b'PAGE 18 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / OCTOBER, 2019T HE S POTTING B OARDBY D AN E ISENOld techniques give way to the new have been teaching spotting theoldtechniquesarestill solvent or dryclean.Flush.I and drycleaning more than taught. The stain is then worked asNeutrallubricantplus The old spotting50 years. a wetside stain. ammonia.At the time I was director of Old spotting process Flush-steam gun.Mechanical action. procedures thattheNewYorkSchoolof for unidentified stainsNeutral lubicant.Flush. were taught areDrycleaning, the spotting tech- The thought process was toMechanical action.Peroxideplusammonianiques I taught were the law first treat it as a dryside stain,Flush.test. now inefficient,of the land. These procedures then a wetside stain. The blackNeutrallubricantplusHeat.that were taught are now inef- brush was designated for dry- acetic acid.Flush. time consuming,ficient, time consuming, unsafe side stains and the white brushMechanical action.to some fabrics and not com- for wetside stains.Flush. Reasons why this unsafe to somepletely EPA friendly.Oily type paint remover.Oxalic acidtest. method is inefficient fabrics and notInmyconsultationsandMechanical action.Heat. 1. White and black brushestraining, I now teach entirelyOTPR and amyl acetate.Flush. donothavetobeseparated completely EPAdifferent spotting techniques,Mechanical action.Rust removertest. sincenewenvironmentallybut it is my understanding that FlushwithvolatiledryHeat. safedrysideagentscanbe friendly.flushed wetside.2. There are substitutes foramyl acetate that are environ-mentally safe.3. Sincemostunidentifiedstains are wetside, it is moretime consuming to treat dry-side.4. Aceticacidoftenleavesodor in fabrics and is capableof causing color change.5. Ammoniaisnotcom-pletelyenvironmentallysafeandcancausecolorlossonsome fabrics.6. Toomuchtestingofchemicals is time consuming.7. Sodiumperborateisamore effective last step bleachthan hydrogen peroxide.New spotting processesWork a stain wetside thendryside. The process used en-Wet Cleaning is thetails prepared protein and tan-nin formulas that are relativelysafeanddonothavetobeNew Dry Cleaning tested. Rust remover and ox-alic acid are used as last stepsif needed. Wet cleaning is better & faster than Flush. Neutral lubricant. Mechanical action.dry cleaning. We wet clean anything Flush.from wool suits to wedding gowns.Tannin formula. Mechanical action, flush. Gary Hein, Owner, Perfect CleanersProtein forumula. Mechanical action, flush. Citrusbasedspottingagent. Mechanical action, flush. Oily-typepaintremoverPoseidon offers innovative programmability for complete control over environmentally safe.every conditional aspect of the wet cleaning, drying and ironing process. Mechanical action.Thats why professional fabricare operations rely on Poseidon equipment Flush. Ink remover.to perfectly wet clean the most delicate items including tailored wool Mechanical action.suits, cashmere sweaters, silk wedding dresses, and so much more!Flush.CALL 800-482-3400 FOR A COST ANALYSIS OF DRY CLEANING VS.Sodium perborate-test.WET CLEANING IN YOUR FABRICARE BUSINESS!Heat. Flush. Neutralize.POSEIDONFlush.Dan Eisen, former chief garmentT E X T I L E C A R E S Y S T E M Sanalyst for the National Cleanersposeidonwetcleaning.com Association, can be reached at800-482-3400248-457-1140 (772) 340-0909 or (772) 579-5044,bye-mailatcleandan@comcast.netorthrough his website is www.gar-To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 42 or visit www.natclo.com/ads mentanalysis.com.'