b'PAGE 38 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / MAY, 2019T HE S POTTING B OARD BY D AN E ISENSteps for effective bath cleaningn order to do bath bleaching same bath. bleaches are similar in nature 5.25% to 1%. Reducing bleachesI effectively you should know 4. If a color change occurs andbothalkalinebased. It is effective bleach for re- These bleaches remove oxy-what it can do and what it with an oxidizing bleach rinse, Drycleaners have found that moving mildew, many stains genfromfabricsandstains.can not do. useareducingbleach.The sodium percarbonate is a little and whitening fabrics such as They are very effective for dyeYou should know the fabric same process should be done moreeffectiveandprovides cotton, linen and rayon. stains and sometimes whiten-you are bleaching and use of if a reducing bleach causes a better results. Sodium percar- Bath method ingfabrics.Allreducingcorrect concentration, heat and color change. bonate also dissolves easier in 1. Use one ounce per gallon bleaches are acid by nature.time for bleaching. 5. Test the safety of bleach cooler water. of 1% in warm water. Sodium bisulphite is a verybefore immersing a garment in Thesearelong-term 2. Add a neutral lubricant. mildreducingbleachandFacts about bleaching the bleach bath. Also, test ef- bleaches and garments can be 3. Rinse. sometimes can be used on fab-Bleaching entails the use of fectivenessofthebleachon soaked overnight. It is effective 4. Use an acid bath (oxalic rics with color.oxygen to change or make the fabric and stain. for whitening fabrics and re- or acetic). Use one ounce per Bath methodmolecules of staining or yel- 6. Alwaysaddalubricant moving the last traces of stain- gallon of water with a neutral 1. Onetotwoouncesoflowing colorless. The two ma- when bleaching for better pen- ing. lubricant. bleach per gallon of warm wa-jor types of bleaching are oxi- etration of bleach. Bath method 5. Rinse. ter (100F).dizing and reducing. 7. Rinseandneutralize 1. It may be necessary to use The acid bath is used to ac- 2. Addasyntheticdeter-Oxidizing bleaches put oxy- bleaches when necessary. hotwatertodissolvethe celerate the bleach so it is re- gent.gen into a fabric or stain and bleach, but bleaching temper- moved from the fabric. 3. Soak 15 minutes.makeitcolorless.Reducing Hydrogen peroxide ature when soaking should be 4. Rinse thoroughly.bleaches are completely oppo- Hydrogen peroxide is char- 100F. Potassium Sodiumhydrosulphitesite since they remove oxygen acterizedbyachemicalfor- 2. Use two ounces of bleach permanganate comes in powder form and isfrom a stain and also make it mula that releases free oxygen. per gallon of water. Thisisastrongoxidizing sold by various manufacturers.colorless. It is near to neutral and does 3. Use one ounce of neutral bleach, comes in purple crys- ItremovesdyeandwhitensOxidizingbleacheswork not have to be neutralized. It lubricant per gallon of water. tals and is sold in liquid form fabrics.primarily on whitening fabrics is the safest bleach to use when 4. Thesoakingtimeis by some manufacturers. It is It is also an anti-chlor whichandremovinglasttracesof bleaching off color wools, silks gauged according to fabric and usedforremovingmildew, restores yellowing caused bytannin, protein and dye. and color sensitive fabrics. It staining. whitening fabrics and remov- chlorine bleach. It has a strongReducingbleacheswork can whiten fabrics and remove 5. Soak overnight to whiten ing the last traces of difficult pungent odor.primarily on dye but also have last traces of tannin and pro- a fabric. protein, tannin, ink and dye. It Bath methodcharacteristicsofwhitening tein. 6. Rinse after bleaching. mayleaveabrowndiscol- 1. Useonetotwoouncesfabricsandremovingother Forbathbleaching,usea 7. Make up a sour bath of oration that can be removed by per gallon of warm water.staining. 14% concentration or a premix one ounce of acetic acid or ox- hydrogen peroxide and some 2. Add two ounces of syn-Bleaches are not effective on sold by some manufacturers. alic acid per gallon of water. reducing bleaches. thetic detergent per gallon ofsoil, dirt and dryside stains. Bath method Soak for 10 minutes and rinse. Bath method water.1. Add two ounces of per- Use the lubricant in the sour 1. Add bleach according to 3. Soak 10 to 15 minutes.Rules of bleaching oxide per gallon of water and bath to ensure better penetra- themanufacturersinstruc- 4. Rinse thoroughly.1. Metal accelerates bleach- one ounce of lubricant per gal- tion and mixing. tions. Titanium sulfate stripper ising. Always bleach in a non- lon of water. 2. Addasyntheticdeter- purchased as a purple liquid.metallic basin or pail. 2. Watertemperatureof Sodium hypochlorite gent. Itremovesdyestainswhen2. Every 18 degrees rise in 100F. Astrongoxidizingbleach 3. Soak five minutes. other strippers do not.temperaturedoublesthe 3. Soak for one-half hour. thatisalkalinebynature;it 4. Rinse. It does not whiten fabrics.chemicalaction.Usewater 4. Rinse. cannot be used on wool and 5. Removelasttracesby It reacts with other chemi-temperatures at 100F. silk. making up a bath of peroxide cals to form discoloration. The3. Oxidizingandreducing Sodium perborate and Household bleach comes in and acetic with a little deter- discoloration can be removedbleaches are chemically oppo- sodium percarbonate concentration of 5.25%. gent. with rust remover.site.Neverputbothinthe Thesetwooxidizing When using, we dilute the 6. Rinse again. Bath method1. Add titanium accordingtothemanufacturersdirec-tions or judge concentration byintensity of color.2. Addasyntheticdeter-WANT TO IMPROVEgent. ashorttime,de-3. Soak pending upon color of fabricand stain. A colored fabric mayYOUR PLANTSonly need a few seconds in adiluted solution.4. Rinse in warm water.PRODUCTIVITY? toSomemanufacturersmayrecommend adding a little rustremover to the bleach solutionlightenthecolorofthebleachandintensifythestrength of the bleach solution.Thorough rinsing is very im-CONTACT DON DESROSIERS portant for this mixture.Over 40 years of experience in dry clean operations, \x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03 Dan Eisen, former chief garment\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03 analyst for the National Cleaners\x03\x03\x03\x03 Association, can be reached at(772)340-0909or(772)579-617.207.5218ITAILWINDSYSTEMS.COM 5044orbye-mailatcleandan@comcast.net.Heof-fers independent garment analy-sisandprovidesconsultingservices.HiswebsiteisTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 46 or visit www.natclo.com/ads www.garmentanalysis.com.'