b'PAGE 34 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / DECEMBER, 2019T HE S POTTING B OARD BY AN ISEND ETraining CSRs to talk to customersourcustomerservice aboutfabricsbuttheCSR For example, if a customer popular. It is soft and lustrous, store feel and depth of color toY representatives(CSRs) should receive a sample of the comesinwithafancydress smooth,resilient,absorbent silk.representthefaceof fabric you are talking about. withfancybuttons,how and comparatively strong for Ask your spotter to give theyour company. They create a They should know the differ- should the interaction between its fineness. silk a mineral oil treatment.trust between your customer encebetweensilkandpoly- the customer and CSR be? Silkfabricisluxuriousin 4. My colored silk is fadedand the work you do. ester as well as the characteris- The CSR might tell the cus- appearanceandfeel.Itcan on the shoulders. Can it be re-You know the importance of ticsoftheweave,including tomer, We will take the but- range from a fine and smooth stored?the CSR when you look at thechemical and equipment man-ufacturers you deal with and The CSR should not be afraid of customers questions andthe people that represent them.I know that Bob Edwards of should be able to accept garments with confidence andA.LWilsonChemicalCom-pany has many loyal followersbecause of the knowledge he knowledge that is transmitted to the customer.imparts.Idoalotoftrainingforprestigiouscompaniesthat satin, velvet and chiffon. They tons off for safety and we will fabricmadefromcultivated Answer. Unfortunately lightconstantlytraintheirCSRs. should know the feel and tex- charge you a dollar a button to silk or the rough textured ir- and impurities in the air per-This includes Sudsies, Ocean- ture of the fabric they are deal- resew it. regularslubbedyarnofraw manentlyaffectthedyesonside Cleaners, Wedding Gown ing with. I found this approach might silk. The vividness and depth silk. We can remove these im-Preservation,Milt&Edies beoffendingtosomecus- of color is unequal when dyes puritiespreventingfurtherDrycleaners, etc. Interaction withtomers.Abetterapproach are used on silk. damage and give you more ex-TheproperformatIfind the customer might be is to tell the customer tended wear.that is effective is as follows: It is one thing to give the that we will guarantee that the Common questions 5. Canmysilkbewet-1. Fabric knowledge. CSR knowledge of fabrics but buttons will be safe and not tell posed by customers cleaned safely?2. How to interact with the it is equally important to know them what you are doing. 1. Willtheperspiration Answer. Yes, We have statecustomer. how they relate this informa- stain come out of my silk? of the art wetcleaning equip-This is the same format that tion to the customer. Talking silk withAnswer. We can take out the mentandspecialfinishingI use when I train 26 CSRS at I created a common ques- a customer perspiration stain but unfortu- agents that einsure the silk isOceansideCleanersinJack- tion and answer series to show Silk remains a popular fab- nately the ingredients in per- returned to you in a new andsonville, FL. the best way of relating this in- ricevenwiththeabilityof spiration can affect the dyes in wearable condition.formation to customers. I very polyester. Silk has the combi- silk fabrics. This includes fattyFabric knowledge often find myself in disagree- nationofpropertieswhich acids, chloride salts, and pos- SummaryIt is not enough to just talk ment of how others teach. makesitverydesirableand sible alcohol usage. The clean- TheCSRshouldnotbeing process will ensure that no afraid of the customer or ques-further damage will occur on tionsthecustomermayask.the silk. They should accept garments2. Can my silk be cleaned withconfidenceandknowl-safely without color loss? edge that is transmitted to theAnswer. The mild and envi- customer.ronmentally safe solvents that Dan Eisen, former chief garmentwe use do not affect the dyes analyst for the National Cleanerson silk. Association, can be reached at3. My silk seems to have a (772) 340-0909 or (772) 579-washed out and faded look. 5044,bye-mailatCan it be restored? cleandan@comcast.netorAnswer. Yes. We have a fin- through his website is www.gar-ishing treatment that will re- mentanalysis.com.FASHION CLEANERS in Oklahoma City, OK, purchased afourth Columbia MC340VG perc machine from the GoHardGroup. Peter Gianos (left), the owner, is pictured with ChrisTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads Hogard of Columbia.'