b'PAGE 18 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / DECEMBER, 2019NORTHEASTNY cleaner pays $650k to settlestool-tripping accident caseCharming Cleaners of Staten asked for Keohane to help her zip placementsurgeryforherleftIsland recently agreed to settle for it up. shoulder.$650,000 in a lawsuit levied by At this point, a stool used for The trial was held before Jus-RobertaKeohane,whotripped the customer to stand on while tice Kim Dollard. During the li-over a stool in front of a dressing having the dress fitted, was off to aiblity phase of the trial, Charm-room door and injured her shoul- the side.ingCleanersandthedefenseder on the premises back on April While Keohane and her friend contended that Keohane was neg-28, 2014. were both in the dressing room, ligent for backing out of the dress-Thestory,firstreportedon the owner of Charming Cleaners ing room without turning around;Staten Island Live, is an unusual purportedly placed it in front of the plaintiff countered that thereone. In 2014, Keohane was at the thedressingroomdoor,which was no room in the dressing roomcleaners with a friend who was was made of plastic and could be to turn around and that the ownerCONCORD CLEANERS in East Islip, NY purchased a Hi- having a dress hemmed. guided open and closed on an ac- was negligent for placing the stoolSteam shirt finisher, TURBO-440 and CB-520 collar & cuff Keohanes friend, a member of cordion-style track on the floor. in front of the door while bothpress through Metro Dry Cleaning and Laundry Equipment the law firm Jonathan DAgostino It was while stepping over the women were inside the room.of Patchogue, NY. Pictured is Scott, general manager of Con- & Associates, was trying the dress trackthatshetrippedoverthe Keohane was represented bycord Cleaners.on in the dressing room when she stoolandfell.Sherequiredre- EdwardJ.Pavia,Jr.ofDAgostino and Associates.The judge found that there wasno negligence on Keohanes partand that Charming Cleaners wasresponsible.Then,thesettlementwasreached before the trial in the stateSupreme Court could resume tothe task of determining liabilitycosts.NCA planscourses inearly 2020The National Cleaners Associ-ation will close out 2019 with astan removal seminar before be-ginning2020withaseveralofother offerings.Theassociationwillhostaone-day program on Basic Spot-ting101withAlternativeSol-Wet Cleaning is theventsonSunday,Dec.8. Thecostis$250formembersand$350 for non-members.NCA will resume its scheduleNew Dry Cleaning in 2020 with another one-day of-fering, this time on Sunday, Jan. Wet cleaning is better & faster than12 in the Bronx and focusing onAdvancedStainRemovalandBleaching. dry cleaning. We wet clean anythingThe one-day classes begin at8:30a.m.Tuitionis$250forfrom wool suits to wedding gowns. members and $350 for non-mem-bers. Gary Hein, Owner, Perfect Cleaners Nextupwillbeafive-daycourse on Radical Drycleaning/Stain Removal that meets dailyfrom 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. in theBronx from Feb. 3 to 7. The costis $750 for members and $995 forPoseidon offers innovative programmability for complete control overnon-members.every conditional aspect of the wet cleaning, drying and ironing process.A two-day Pressing and Fin-ishingcoursewillbeheldonThats why professional fabricare operations rely on Poseidon equipmentFeb. 8 and 9 in the Bronx. Theto perfectly wet clean the most delicate items including tailored woolcostis$455formembersandsuits, cashmere sweaters, silk wedding dresses, and so much more! $595 for non-members.NCA Platinum members canCALL 800-482-3400 FOR A COST ANALYSIS OF DRY CLEANING VS. enrollinthesecoursesatnoWET CLEANING IN YOUR FABRICARE BUSINESS! charge.NCA has planned four offer-ings of its two-day, 16-hour DECPOSEIDON certificationcoursesin2019. Dates will be Jan 12 and 19, MayT E X T I L E C A R E S Y S T E M S 17 and 24, Aug. 2 and 9, and Nov.poseidonwetcleaning.com 15 and 22. The course is required800-482-3400248-457-1140 for perc drycleaners in New YorkState. The cost is $809 for mem-bers and $1,309 for non-members.Formoreinformation,visitTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads www.nca-i.com.'