b'W RENCH W B Y B RUCE G ROSSMANPAGE 26 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / DECEMBER, 2019ORKSKeeping the compressed air dryastmonthIcoveredthe amount of water that gets to is blown out of the tank, re-L correctpipingforcom- thecompressedaircompo- movingitfromthecom- COMPRESSED AIR WATER CONTROL DEVICESpressed air systems. This nents of machinery. pressed air system. This watermonth I will be talking about Oftencompressorsarelo- and oil may be considered a haz-other components in the com- catedinboilerroomsand ardous waste.pressed air system which re- boiler rooms characteristically Openingthedrainvalvemovewaterfromthe have high levels of heat and and draining the compressorcompressed air stream. humidity. If possible, locate the tank should be done on a reg-First, a quick note about air air intake of a compressor as ular basisat least once a day.and temperature. Put simply, close to an outside vent as pos- There are very effective, in-the hotter the air the more wa- sible. Usually, it is fairly simple expensive and easily installedter vapor it can hold. to provide the compressor air automatic drain valves widelyAs air cools, this water va- intake area with a vent line to available.Theseauto-drains AIR COOLED AFTERCOOLERpor condenses out in the form the outside of the boiler room containanadjustabletimer AUTO-DRAIN VALVEof liquid water. Liquid water to provide cooler, dryer air at that regularly opens an electricin compressed air systems is a the compressor air intake.solenoidvalvetoallowthecontaminant that strips away 1. Drains and auto-drains. tank to drain.helpful lubricants, degrading Somewhere, usually at the bot- Besides the obvious advan-rubber and plastic parts as well tom of the tank on which the tageofknowingyourcom-as corroding and rusting metal compressor pump is mounted, pressor is being drained regu-components.Ithasbeenmy there is a drain valve of some larlywithoutyouhavingtoexperience that liquid water is sort. Water that has condensed squatdowninahotboilerthe leading cause of failure for out of the hot compressed air room to open, wait and then WATER COOLED AFTERCOOLERair operated machinery. as well as fugitive oil from the close a hot greasy valve, youThereareseveraldevices compressor pump collects in have also spared the mainte-available that are applicable to the tank. nanceonthishard-to-reach REFRIGERATED AFTERCOOLERthe drycleaning industry that Whenthisdrainvalveis area. willlatercondenseinthe vapor.canbeusedtoreducethe opened, this water-oil mixture Evenasmallleakinthe cooler air lines and equipment. Avariantofthismethodcompressordrainvalvewill In the drycleaning plant, the uses a water-cooled heat ex-have a big effect on your com- most effective way to reduce changer instead of a finned airpressorcyclingmoreoften, the remaining water vapor be- cooled coil.thus incurring greater wear as fore it condenses and travels Refrigerated dryers are thewell as higher electric bills.into the machinery is to further mosteffectivedevicetore-2. Aftercoolers and refrig- cool the airflow. move troublesome liquid wa-erated dryers. Compressed air Thesimplestmethodof terfromthecompressedairexiting the compressor pump achieving this is using what is stream. They apply the sameis extremely hot and therefore termed an aftercooler. An af- principal as the aftercooler butcapable of holding lots of wa- tercoolerisusuallyafinned a refrigeration system is usedtervapor.Asthisaircools, coil with a fan mounted on it. instead of using air or watersome of the water vapor con- Compressed air leaving the for cooling the compressed air.denses out as liquid water in compressor pump enters the Thisprovidesamuchlowerthe compressor tank, requiring tubing with the fins attached condensingtemperature,thedrainingproceduredis-ONE HOUR CLEANERS in DeRidder, LA, purchased a Union while the fan blows air across hence lower levels of water va-cleaning machine through Jim Welsh, Inc. Pictured from left cussed above in paragraph 1. thecoil,coolingthecom- porinthecompressedairare Brian Freia of Jim Welsh, Sun Wetmore, store owner, However, the air is still hot pressed air. This condenses out stream to later condense intoDawn Smith, store manager and Matt A Lipman of Union andlotsofwatervaporre-Drycleaning Products. mains in the air stream which much of the remaining water liquid water.Keep in mind you still aregoingtoneedsometypeofdrain on any system used. Af-tercoolersandrefrigerateddryersneedtobeproperlyWANT TO IMPROVEsized to the air compressor. Well thats about it for thismonth.Iwillcontinuedis-cussingcompressedairnextYOUR PLANTSmonthwithmoreeasilyac-complished tasks that save bigbucks. PRODUCTIVITY? Bruce Grossman is the chief ofR&D for EZtimers Manufactur-ing, maker of the new EZ Levelreturn tank water level control.Topreventboilerscalingandother damage the EZ Level re-turn tank water level control re-CONTACT DON DESROSIERS placesthattroublesomeballOver 40 years of experience in dry clean operations,float valve in the condensate re-\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03 turn tank. For saving money on\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03 handling waste, the Sahara and\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03 Drop in the Bucket line of high\x03\x03\x03\x03 purityseparatorwatermister/evaporatorsprovidea617.207.5218ITAILWINDSYSTEMS.COM thrifty, legal method to get rid ofthe separator water generatedby the drycleaning machine. Ad-dress questions or comments tobruce@eztimers.comorcallTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads (702) 376-6693.'