b"JANUARY, 2020 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / PAGE 27EXCEPTIONALSOLVENTMILEAGE!!!UP TO100,000 LBS/DRUM!!!NEW YORK STATEAPPROVED!!!READ WHAT OUR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY: A highly effective solvent When I found out I had to change from perc after 14 years, I was very for state-of-the-art textileconcerned that I would have to deal with the alternative solventheadaches I had heard so much about. To my surprise, since switchingto intense I have had none of the issues I was worried about. My cleaning. cleaning results have been nothing short of amazing. My customershave noticed that there is no chemical smell on their garments any-more and are pleased with the feel and cleanliness of their clothes,as well as the idea that we are more environmentally responsible intense now. intense was the right move for us. Bob Hamila (Lighthouse Cleaners|Palm Beach Gardens, FL)is intensive, efficient and effectiveFinally, a solvent that is comparable to perc in cleaning strength, buthas a high cleaning effectgentle enough to handle all of the beads, sequins and faux finishesthat adorn today's clothing. intense is clean smelling, incredibly ensures smooth goods and reduces the reclaimable and easy to use. We are 10 weeks+ in a new Union hy-drocarbon machine with intense solvent and extremely satisfied ironing effort with the results. We still haven't had to change the filters or have thewaste picked up because there is so little of it, but we look forwardto the savings there as well. Probably the wisest decision we'veensures exceptional cleanlinessmade yet. Thanks Ken for all your help. is odorless and pleasant to handle Stephanie Barrero (Door2Door Drycleaners|Bluffton, SC)is excellent in removing water soluble stainsI've been waiting for a solvent alternative to PERC. I look for companiesthat have a proven track record of longevity. What's important to meis gentle to fabricsis to partner with a company that believes in constant innovation,technology advances and unparalleled support. I have always foundthis with SEITZ, which gave me the confidence to embrace and convertreduces the need for pre-spottingto their new solvent. It is performing fabulously and will allow me tomake the necessary changes to continue to improve my service andcan be used in any multi-solvent machine my business. can be disposed of the same as any hydrocarbonBill Wright(Royal Fine Cleaners|Northport, AL)does not contain CMR substancesFor as long as I've been in dry cleaning, I've been using Seitz products.From their spotting chemicals to dry cleaning detergents, all performedbeyond my expectations. So when it came time to make the switchreduces the effort when finishingfrom Perc to an environmentally friendly solvent, I turned to SEITZ.Their answer was intense. It's cleaning and grease cutting ability This new Solution is a real alternative in Textile Cleaning. made my transition from Perc very easy. I'm glad I chose SEITZ.Thank you for another quality product!intensehas an outstanding cleaning effect, but is also suitableJulian Bulsara (Prestige Cleaners| Lauderhill, FL) for sensitive, high-quality textiles with delicate, decorative trim.Please contact us soon to learn more about intense!SEITZ, Inc.5101 Tampa West Blvd., Suite 300Tampa, FL 33634phone: 813-886-2700mail: seitz_inc.office@seitz24.comwww.seitz24.comTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 34 or visit www.natclo.com/ads"