b'PAGE 22 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / DECEMBER, 2019M AID TLANTICDLI ready with full slate of 2020 coursesWhether you need to learn the and skirts, removing coffee, ink, cleaningwool,silkandmore,basics or simply want to expand grease and other stains, operating maintaining and changing filters,onyourexistingdrycleaning a drycleaning machine and clean- currentregulationsfacingtheknowledge, the Drycleaning and ing silk, satin and other fabrics. drycleaningindustry,gettingLaundry Institute has released its Immediatelyfollowing,DLI clean, white laundry, designing aeducational schedule for the com- will host its advanced course for drycleaning plant with the mosting year that is equally suited for those who have completed the in- effective work flow, understand-both. troductory class or who have a ingthedifferencebetweensol-The associations five-day in- few years of production experi- vents and much more.troductory course will be back in ence. It will run March 2-13. Bothclasseswillbeofferedsession as early as February to All classes at the school meet again in the summer as the intro-helpthosewhoarenewtothe from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday ductorycoursewilltakeplacedrycleaning industry or who have through Friday. from July 13 to 17 and the ad-only a couple of years of produc- The study matter will be more vanced will be from July 20 to 31.Many students attend DLI courses on scholarships from al- tion experience. comprehensiveintheadvanced In the Fall, the introductory classlied trades firms and associations. Pictured are Julie Puente- The class will run from Feb. outing,offeringinstructionon will be hosted from Oct. 19 to 23Mata of Tiffany Couture Cleaners in Las Vegas, NV, and Kelly 24 to 28 and cover a lot of ground: identifying cotton, silk, polyester and the advanced will follow fromCrapser of Wedding Gown Preservation, Co., in Endicott, NY, sortingloads,usingtensioning and other fabrics, using bleaches Oct. 26 to Nov. 6.who studied under scholarships from Kreussler. equipment, pressing pants, coats withoutdamagingcolor,wet- The cost to attend the five-dayintroductory course is free for Pre-miermembersand$1,595fornon-members.Theadvancedcourse cost $2,195 for non-mem-bers, but is also free for Premiermembers.DLI Premier members can re-ceive four free self-study coursesandthreecertificationregistra-tions.Studentscansaveadditionalmoney by taking both classes con-currently,whichcomprisesthefull 15-day General Drycleaningcourse,whichcosts$2,895fornon-members. For more pricingoptions, contact DLI.Inadditiontothegeneraldrycleaning courses, the associa-tion will also present a two-and-a-half day class on practical ap-plication of stain removal, fromidentifying types of stains to re-moving them properly.The class will meet from Sept.23 to 25.Tuition for all classes coversclassroom instruction, lunch, note-book and other materials.Also throughout the year, DLIwill continue to offer its self-studyclasses. Subjects include: Fibersand Fabrics, Stain Removal Tech-niques,WetcleaningandDrycleaning Fundamentals.For more information on anyof DLIs upcoming classes, or toregister, contact the association bycalling(800)638-2627orvisitthem online at www.dlionline.org.Scholarships are available forDLImemberslocatedintheUnited States and Canada. For ex-ample,studentsattherecentcourses attended on scholarshipsthrough Kreussler, the Lucky Am-The ONE and ONLYatoreMemorialscholarshipthroughthePennsylvaniaandOriginal EM NaturaDelawareCleaners Association,the Michigan Institute of Laun-Cartridge Filters dering & Drycleaning scholarship,the R.R. Street & Co. Scholarship,andtheIllinoisProfessionalDrycleaners and Launderers As-sociation scholarship. More infor-mation on scholarships is avail-able through DLI and the variousstate and regional associations. The DLI School of Dryclean-ingTechnologyislocatedat14700 Sweitzer Lane in Laurel.Therearethreeairportsinthevicinity for air travel options. DLIhas information on hotels and air-To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads port shuttles.'