b'PAGE 24 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / AUGUST, 2020T HE S POTTING B OARD BY D AN E ISENKnow and use the tools of spottinghis may be a good time forwetsidestainremoval.It orpedalpressuretoemita board run the risk of residue cate fabric, angle the brush soT foryoutoreviewthe can aid in stain removal by the small amount of steam vapor. backup if the vacuum tip is not only the outside bristles con-principles and basics of heat and force of the steam it This is effective for heating and cleaned out.tact the fabric.spotting. generates. accelerating chemicals. Every The towel is also used for Spatula. ThespatulaorIt has been my experience Before using the steam gun 18F rise in temperature will feathering.Theprocessof bone can be made of a plasticafter teaching for 35 years thatmostcleanersandspotters,eventheexperiencedones, The steam gun should be held at least six inches from thelack the knowledge of spottingbasics or dont practice them. fabric when flushing wetside stains on a light coloredMoreproblemsandlackofstain removal occur from not fabric or a delicate fabric to prevent setting the stain andproperly practicing basic spot-ting techniques.Thefollowingarticlewill possible damage to a delicate fabric.dealwithbasicspotting.Iwould recommend that plantowners read the following les- on a fabric, aim it on the floor double the chemical action. feathering is used to remove or metal compound. This re-son and go over the principles firsttoremoveresidueand Another way to use the heat ringsfromwetsidespotting. quires caution when in use. Itwith staff. I would also recom- pressure buildup in the gun. of the steam gun is to press the Use the steam gun to break up should be used on the roundmend that if you are an experi- Thesteamgunshouldbe steampedalanddirectthe the ring and then use the towel part and extreme caution mustenced spotter that you review held at least six inches from the steamonthefloor,then to wipe the center of the ring beexercisedonsilks,poly-the material as well. fabric when flushing wetside quickly release the steam pedal outward so the wet area blends esters and other delicate fab-stains on a light colored fabric and aim the steam gun close to into the dry area. rics.ExcessiverubbingcanProper useor a delicate fabric. This will the fabric which still has steam Spotting brush. The spotter cause color loss or leave marksof spotting tools prevent setting the stain and vapor coming from the gun.shouldhaveseveralbrushes on the fabric.The spotter has at hand the possible damage to a delicate Towel.Whenflushing and use them properly. A black The spatula can also be usedtools to aid in proper stain re- fabric. stains, always flush it into a and a white brush is a must. to apply chemicals. The tip ofmoval. All too often these tools Ondark,roughgarments towel. This serves several pur- The black brush is tradition- the spatula can hold just theare not used properly or not thesteamguncanbeheld poses.Itkeepsthewetarea ally used for dryside spotting right amount of a powderedused at all. Improper use of the close to the fabric so the force more localized and the spotter while the white brush is used chemical. When the spatula istools will result in a lower per- and pressure of the steam will can see if the dye in the fabric for wetside spotting. dipped into a liquid it holdscentage of stain removal and remove the stains from the fab- is fugitive by examining dye Thereasonisthatsome enough liquid so it can be ap-sometimes damage. ric. transfer on the towel. paintremoversanddryside plied to a stain much like anThe steam gun. The steam Heating stains. The steam Spotters who flush into the spottingagentswhenmixed eye drop.gun is the most important tool gun can be regulated by a knob vacuumpartofthespotting with water will become poten- Water gun. A water gun istially dangerous to the dyes on very useful for flushing stainsfabrics. that may set or those that mayA padded silk brush is nec- spread. It can also be used toessaryfordelicatefabrics.If spray around a ring to aid inyou dont have a silk brush, feathering.wrap a towel around a bristle Air. The steam gun usuallybrush to create a padded area. has an air attachment. This isSome spotting brushes can importantfordryingawetbe purchased with stiff nylon area to tell if the stain is re-bristles while softer hair bris- moved. It is also used to aid intledbrushescreateasafer feathering a wet area.means of applying mechanical Watchforfuturearticlesaction. dealing with the basics of spot-Brushes are used on a fabric ting. My manual The Art ofonly after a lubricant is applied Spotting can be a helpful toolto the fabric. for training purposes.Tamping in an up and down Dan Eisen, former chief garmentmotion is the safest way of ap- analyst for the National Cleanersplying mechanical action. This Association, can be reached atis used for breaking up most (772) 340-0909 or (772) 579-wet and dryside stains. When 5044,bye-mailatbrushing, always brush in one cleandan@comcast.netordirection. through his website at www.gar-If you are brushing a deli- mentanalysis.com.FASHION FRESH DRY CLEANERS of Naples FL, installed aColumbia Tandem drycleaning system using Intense solventby Seitz Chemical. Pictured from left are Richard Garland ofColumbia Dry Cleaning Machines, Carlos Martinez, plant op-erations manager, Marlaina and Jeff Rhea, owners of FashionTo learn more, visit www.natclo.com/ads Fresh, and Eufemio Reyes of operations.'