b'PAGE 4 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / NOVEMBER, 2019National A national newspaperBPSC for drycleaners and launderers communications inc.lothesline November, 2019N Publisher ofVolume 61 Number 2ATIONAL C LOTHESLINEThe shrinking pie of drycleaning 1001 Easton Rd., Suite 107Willow Grove, PA 19090Every five years the U.S. Department of Commerce takes the measure of the nations businesses through its Economic Phone: (215) 830-8467Census. For the drycleaning industry, the recently released tally from the 2017 census does not look good. Fax: (215) 830-8490That was the case in the 2012 census, also, as the numbers charted a decline that has been going on throughout the 21st info@natclo.comcentury. Back in 2002 the census counted 27,066 drycleaning establishments, just a slight drop over five years but the Web: www.natclo.combeginning of a slide that has not stopped. The recession that began in late 2007 took a toll on everybody but the rising tide that PUBLISHERbenefitted most business has not lifted the drycleaning industry. Carol MembergThe one trend that has held steady over those years, recession or not, has been the increasing casualization of Americandress styles that has led to a direct drop in the demand for drycleaning. It was recently suggested that if you show up for work EDITORwearing a suit and tie your colleagues will assume you are either interviewing for another job or going to a funeral.Hal HorningDemographics have played a role, too, as the Boomer generation retires and puts their business wear into retirement, too, CONTRIBUTING WRITERand a new generation of Millennials rises up that seems to barely know what a drycleaner does, much less have a need for one. Chris PollayOne might think that fewer drycleaners at least means a bigger slice of the pie for those who remain. That may be the casefor individual drycleaners who see competitors close down, but overall the pie itself is shrinking, too. The census recorded MANAGING DIRECTORreceipts for drycleaning of just over $8 billion in 2017. Thats a slight increase from 2007 but when inflation is factored, its not Leslie Schaefferreally. Just to keep pace with the general inflation rate between 2007 and 2017 receipts would need to be at almost $10 billion. ADVERTISINGBasically we lost about $2 billion in revenue in that 10-year period. Thats 25 percent. The decline in numbers of Richard Cappodrycleaners for that same period is about 20 percent. So we have fewer drycleaners dividing an even smaller pie.None of this is really news to anybody who has been running a drycleaning business over these past 20 years. Many have GRAPHIC DESIGNfound success by expanding their horizons, diversifying their offerings to the public and reaching out to a new, tech-savvy Mary Castro-Regangeneration that has different needs and expectations.Who knows? Someday people might start dressing up again, valuing finely finished tailored clothing that only a skilled NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE is notdrycleaner can provide. We have been hoping for that day for a long time, but as it has been said, hope is not a plan. Until such owned or operated by any nationala day comes, it will be a challenge to keep your drycleaning business viable. Only those ready to change and adapt will surviveor regional trade association. Adver-Setting an example as he leaves the stage tisers are solely responsible for state-ments made in their advertising.NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE (USYou should always go to other peoples funerals, otherwise, they wont come to yours,Yogi Berra ISSN #07446306) is an independentPeople often die without every being able to say goodbye to the people they care about. So, we say goodbye to them (and trade newspaper published monthlyhope that they can hear us) with a big party or a touching tribute. Life is a spectacle in all of its permutations of wonder and by BPS Communications Inc. Period-tragedy, but how we honor death may be the biggest display of our humanity. ical Postage paid at Willow Grove,If that is indeed the case, then its a shame that most of us didnt get to know Dennis Valstad before he passed away PA, and at an additional mailing of-recently (See page 30). He was many things: a drycleaning business owner, a pilot, an employee of Green Giant and Sara Lee, fice.Postmaster:Sendaddressand a retiree who spent a lot of his spare time on the road making deliveries of fire trucks assembled in Appleton, WI, to all changes to: The National Clothes-over the country. He was a lifelong bachelor who quietly tried to help people whenever he could. He must not have been very line, 1001 Easton Rd., Suite 107, Wil-good at itnot the giving part as he had that down to a sciencehe just wasnt as quiet as he thought, which explains whyalmost 270 people showed up to his funeral to pay their respects. For their efforts, they were paid by Valstad, who willed half a low Grove, PA 19090.million dollars to be divided up evenly by anyone who showed up to his funeral (about $1,900 each for the 267 present). Subscription price for anyone ac-The gesture itself was typical of Valstad, but remarkable to most of the rest of us. He also willed money to his church and tivelyengagedinthedrycleaningvarious community organizations, as well, encouraging his funeral attendees to pay the unexpected money forward if they did and laundry industry in the Unitednot need it. A man who lived an exemplary life (by all accounts) taught the rest of us a lesson in death: money comes and goes, States: $35; Canada $40 (US); All oth-but kindness is eternal. ers, $75 (US).While it seems highly likely that Dennis Valstads charitable contributions have reached their end, he has replaced it with Thisnewspaperispublishedinsomething better: a legacy. He reportedly often used the computer at the Ripon Public Library and road a bike around town two separate sections. If you do notinstead of driving a car, leaving many to speculate if he had much money at all. Now, his story is being told on a national level receive both sections, please notifyas CBS Sunday Morning aired a story on him called A surprising funeral announcement. The man who had a big effect on his our office.local community may have a bigger effect on the rest of the country. At last count, the story has been viewed over 100,000times on YouTube.com (and growing). That makes Valstad something else, as well: an inspiration.2019 BPS Communications Inc.ContentsNews & Features Columns6 The long gameRich Kramer of City Dry Cleaning in 12 James Peuster Is offering a delivery window aOhio, is shoring up the company for the future valuable service or a logistical nightmare?8 Secrets of successDLI and NCA will host its Bruce GrossmanIf you want to keep free fromBrainstorming/Five Star conference in Cancun 18 avoidable problems, keep your compressed air cleanRegions Dan Eisen New dry side lubricants on the market24 are more effective and easier to use16 NortheastFall Fest taps Foley, Blake, Peuster, Allsbrooks Don Desrosiers This years Clean Show coverageand more in Worcester this month 26 concludes with one last round of shirt equipment20 WestUtah Sen. 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