b'N M Three stain removal specialistsPAGE 30/ NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / OCTPAGE 30 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / OCTOBER, 2019OBER, 2019EWS AKERSThe board of directors of Richclean announced the promotion at Milt & Edies Cleanersin Bur-of Matthew Gilman to president of the company on July 1. bank, CA, have been recognizedHe succeeds his father, Barry Gilman, who by long-time educator Dan Eisenheld the leadership position since the company asexceptionalpractitionersofbegan in 1975. their craft.Barry decided that it was time for him to Notallspottersareequal,scale back his activities and responsibilities at Eisen said. In my travels whileRichclean and partially retire. There has been doing training I encounter manya long-time strategy in place for Matthew to spotters with unusual and excep-step into the position when his father retired. tional ability. These spotters riseFor the last 21 years, he has been learning above the normal and are able tothe ropes and the Richclean board of directors felt that he was accomplish things that others canready to step up to the leadership position. not.Vernon Norris, chairman of the board, said, I am proud of AtMilt&EdiesthereisMatthews accomplishments over the years and have full confidence RafaelMontano, themanagerthat he will successfully lead Richclean going forward.He added and person in charge of all thethat Barry will still be around, fulfilling various roles and offering spotters.advice and wisdom when needed. RafaelmakessurealltheRichclean serves the cleaning industry in Virginia, Maryland spotters working at Milt & EdiesandtheDistrictofColumbiawithsuppliesandexpertisefor Cleaners use only the chemicalsdrycleaners, laundries, lodging, health care and coin-ops. that he has tested and deemed safe Top spotters at Milt & Edies are pictured from left: EmilioThe company operates from a 20,500-sq.-ft. warehouse facility for usage. He makes sure that all Perez, Maria Jacobo, instructor Dan Eisen and Rafael Mon-in western Henrico County just outside of Richmond, VA. the spotters know its limitations tano.Keith Aune of Clean N Press Home Laundry and Dry Cleaning andproperusage,Eisensaid. Emilio Perez is Rafaels right- MariaJacobo isacapableinWest St. Paul was elected presi- in Wayzata; Laura Grahme of He checks and gives ongoing les- hand man. He is also in charge of spotter and is an expert in fabricsdent of the Minnesota Cleaners WayzataPennhurstCleanersin sons on safety.helping spotters who are having limitations. AssociationatMCAsannual Wayzata; Bill Kleinman of Roxy How exceptional is it that this difficultyremovingastain.He She also has a talent for identi-meeting. Cleaners in St. Paul; Dart Poach drycleaner who is open 24 hours oversees the cleaning and spotting fying stains correctly using herAlsoelectedwereNathan of Dons Leather Cleaning, Inc. a day can boast a near to zero per- of delicate fabrics and museum sense of feel, odor, and appear-Hansen of American Cleaners in in Minneapolis; and Dan Tollef- cent spotting damages? he asked. articles. ance of the stain, Eisen said.Alexandria,vicepresident;and son of Schwegmans Cleaners in Commercial laundry equipment manufacturer in that facility.AndrewGaspart ofSkylark Willmar. Alliance Laundry has purchased a former Mani- Cost of the project, which also includes upgradesCleanersinSt.Paul,treasurer. Allied Trades representatives towoc Crane plant of more than 330,000 square to the Ripon facility, is approximately $30 million.Polly Nemec of St. Croix Clean- on the board are Tony Crain of feet which will be used to help grow production at Mike Schoeb, CEO of Alliance Laundry Sys-ers in Stillwater, MN is the imme- MinnesotaChemical,David its Ripon location. tems said that by shifting some functions to thediate past president. Weinberg of E. Weinberg Supply The action will create up to 250 positions, help- new facility, Alliance will be able to grow high-Directors include Dave Cole- Company and Brent Hendrick- ing to boost the local economy. The move is not in- value production locally and increase the output ofhour of Best Cleaners in Eden son and Ken Bazille of SoapTech tended to reduce positions in Ripon, according to this factory with additional job creation in bothPrairie; Janet Dynan of Wayzata Corporation. the company, as staff will be redeployed elsewhere communities.SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 42 or visit www.natclo.com/ads'