hotel and ily business, serving both the laundry andowning a plant. In the 1930s he had made plumbing material or what ever. motels.drycleaning industries.and sold a primitive press clamp, an item Most orders were bagged in paper, as Looking back through the companys To see the current product line of thethat clamped the hem or cuff of a pair of poly garment bags were not introduced to old catalogs, one or two of the old items Santa Ana, CA, company, visit www.new-pants or capris to a press to be steamed and the market until the 1960s. Distributors sold are amusing, such as the spotting machine. housespecialty.com.Pictured in the Newhouse booth at the Las Vegas Clean Show in 2017 are,Ernie Newhouse (at left) is shown talking to customers at a trade show in from right, Gloria Alford, Cy Alford, Carl Alford (Cys grandson), Daniel Bor-1965. Looking at the camera is Fred Stein. rero, and Ana Serna (Daniels wife).To learn more, visit www.natclo.com/ads'