b'PAGE 20 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / MAY, 2019Larry SiegelBuilding the power of your brandContinued from page 18 dry. covers, and everywhere appro-perfume in the drycleaning cy- With 30-plus stores in Illi- priate. Whenever I tell peoplecle. EditTXbelievesthese nois, Minnesota, Indiana and I work with Milt & Edies, itsthree scent tactics are very nice Missouri offering one price per amazing how often they men-pointsofdifferencebetween garment for drycleaning, one tion the colorful awnings andTideDryCleanersandour price for laundered shirts, and say thats the place at the cor-competitors. one price per pound for clean- ner of Pass and Alameda! While Tide Dry Cleaners is and-foldlaundry,CDOne Sometimesonebrandcanevidenceofanationally- Price built their signature pric- empoweranother.Caseinknown brand entering markets ingstrategyrightintotheir point: GreenEarthCleaning.on the local level, many local name. They also created a dis- GreenEarth has been buildingcleanerscancreatestrong tinctive logo and use a signa- its environmentally-friendlybrands within their communi- ture color on their signage. alternative to petrochemicalsties.Of course, Im very familiar brand since its beginnings in aForinstance,everyonein withBurbank-basedMilt& lab in 1998, currently capturingthe Miami-Dade, Broward and Edies Drycleaners & Tailoring the attention of eco-consciousPalm Beach counties of South CentersbrandingsinceIve customersat6,000locations Sudsies blue and yellow delivery vans with the trademarkFloridaisfamiliarwiththe workedwiththemsincethe worldwide.bubbles and the registered slogan, Your clothes will love usblue and yellow delivery vans mid-1990s.Notonlyistheir As the brand has matured, are a common sight in South Florida.withthetrademarkbubbles signature color magenta on the GreenEarth is seeing its graph- materials and websites, some- ensure the use of the Green-andtheregisteredslogan, awnings, it is also prevalent on ics and messaging being uti- thing that Kyle Nesbit can at- Earth logo on ALL advertisingYour clothes will love us, of delivery vehicles, signage, ad- lizedmoreandmoreonin- test to since Tide Dry Cleanersin store, on van wraps, onSudsies Dry Cleaners & Laun- vertising,polybags,hanger storepackaging,collateral are GreenEarth affiliates: We all print, on our website, andin every email sent.I find it very disappointingto see a generic CLEANERSsign in a strip mall or a basicwhite delivery van. Blast yourname and a selling point! Beboldwithcolor!Putagianthanger on top of your deliveryvan! Perhaps do some of thefollowing to build your brand: If you dont have a styl-ized logo yet, either invest in aprofessional graphic designerto create one, or, if you havethe time, run a contest with thepublic or at a local college. Playwith initials that can tie intoiconic symbols of our industryhangers,needles,thread,buttons, zippers, etc.Google color wheel tofind inspiration for selecting asignature color. The wheel willalso give you complementaryand contrasting color schemesto add variety to your signage,advertising, packaging, etc. Create a template for In-stagram posts that incorporateyoursignaturecoloralongwith your logo, which doesnthave to be big but does needto be visible. Slogans are nice but canbe tricky and expensive to cre-ate and protect, so, if you haveSee us ata specialty, be the Home ofbooth 3755 it and say it on everything youprint. The biggest tip I can give isthis: be consistent and repeti-tious! Your name, phone num-ber and/or website need to goon everything! Signature col-orsneedtobewovenintoeverything from brochures topolybagstoyourwebsite.Hammerawayuntilpeopleseeyouwearingyourcom-pany uniform and hat in thecheck-outlineatthemarketand say, I know *your clean-ers name*! I go there all thetime!Larry Siegel is a marketing con-sultant/graphic designer and be-lievesthatmarketingiseverything!Hespecializesinhelping businesses with brand-ing, bringing in new customersand loyalty programs. He can bereached at (818) 241-3042 andTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 46 or visit www.natclo.com/ads larrysiegel@charter.net.'