b'S W JANUARY, 2020 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / PAGE 31OUTH ESTStudents costume collectiongets assist from Austin cleanerWhile many people were look- ing locations in Austin would con- ($2.7 billion) and greeting cardsing ahead to Thanksgiving in early tinue collecting until Dec. 14. ($390 million).November, one young person was She might just be on to some- Berson doesnt just want to re-still concerned with Halloween, thing. After all, the National Retail cycle costumes, either; she wantsmore specifically, what to do with Federation noted that Halloween her charity to be sustainable soold costumes. spending for 2019 reached $8.8 she uses recycled boxes for col-Alexis Berson, 11, a student at billion, which means that the av- lecting. She hopes to create a sys-the Austin Jewish Academy, was erage shopper spent $86.27 for the tem that can be duplicated nextsurprised at how much new cos- holiday. year and on and on.tumes cost and also noticed she It was the third highest total Her enthusiasm is impressive.still had old ones in her closet that for Halloween ever, behind $9 bil- As she explained to KXAN: Towere either too small or were not lion from last year and $9.1 billion see an opportunity, and to be ablelikely to ever be worn again. from 2017. to act on it and potentially make aAssheexplainedtoKXAN Thebulkofthatspending, difference for a bunch of kids who CLASSIC CLEANERS IN CORINTH, TX, purchased a UnionNews, Sometimes costumes are about $3.2 billion, goes to buying arent necessarily expecting it, but HL860-K cleaning machine using Solvon K4 solvent. From leftreally expensive and not every- costumes. Other expenses include whocouldbenefitfromit,is are Daniel Crip of Kreussler, Inc., Brian Robertson owner ofbody has the ability to even some- candy ($2.6 billion), decoration pretty awesome. Classic Cleaners, and Matt A. Lipman of Union USA.times buy dinner.So, she started Kostumes forKids, a non-profit group that col-lects gently used Halloween cos-tumesanddistributesthemtocommunity members who mightnot have the ability to afford anew one every year.Orange collection boxes wereset up at the Austin Jewish Acad-emy, Hill Elementary School andSt. Andrews Episcopal SchoolsLower School, as well as manySnap Kitchen and Epoch Coffeelocations. It didnt take long tocollect a few dozen costumes, buther goal was more ambitious: tocollect between 1,500 and 2,000altogether.Then,inlateNovember,the5th grade founder and CEO madea big announcement on the char-itysFacebookpage:Weareproud to announce that we havefound our drycleaning and storagepartner, Westbank Dry Cleaning,Berson said.Thedrivewasoriginallyscheduled to end at Thanksgiving,but the new partnership meant thatall eight of Westbank Dry Clean-Registrationfor SDA showopens Jan. 6Attendee registration fortheSouthwest Drycleaners Associa-tionCleanersShowcasetradeshow will open January 6.The show will take place fromApril 16 to 18 at the Forth WorthConvention Center.Attendees can expect a full ar-ray of speakers. Jeff J. Butler, amillennialexpertandTedTalkspeakerwillbethekeynotespeaker. He will focus on creatingauthenticcustomerserviceandcultivating products and servicesthat sell to this generation.SDA is offering sponsorshipsto allied trades firms for variousaspectsoftheshow.ButlerskeynotewillbesponsoredbySankoshawhileM&BHangershas signed on as an education ses-sion sponsor and Rosenberg Sup-ply will be the attendee loungesponsor. Contact SDA for infor-mation on other sponsorship op-portunities. Call (512) 873-8195or visit www.sda-dryclean.com.To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 34 or visit www.natclo.com/ads'