b'PAGE 24 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / NOVEMBER, 2019T HE S POTTING B OARD BY AN ISEND ENew products for dryside lubrication ubrication is the action of Many oil stains appear to be lations used alcohol and sol- useofthisformulationin New oily-type inkL removing a stain by emul- tannin in nature. Oil stains of- vents. many states such as California. removerssifying, breaking up and ten form a cross or T in the fab- There were many problems Thisproductalsocannotbe These ink removers are verylifting the stain.effective on many inks. TheseDryside lubrication is work- New dryside lubricants that are now on products are usually slightlying on stains that do not have acid in nature. They are alsoa water base and do not mixwith water. Even paint, which the market make dryside lubrication very effective on plastic-basedoriginally may be water based, stains such as nail polish, glueand some paint.becomes a dryside stain once easier and more effective.In many cases, I have founddry. them to be just as effective asTypicaldrysidestainsare amyl acetate on many plastic-oil, grease, lipstick, nail polish, ric because they absorb slowly posed with this formulation. If used in some of the alternative based stains.make-up and most inks. and follow the weave of the theoily-typepaintremovers solvents.Lubricationalsoproduces fabric. (OTPR) contacted water, they Lanolin-type inkprotection for the fabric when Thedifferenceintannin releasedalcoholandcaused New formulations for removerapplyingmechanicalaction. stains can be observed because colordamagetothefabric. oily-type paint remover These ink removers are veryMechanical action is the use of it usually has a dark outer ring. That is why it was important Thenewformulationsfor effectiveonsomeinksthatbrushing, tamping and spatula If you hold the fabric up to the tohaveablackbrushonly oily-type paint remover are ef- other products are not. Theythat aids in removing stains on light, oil stains may appear to used for dryside spotting. fective and easier to use.are slightly alkaline in naturea lubricated fabric. betranslucentwhiletannin When spotters were faced Theformulationsmaybe so some colors on silks mustNew dryside lubricants that stains are not. Paint, nail polish withanunidentifiedstain, slightly alkaline in nature, but be tested.are now on the market make and lipstick are not absorbed theywouldworkitdryside, I have found them to be safe todryside lubrication easier and in the fabric and remain on the and then dryclean the garment fabrics and color if used cor- Combining drysidemore effective.surface. and work it wetside. rectly. lubricantsIf you work a stain wetside Other problems associated Some products can be left Some dryside lubricants canDryside stains anditappearsbrighterbe- withtheoriginalOTPRwas on the fabric for a period of becombinedwithwetsideHeat and age oxidize dry- cause the fabric turned darker, that it contributed to odor in time,whileothersmustbe productstomakestainre-sidestains.Ifasaladoilis it usually means it is dryside. thesolventandaffectedthe drycleaned or flushed imme- moval more effective.dropped on a fabric, simple lu- distillation process. diately.Oily-typepaintremoverbrication will remove the stain. Dryside lubricants Differentcompaniesmake They can be flushed wet or that is alkaline in nature canIf the stain oxidizes and sets it Original oily-type paint re- different products and usually dryandposenodistillation becombinedwithaproteinis difficult to remove the stain movers. The oily-type paint re- the darker one with a strong problems in the solvent. formula.andmayrequireexpensive moverformulationshave odorwasstronger.Environ- It should be noted, however,Lanolin-type ink removermechanical action. changed. The original formu- mental concern restricted the thatvividcolorsondelicate can also be combined with asilk fabrics should be tested. protein formula.Citrus based lubricantsOily-type ink remover canrite-temp Water ChillersThese are products that con- be combined with a tannin for-tain a solvent derived from or- mula.ange peels. This solvent is re-Citrus based products canferred to as d-limonene. It is be combined with a dryside oralsocombimedwithanon- wetside lubricant.ioniclubricantwhichalso Dan Eisen, former chief garmentworks on dryside stains. analyst for the National CleanersThis formulation is also ef- Association, can be reached atfective on many inks that re- (772) 340-0909 or (772) 579-quirewetanddrystainre- 5044,bye-mailatmoval.Itisaveryeffective cleandan@comcast.netorCelebrating lubricant when added to the through his website is www.gar-wetcleaning operation.mentanalysis.com.70years oof sserviceWhy would you trust your investment to another company?We have been building Quality water chillers since 1948!rite-temp Water Chillers800/462-3120www.ritetemp.comMADE IN THE USARICKS CLEANERS in Austin, TX, purchased a Union H-890with solvent heating through Gulf States Laundry Machinery.Pictured are Matt A. Lipman (left) of Union DrycleaningTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads Products and Ian Noble, owner of Ricks Cleaners.'