b"PAGE 28 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / JANUARY, 2020MIDWESTWFI plans webinar, golftournament and ExpoThe Wisconsin Fabricare Insti- vents are changing. tanceprogramwilldiscussthetute has released a schedule of up- Recent inspections by the De- Dry Cleaner Compliance Calen-coming 2020 events, including its partmentofNaturalResources dar and the federal EPA air toxicannualExpo,theFitzgerald staff have found many shops did rule, including what records areScholarship Classic and a webinar not have proper labeling on waste needed and the ban on co-locatedin February. containers.Otherproblemsin- shops that is effective in Decem-The webinar is slated to take cluded a lack of record-keeping ber of this year.place from 3 to 4 p.m. on Wednes- on amounts of solvent and solvent To sign up for the event, con-day, Feb. 19 and it will cover Up- containers kept open even when tact Mike Foti at (414) 488-1754dates and Reminders on Air and not in use. or at mike@wamllc.net. An emailWaste Regulations for Dryclean- Thewebinarisdesignedto will be sent out the day prior withGREEN STREET CLEANERS in Brownsburg, IN, installed a ers in Wisconsin. help Wisconsin cleaners stay on login information for the webinarColumbia 550VGS running Sensene solvent. Pictured from The free program will update top of the states key requirements to those who are signed up.left are Paul Hanson, distributor, Greg Naberhaus, the owner, statewidecleanersonhowthe as they change. On June 16, WFI will host itsand Chris Hogard, Columbia representative. state rules on managing waste sol- The DNR small business assis- 17th Annual Fitzgerald Scholar-ship Classic at the River Club ofMequon. Registration begins at 11F ROMC OLLARS ANDC UFFS a.m. After lunch on the sundeckF ROMC OLLARS ANDC UFFS at 11:30 a.m., a shotgun start be-gins an hour later.TO R EALLT OUGHS TUFF Tickets are $135 for golfers,TOTHE RT OUGHS TUFF $150 for hole sponsors and $50THE EALLYY for those who just attend the 6p.m. dinner.Later in the year, WFI will alsohostits2020DryCleanExpofrom 2 to 10 p.m. on Oct. 9 at theWFI home office in Milwaukee.Look for more details closer tothe event.For details on WFI events, seewww.wiscleaners.com.MWDLI Nightwith Pacers setfor March 20The Midwest Drycleaning andLaundry Institutes annual Nightwith the Pacers is fast approach-ing, as is time to sign up and re-serve a spot.This years game will featurethehometownIndianaPacershosting the Miami Heat, a teamthats off to a hot start in the NBAseason.ThetipofffortheMarch20game is at 7 p.m.; the doors willopen at 6 p.m.THEL A DRY T WO This year, those who buy tick-THEL AUUNNDRYT WOetswillenjoythebenefitsofPlanet Fitness Lounge where theyA RER IGHTF ORY OU! can enjoy all-inclusive buffet foodA RER IGHTF ORY OU! offerings from several chefs ta-bles,plusadditionalspecialtyitems like nacho bars and gourmethot dogs and brats.When dealing with laundry stains, your reputation rides onBoth Laundry TarGo and RiteGo are chlorinated-solventAlso included with the ticketgetting the outstanding results The Laundry Two deliver. free, biodegradable, noncombustible and California 2013will be complimentary beverages VOC and Prop-65 compliant.including draft beer, wine, soda,RiteGolaundry spray spotter quickly penetrates toand water.absorb collar & cuff stains, perspiration, ground-in soilUse them to deliver stain-free laundry and wetcleaning. The cost is $125 per person.and more, all without brushing. Turn to Laundry TarGoYou'll build your reputation for quality - which is whatTo ensure a spot, attendees mustto remove any tough oil based stains that remain behind. keeps customers coming back. sign up prior to February 19. Tick-ets are limited so early registrationUse The Laundry Two with confidence on shirts, weddingis recommended.gowns. anything you're washing or wetcleaning. For a registration package, visitMWDLIonlineatTo learn more, visit www.mwdli.organdclickonALWilson.com Events at the top of the home-or call 800-526-1188 page. Then click on the button thatBecome a STAIN WIZARD at ALWilson.comA. L. WILSON CHEMICAL CO. says Register now.For more questions about theregistration process, contact JonMeijer at (765) 969-5745 or sendemail correspondence to midwest-To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 34 or visit www.natclo.com/ads dli@gmail.com."