b'W RENCH W B Y B RUCE G ROSSMANPAGE 30 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / JANUARY, 2020ORKSStopping those expensive leaksn a bygone era of cheap sol- closed on a regular basis caus- ventleakingpastthegasketI vent,transfermachinery ing wear and failure of the gas- rolls down the surface of the PROPER GASKET MAINTENANCEand Per Combo filters and ketsdesignedtosealthem door and drips off of the bot-cooker stills, a drip was gener- shut. Even the most unaware tom center.ally no big deal. operator cannot long ignore a WhenyouseealeaklikeHowever,theincreasing solventleakattheloading this you need to take action atcostsofsolventandenergy door. the end of the load thats cur-coupledwithenvironmental However,youwouldbe rently being processed or theregulationsmarkedlysharp- surprised at how few opera- case of a still, the next time the ACCUMULATEDenedourmaintenanceand tors take the time to go behind still is cold. LINThousekeeping practices. the machine with a good flash- Not to worry, chances areIn the following few articles light and observe the still door good a simple fix will get you GROOVE FORMED BY THE GASKET PRESSING Imgoingtohighlightsome during heavy distillation. back on track.AGAINST SEATING RIM easilyaccomplishedchecks In many cases, a grungy still When the door can be safely OF DOOR.and procedures to identify and waste container that sits under opened, look at the surface ofrectify common problems.thestilldoorandthesur- thegasket.Generally,thereStills have them, dryclean- rounding area is often caked will be a slight groove in theing machines have them, dry- with old still residue. Because gasket caused by the pressureershavethem,pumpshave of this, even large leaks can go against the raised rim portionthemeverywhere you look undetected if the timing and onthedrycleaningmachinein a drycleaning plant you find lightingarenotopportune. that the door seals against (See FIGURE 1them. Theyre everywhere. Thepriceofsolventbeing Figure 1).GASKETS, thats what Im whatitis,theseliquidtype Oftenlintaccumulatesintalking about! leaks cost you big time. this groove and prevents theWith this in mind, Im dedi- Also,becauseoftheheat propermatingofthegasketcating the next few articles to and chemistry the sight glasses against the machine front. It is RAISEDtheselectionof/andtech- in stills have a high rate of fail- a vital to routinely clean this RIMniquesinvolved,withmain- ure and when faulty can leak groove,keepingitfreefromtainingandreplacingthat prodigiousquantitiesofsol- lint.ubiquitous device often taken vent. Also,thesurfaceoftheforgranted,thelowlygas- Lint and button trap leaks raised rim (See Figure 2) thatket.are usually of the vapor variety thegasketseatsonmustbeBeginningwiththedry- and harder to locate. kept lint free.cleaningmachine,wefind Now that you are aware of On newer machines the rub-whatareprobablythefour the problem areas, lets explore ber of this gasket is a solid ro-most recognizable gaskets you them one by one and see how bust type and can be cleaneddeal with on a daily basisyou can isolate the leaking area easily with a small wire brushthe loading door, button trap and stop the fluid loss.(if the gasket is a type of foam,door, lint trap door (on many When you notice a solvent use something more delicatedrycleaning machines the lint leak at a door it will almost al- like a spotting bone). FIGURE 2and button trap are enclosed ways appear that the bottom The photographs accompa- true for all the doors on the In many cases the bristles mayin the same housing) and still area of the door gasket is at nyingthisarticleshowthe machine. be too soft to remove caked-ondoor. fault.Thatsbecausegravity cleaning of the still door gas- A spotting brush is shown lint.BrusheswithbrassorThese doors are opened and being what it is, the liquid sol- ket. The same procedure holds being used to clean the gasket. stainless bristles can be usedon solid rubber gaskets.Operatethemachineandsee if the leak has stopped.If, after cleaning the gasket,the door still leaks you have achoice to make. Do you wantWANT TO IMPROVEto order a new gasket for re-placement or spend the timeand effort to attempt an adjust-YOUR PLANTSment to the door and/or gas-ket in order to effect a repair?Bruce Grossman is the Chief ofR&D for EZtimers Manufactur-PRODUCTIVITY? ing, maker of the new EZ Levelreturn tank water level control.Topreventboilerscalingandother damage, this control re-placesthattroublesomeballfloat valve in the condensate re-turn tank. 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