b'PAGE 32 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / JANUARY, 2020T HE S POTTING B OARD BY AN ISEND EChemicals for protein stain removalroteinstainsrelateto may contain alcohol. This in- formulated these products to to make it work. It is a valuable productsmaybealkalineinP thatcategoryofstains cludes some oily-type paint re- havealowalkalinitythatis product to use on a fragile and nature so when spotting silkoriginating from the liv- movers, general formulas and safe on wool and silk and most color-sensitivefabricsinceit andwoolcautionmustbeing body.Common protein stains aremilk, eggs, blood, perspiration, Enzymes change protein stains to a soluble sugar so itanimal glues and so on. Pro-tein stains are also referred to can be flushed. This is similar to the saliva in your mouthas albuminous stains. Identification that breaks down food using enzymes.Proteinstainsareusuallystiff and are only partially ab-sorbedinafabric.Ifyou some quick drying wetside lu- fabrics. It must be noted, how- doesnotrequiremechanical used.scratch a protein stain it may bricant. ever, that some manufacturers action or high heat. It must be noted that manyturn white and not readily vis- still use ammonia in their for- Temperature should be 100- wetcleaning detergents containible. When you dampen it with Chemicals for stain mulation. 120F.Iftheenzymesreach enzymes.Thismeansthatwater it becomes visible. removal temperatures above 120F they these detergents can be usedManyspotters,whenin- Ammonia. Thisalkaliis Digesters are destroyed. when soaking items with pro-specting a garment, may steam highly volatile and very effec- There are several products Without chemicals. Chemi- tein stains.thegarmenttorevealthese tive for protein stain removal. onthemarketthatuseen- calsdestroyenzymes.Thisstains. It does have many downsides zymes for breaking down pro- means that acids and alkali can Combination andto it because it is highly alka- teinstains.Enzymeschange not be used with this product. unidentified stainsSet stains line, it is very dangerous to use proteinstainstoasoluble Time.You must wait at least A wetside unidentified stainProtein stains are set by age, onwool,silkandgarments sugar so it can be flushed. This 15 minutes to one-half hour. can be tannin or protein or aheat and alcohol. The chemical with bright and vivid colors. is similar to the saliva in your Must be kept wet. combinationofboth.Somecompositionofmanybody It is also very unpleasent to mouth that breaks down food combinationsstainscanbestains often discolor fabrics. work with due to it is highly using enzymes.Procedure for spotting someharddrink,coffeeandIn laboratory tests, alcohol volatile odor. It is not consid- board using enzymes milk, chocolate, etc.was put on a blood stain and eredtobeenvironmentally Low temperature Use half a teaspoon of en-subjectedtoheat.Theresult friendly to the water system.enzymes zymepowderinaspotting Spotting processwas a stain that could not be Prepared protein formulas. This is an old time product bottleofwarmwater.Add Flush.removed even with the most These products have replaced but it is by far the safest prod- glycerin or neutral lubricant to Neutral lubricant.aggressive chemicals. ammonia as a protein stain re- uct for protein stain removal. inhibit evaporation of the wa- Mechanical action.Manyspottingchemicals mover.Manufacturershave It requires a very strict process ter. Flush.Apply to stain. Tanninformula. Thisis\x08\x07\x06\x05\x05\x04 \x02\x0b\x10\x0e\x0c\x00\x03\x0f\x01\x00 Wait. usedfirstbecausealkaline-Flush. based protein formulas can setKeep Business on Track Bath method for low- tannin.Mechanical action.temperature enzymes Flush.Replace your bearings at half the cost!Addoneteaspoonofen- Protein formula.\x06\x10\x13\x0c\x00\x12\x14\x18\x19\x00\x14\x13\x1b\x0c\x1d\x14\x17\x00\x0b\x14\x1c\x13\x02\x19\x10\x12\x0c\x00\x10\x18\x00\x17\x0c\x11\x08\x19\x0c\x0b\x00\x19\x14\x00\x1c\x14\x17\x13\x02\x14\x1a\x19\x00\x1e\x19\x17\x14\x11\x11\x0c\x1d\x1f\x00 zymes to every gallon of warm Mechanical action.\x0c\x08\x17\x10\x13\x0e\x18\x01\x00\x12\x08\x13\x1a\x08\x19\x1a\x17\x0c\x17\x18\x00\x17\x0c\x14\x12\x12\x0c\x13\x0b\x00\x19\x0f\x08\x19\x00\x19\x0f\x0c\x18\x0c\x00\x0c\x08\x17\x10\x13\x0e\x18\x00\x18\x0f\x14\x1a\x11\x0b\x00\x0c water. Make sure the pail is ab- Flush.solutely clean and has not con- Hydrogen peroxide. This is\x17\x0c\x15\x11\x08\x0c\x0b\x00\x08\x19\x00\x11\x0c\x08\x18\x19\x00\x14\x13\x0c\x00\x0c\x1b\x0c\x17\x1d\x00\x04\x00\x1d\x0c\x08\x17\x18\x03\x00\x07\x0f\x10\x18\x00\x08\x11\x11\x14\x1c\x18\x00\x19\x0f\x0c\x00\x14\x13\x1b\x0c\x1d\x14\x17 \x18\x00\x12\x14\x19\x14\x17 tacted other chemicals.the safest bleach and most ef-\x08\x13\x0b\x00\x0e\x0c\x08\x17\x00\x17\x0c\x0b\x1a\x0c\x17\x00\x19\x14\x00\x14\x15\x0c\x17\x08\x19\x0c\x00\x1c\x10\x19\x0f\x00\x12\x10\x13\x10\x12\x08\x11\x00\x18\x19\x17\x0c\x18\x18\x00\x08\x13\x0b\x00\x17\x10\x19\x10\x14\x13\x03\x00\x05\x1a\x17\x00\x13\x1d\x11\x14\x13 fective for last traces of blood.\x0c\x08\x17\x10\x13\x0e\x18\x00\x08\x17\x0c\x00\x19\x0f\x0c\x00\x18\x08\x12\x0c\x00\x16\x1a\x08\x11\x10\x19\x1d\x00\x0c\x08\x17\x10\x13\x0e\x18\x00\x1a\x18\x0c\x0b\x00\x1d\x00\x12\x08\x13\x1a\x08\x19\x1a\x17\x0c\x17\x18\x01\x00\x08\x13\x0b High temperature Stronger bleaches. 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