b'PAGE 24 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / MAY, 2019WESTTCATA offers discount on earlyregistration for July conferenceThose planning on attending sends five or more people (includ- He will be joined by profes-the Textile Care Allied Trades As- ing spouses) to the conference and sionalandworkplaceexpertsociations 2019 Annual Manage- there are also discounts for First Richard Hadden who will outlinement and Educational Conference Timers as well. how your businesss bottom linewill want to make sure to sign up The program is slated to start can improve if you can keep yourpriortotheearlyregistration on Wednesday, July 31 and end staff engaged and focussed. Hisdeadline of July 5. on Saturday, Aug. 3 at the Ojai program will be called ContentedThose who do will receive a Valley Inn and Spa. CowsGiveBetterMilk:Your$50 discounted cost for registra- TCATAs business program for People. Your Profit.tion: $775 for members and $350 the conference will include a trio Lastly, Jade West, who is sen-for spouses. Otherwise, the cost of expert speakers, including Sam ior vice president of Governmentgoes up to $825 for members and Richter,anaward-winning Relations for the National Asso-$400 for spouses after that date. speaker an author who will pres- ciationofWholesalerDistribu-PANDA CLEANERS in Mukilteo, WA purchased a Unisec MS- Itshouldalsobenotedthat ent Every Sales YES Begins with tors, will take an in-depth look at252N through J. Park Inc. Pictured from left are the plantowner, Mr. Jung, with Jacob Park of J. Park Inc. and Mr. Sang TCATA offers a 10% discount on a Know that will focus on digital What is Happening in Washing-Man Lee of Unisec. all attendees fees if a company reputation management. ton. and Why which will in-clude what issues business ownerscan expect in the near future fromWashington, DC.Thebusinessprogramswilltake place on Friday and Saturday,but TCATA has plenty of other ac-tivities on its schedule.A board meeting is set for 1 to4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, and thenan opening reception will kick offat 6 p.m. that night.On Thursday, the associationwill host its golf tournament anda luncheon throughout the day andendwithdinneratFarmhouseKitchen and Library that night.There will also be a closing re-ception and dinner from 6 to 10p.m. on Saturday night.TCATA also has a link on itswebsite to allow attendees to di-rectly reserve rooms at the OjaiValley Inn and Spa.Visit www.tcata.org and down-loadtheregistrationformbyclicking on the link under the An-nualConferencetabfromthehomepage.How to be thebest will beSCCAs topicTheSouthernCaliforniaCleaners Association and SteamerCleaners of Sherman Oaks, CA,will team up this May to offer achance to take part in the associa-tions Learn How to Use the Bestto Be the Best series.The event will take place onSunday, May 19 from 10 a.m. un-til 2 p.m. at Steamer Cleaners lo-The ONE and ONLYcated at 13646 Ventura Blvd.Those who attend will have aOriginal EM Naturafirsthand look at How to Run AState of the Art Cleaners whichCartridge Filters will feature active presentationsshowcasing the best of the best.There will also be time for a planttour, as well.MetalProgetti is sponsoring theevent,alongwith A.L.Wilson,GreenEarth Cleaning, Sankosha,SPOT and CCA.Reservationsareamustasspace is limited. Lunch will beprovided to attendees.Sign up by calling (714) 494-9350 or go to www.socalclean-Visit us at Clean 19Booth 3565 ers.org and click on the Upcom-ingEventsmenuoptionTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 46 or visit www.natclo.com/ads underneath the Events tab.'