b'N M ATIONALPAGE 24 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / DECEMBER, 2019EWS AKERSThe Board of Directors of the current president of TCATA, will nications, publisher of N places David Cotter, who passed TheboardissuedaspecialTextile Care Allied Trades As- become the associations CEO ef- C LOTHESLINE , and manages three away unexpectedly in August. thankstoSchaeffer,Wardandsociation(TCATA)hasan- fective January 1, 2020.regional drycleaning and laundry Inarelatedmove,Fred Past-presidentBillOdorizzi ofnounced that Leslie Schaeffer, the Schaeffer owns BPS Commu- association trade shows. She re- Schwarzmann, TCATAs current Sankosha USA for the extraordi-president-elect, will replace Scha- nary work they did for the associ-effer as the associations president ation during this transitional pe-effectiveJanuary1,2020. riod.Schwarzmannischairmanand TCATA represents manufactur-CEO of the A. L. Wilson Chemi- ers and distributors of drycleaningcal Company. and laundry equipment and sup-The board also promoted Of- plies. The association will cele-fice Manager Luci Ward to busi- brate its 100th anniversary at itsness manager. Wards duties will annual conference in Hilton Headincludehelpingcreateamore Island, SC, April 29-May 2, 2020.member-driven culture as well as Distributorsandmanufacturerssupporting the goals and objec- are encouraged to join the cele-Leslie Schaeffer Fred Schwarzman Luci Ward tives of TCATAs strategic plan. bration.ZIPSDryCleaners an- the next several years. The first is has been a wonderful experience, TheChicagolandexpansion tions in various stages of devel-nounced plans to open the first of planned for 1531 Deerfield Park- Dan Patel said. Growing up in comes as ZIPS continues to ex- opment across the country.six northwest suburban Chicago way in Buffalo Grove. Joliet, the Illinois suburbs are a pand its national footprint. There Founded in Greenbelt, MD, inlocations in mid-November No other addresses have been big part of who we are. Now, we are more than 60 locations open 1996, ZIPS promotes a same-day,Bharmani Cleaners, operated announced, but Bharmani Clean- gettogivebackandservethe and operating in eight states and one-price business model.by friends Dan Patel, Neel Patel ersiseyeingtheNorthwest community. We couldnt be hap- theDistrictofColumbia,with Formoreinformation,visitand Kamlesh Patel, has agreed Chicago suburbs for the other five pier. morethan250additionalloca- www.321zips.com.with the Maryland-based chain to locations. Gibsons Cleaners of Toronto, ON, received the award for Overall Best Practices in the Textile Careopen six ZIPS Dry Cleaners over Working with the ZIPS team Industry during the Canadian Fabricare Associations annual conference in Toronto in October.Alliance Laundry Systems has announced that it will serve cus- Gibsons will be among international entries in the Global Best Practices Awards in Frankfurt, Ger-tomers for its UniMac and Speed Queen commercial brands direct in many, during Texcare International in June of next year.the state of Texas. Gibsons was one of seven Canadian firms selected from among nominees for best practices.The announcement comes as Alliance marks its second acquisition The Canadian Best Practices Award for Sustainability was won by Fishmans Cleaners of Calgary,in Texas, following the recent purchase of Commercial Equipment AB, and Award for Innovation was won by TSC Wetclean of Mississauga, ON. Companys (CEC) distribution business from the Smith family in Other nominees included North Park Cleaners, Park Lane Cleaners, Premier Dry Cleaners andDallas. CEC will continue to focus on building its laundry services di- Trillium the Leather Cleaner.vision to serve the regions fast-growing multi-housing industry.CFA is partnered with CINET, the International Committee of Textile Care, a global associationTexas customers will benefit from the factory-direct linkage, which made up of professional textile care cleaners that sponsors the best practices program. The program iswill translate into improved access to a variety of Alliance resources, based on stimulating theimplementation of best practice measures,service aspects, marketing andgreater equipment and parts inventory, and professional sales, service quality of the professional textile care industry, demonstratingthe industryscapabilities, and providingand install staff.abenchmarkand platform for the new state of the art in modern professional textile care.See what everyones saying.See what everyones saying. Quality no one competes with. Move over Alliance. Yamamotos a QUALITY company. QUALITY company. Theyre raising the standards. Its the BEST machine Ive seenin my 40 year career! SCAN NOW career!PREMIUM QUALITY GUARANTEED SEE IT FORD5 YEAR PARTS WARRANTY YOURSELFYVisit Yamamoto-na.com or Call Today (309) 827-4303Visit Yamamoto-na.com or Call Today (309) 827-4303Yamamoto North America - PO Box 3264 Bloomington, IL 61702Yamamoto North America - PO Box 3264 Bloomington, IL 61702To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads'