b"PAGE 20 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / OCTOBER, 2019MIDWESTState grants help Ohio cleaners complySeveral Ohio drycleaners have clean air facilities, said Christina machine. machine with a non-perc alterna- grandfatherin1994,andwereceived assistance from the state OKeeffe, OAQDA executive di- The new equipment we will tive. The company has been in op- worked diligently together in thein replacing cleaning equipment rector. purchase thanks to the CARC fi- eration since 1942 and has three business and in the community.to help with clean air compliance.Recent recipients include Es- nancing from OAQDA is an ef- locations in the Dayton area. WhenmygrandfatherdiedinThefinancingassistance teem Cleaners in Parma Heights, fectiveandenvironmentally Thisfinancingthrough 2005, I became sole proprietor ofcomes through the Ohio Air Qual- MercuryCleanersinDefiance, soundalternativetotraditional OAQDA provides significant op- thebusinessandcontinuehisityDevelopmentAuthoritys HenryCleanersinColumbus, solvents, Thomas Fuller, owner erationalimprovementsforour commitment to the community inClean Air Resource Center that LongCleanersinMiamisburg, of Esteem Cleaners, said. Using business, said Tom Perry, owner customer service, Eric Warren,helpssmallbusinessescomply and Clifton Cleaners in Cleveland. these safe, alternative solvents al- of Long Cleaners. With the abil- president of Henrys, said.with the Clean Air Act. Esteem Cleaners is replacing lows us to maintain our high qual- ity to use these alternative sol- This financing from OAQDAOAQDA offers a variety of fi- its current drycleaning equipment itycustomerservicestandards vents, we will be able to switch to allows us to create a safer envi-nancingopportunitiestoOhio withanewmachinethatuses whileeliminatinghazardous acleaningsystemwhichwill ronment for employees and cus-businessesseekingtobecome GreenEarthandawetcleaning waste.eliminate hazardous waste. tomers by eliminating hazardousWeappreciatetheStateof Henrys Cleaners in Columbus waste and preserving the qualityOhio's commitment to sustainabil- was approved for up to $48,000 of the air, he added.ity in awarding this grant to Es- to purchase and install equipment Clifton Cleaners received fi-teem Cleaners, said GreenEarth that uses environmentally-friendly nancingapprovalforuptoPresident Tim Maxwell. Provid- cleaning solvents$60,000 from CARC.ing top-quality garment care while The Henrys Cleaners project Thebusiness,establishedinreducingwater,electricity,and isawonderfulexampleofthe 1954,planstopurchasenewnatural gas consumption using an partnerships that OAQDA devel- cleaning equipment that will helpenvironmentally non-toxic solu- ops with small Ohio businesses thebusinessreducehazardoustion will benefit Thomas, his em- through the Clean Air Resource emissions.ployees, and the community for Center to help them tackle the fi- A business can qualify for theyears to come. nancial challenges of meeting fed- CARC program if it has 100 orIn March, OAQDA approved eralregulationsandencourage fewer employees, maintains of-MercuryCleanersforup their economic growth, Christina ficesoroperatingfacilitiesinto$76,000 in funding to replace OKeeffe, OAQDA executive di- Ohio with its principal place ofan old drycleaning machine with rector, said. business in the state, has financiala new system that will reduce en- The business was established difficultycomplyingwiththeergyconsumptionandalsocut in 1969 by Henry Bufford, grand- CleanAirActAmendmentsofhazardous emissions. father of current owner Eric War- 1990, and emits less than 75 tonsChristina OKeeffe, OAQDA executive director, and Thomas Long Cleaners in Miamisburg ren, and has operated at the same per year of all regulated pollutantsFuller, owner of Esteem Cleaners, are pictured in front of the was approved in 2018 for financ- location for 50 years.and 50 tons or less per year of anymachine purchased with help from an OAQDA grant. ing to replace their old cleaning Ibeganworkingwithmy regulated pollutantTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 42 or visit www.natclo.com/ads"