b'PAGE 20 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / DECEMBER, 2019T HE R OUTE P RO BY J PAMES EUSTERDo you have 20/20 vision for 2020?cant believe that 2020 will First of all, many of us get in all of our operations. Dont may have more than one plantI mark my 20th year of being stuck in our own world and getstuckwithinyourown and six vans vs. your one, a What is inin the industry. miss whats going on around walls and expect growth. It just higher density of customers orSo much has changed while us. I see so many operators try- doesnt happen that easily. Pay a price point 50 percent more store for 2020?others have stayed the same. ing to do their own thing that attention to your competitors than you. Too often we wantItshardtoimaginewhat they end up making mistakes and to the changing industry. to follow the program of an- There is muchthe next 20 years will bring to thatarenotonlycostly,but Second,lookingfornew othercleanerthatjustwont going on butdrycleaners. hard to get back on the right and better things may not al- work in another situation. BeIn an industry that has seen track for success. waysbethebestvisionary very careful on this one. many cleanersshifts in the economy, technol- Routes are herethey are game plan you can get. Sure, Third, your bottom line isogy and employees, its time not like Dipping Dots that was youwantthebestpractices, your bottom line. Reading an are still sittingfor all of us to get our vision the ice cream of the future. It is but changing for the sake of eye chart at the doctors officechecked.Itsimportantto in the now and forever will be. changeisntalwaysthebest is like looking at your profit back andknow whether you are near- Some owners have a van and game plan. andlossstatementinyoursighted,far-sightedoreven say they do routes. For example, many look to own office. While we tend to waiting to seeblindtowhatsinstorefor While the world is chang- larger cleaners to follow their want to growdoes it help2020. ing, the insanity cliche exists success stories. However, they your bottom line? whats next.However, trying to cut cor-ners and save money often di-minishes your top line. This iswhere I see the biggest successinourindustry.Thosewhogrow profitably know the dif-ference between costs and in-vestments in terms of route de-velopment.ThisiswhywealwaystellourRoutePromembers that we are a profitgroupnot a cost group. Nottrying to do a shameless plugfor my company, but it is whatit is.Lastly, what is in store for2020? If we could look into acrystal ball or have binocularsthat let us see into the next 12months, what should we ex-pect?There are a lot of things go-ing on while many are still sit-ting back and waiting to seewhats next.Wash-Dry-Fold is a perfectexample. Its time to do some-thing about it instead of wait-ing.Weallknowpiececountsaredownformanyhint,hintso go out and either getmorecustomersorgetmorefrom your current customers.Your future depends on it.2020lookstobegreatforthose who are doing routesright or not at all. But that isthe key.I have said my piece abouton-demand.Whileyougetsome volume, the time and ef-fort speaks loudly on your bot-tomline.Unlessyouhavehigh-priced items, the profit isnot always there.But those with a route de-velopment culture are the oneswho will be thriving in 2040,but lets take it one year at atime.JamesPeusterisaconsultantwho specializes in route devel-opment, management and main-tenance.Heoffersonsiteconsultingaswellasongoingcoaching across the country. Healso has cost groups to monitorroute efficiency. For information,call(816)739-2066orvisit To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads www.theroutepro.com.'