PAGE 20 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / JULY, 2019 WHITE SWAN CLEANERS in Florence, SC, purchased a Union HL860 cleaning machine through Consolidated Laun- dry Equipment. Pictured from left are Wells Sturgeon of White Swan, Kevin Sturgeon, owner of White Swan, Cary Becknell of Consolidated and Greyson Sturgeon of White Swan. To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit Earlier this year, North Car- olina Representative Chuck Mc- Grady (R) introduced House Bill 246 which, among other things, seeks to extend the Drycleaning Solvent Cleanup Act (DSCA) of 1997 another ten years to 2032. The DSCA program was cre- ated 22 years ago to protect human health and the environ- ment by cleaning up sites sus- pected of perc contamination and in need of remediation. In addition to providing an ex- tension to the program, the new bill proposes to revise various fees and funds of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), in- cluding increasing the allocation of the Fund balance that the agency can utilize in order to in- vestigate inactive hazardous waste disposable sites. It will also increase the civil penalties levied against those who incur various hazardous waste vi- olations. The North Carolina Associa- tion of Launderers and Cleaners supports the bill. In the association’s Winter 2019 newsletter Carolina Clean, figures for the 2018-19 fiscal year revealed close to $4.3 million in sales tax revenue and another $74,583.98 in solvent tax rev- enues. To date, that means the pro- gram has now raised over $145 million in total receipts, including over $12 million in solvent tax revenues and another $124 mil- lion in sales tax revenues. As of Jan. 14 of this year, the fund balance was just over $8 mil- lion with $5,899,375.85 commit- ted to outstanding remediation contracts. During the last fiscal year, over $4 million was disbursed by the fund, including $3,264,675.18 in contracts, $71,050 in hazardous waste fees, $15,420 in county well permit fees and $759,809.16 allo- cated to DEQ administration. However, total disbursements have exceeded over $137 million to date, most of which paid con- tracts exceeding $107 million al- together. There is an estimated number of 1,500 contaminated sites alto- gether, including 494 that are cur- rently operational. The DSCA has identified 488 contaminated sites to date and has certified 427 and another 29 pend- ing closure. North Carolina House Bill 246 would extend DSCA10 years SEFA to host 2020 show in Orlando The South Eastern Fabricare Association’s board of directors has voted and approved on mov- ing its Southern Drycleaners & Launderers Show to Orlando, FL, next year. The event will be hosted at the Gaylord Palms Hotel from June 12 to 14. “This is a great opportunity for SEFA,” explained Rhonda Eysel, the association’s president. “The hotel is gorgeous, the event space is terrific and I think we will have a tremendous show. I think having the hotel and convention center under one roof is a great change.” SEFA Executive Director Pe- ter Blake agreed. “The Gaylord Hotel has a great space and will be able to handle the unique chal- lenges a live equipment show poses. We have been trying to se- cure a spot in Central Florida for years, and we have finally found a space that is both feasible and relatively affordable. I feel ex- tremely confident that location will translate into some of our biggest attendance numbers in years.” Visit for more information in the future. SOUTH