b'PAGE 24 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / OCTOBER, 2019S WOUTH ESTDeciding your future willbe SDAs topic in TulsaTheSouthwestDrycleaners tendees how to value their busi- back more than half a century andAssociation will be posing the fol- ness and steps they can take on currently operates more than 400lowing question at an education how to choose whether to sell or stores in the U.S. and other coun-seminar later this month: How do not, or even expand. tries around the world.youknowwhethertosellyour BasedoutofTulsa,CCK The seminar will accompanybusiness, franchise or expand? Strategies is a CPA firm that spe- SDAsupcomingMembershipOn hand will be a panel of ex- cializes in estate and succession Meeting, which will take place onperts who will discuss ways you planning as well as business ap- Oct. 25 and 26 at the DoubleTreecan assess your business and what praisal and evaluation. Warren Place in Tulsa, OK.you can expect from different sce- Martinizing Drycleaning will ItwillkickoffonFridaynarios.be at the seminar, as well, to ex- evening at 5:30 p.m. with a HappyTWIN OAKS CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY in Houston, TX, in- There will also be time for a plain the benefits of franchising Hour Welcome Reception. Then,stalledaQuicksortfromGarmentManagementSystems. Q&A session from the audience and the specific advantages such members will meet in the lobbyBrett McLeod (left) of GMS is pictured with Aaron Nishizaki, afterwards. a partnership contains. to head to dinner at the Bistro atowner of Twin Oaks. CCK Strategies will show at- The company can trace its root Seville at 7 p.m.Following an 8:30 a.m. break-See Us at NCAs TexcareBooth 401 fast on Saturday morning, SDAwill host a board meeting begin-ning at 9 a.m.Theexpertpanelwilltakeplaceafterlunchat1:30p.m.There is also time set aside at 3:30p.m. for a discussion of legislativeissuesfacingtheindustry.Theevening will conclude with dinnerat Pub W Tulsa.Those planning on attendingcan utilize a discounted rate bymentioningtheSouthwestDrycleaning Association. The cost is $119 per night attheDoubleTreeHotelWarrenPlace.Reservationshavetobemade prior to the cut-off date ofOct. 9. Call (800) 801-1317 or visitthe link on the SDA web page atwww.sda-dryclean.com.Lookingaheadtonextyear,SDA has already secured a dateandlocationforitsCleanersShowcase 2020 convention. It willrun from April 16 to 18 at the FortWorth Convention Center in Ft.Worth, TX.Exhibitors can take advantageof early bird pricing on boothsthrough Dec. 31. Visit www.sda-dryclean.com or call the SDA of-fice, (512) 873-8195, for details. Millennial expert and Ted TalkspeakerJeffButlerwillbethekeynote speaker, focusing on cre-ating authentic customer serviceand cultivating products and serv-ices that sell to this generation.The ONE and ONLY Original EM Natura Cartridge FiltersMELANIESCLEANERS inLittle Elm, TX, purchased aUnionHL-860cleaningma-chinethroughGulfStatesLaundry Machinery. MaheshDerashri, the owner, is pic-tured with Matt A. Lipman ofTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 42 or visit www.natclo.com/ads Union Drycleaning Products.'