b'PAGE 4 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / SEPTEMBER, 2019National A national newspaperBPSC for drycleaners and launderers communications inc.lothesline September, 2019N Publisher ofVolume 60 Number 12ATIONAL C LOTHESLINEIt comes down to that first impression1001 Easton Rd., Suite 107Willow Grove, PA 19090Much has been written and said about how to get new customers. Every cleaneror at least all of those who have a plan Phone: (215) 830-8467for growthhas some type of program in place to attract customers. And we have more tools than ever for doing this. Fax: (215) 830-8490Larry Siegel, in his column this month on page 26, has a good overview of these toolsfrom websites, to social media info@natclo.comand email, even the venerable direct mail marketing. As he explains, its not enough to have these programs in place. You have Web: www.natclo.comto keep working them and todays customers dont want to wait five business days for your response. PUBLISHERThe goal of these programs is to get new customers and, once you get them, to keep them coming back. Lets suppose thatis working for you. Somebody sees your website or your Facebook page and decides to give you a try. Now you need a Carol Membergprogram to make sure that those potential customers will actually come in. Programs designed to get customers into your store EDITORcan be easily defeated by your own actionsor inaction. Dirty looking storefronts and messy looking displays are likely to Hal Horningkeep customers from even going into a store. Those beautiful signs you put up in 1996? Maybe they need to be renewed. A CONTRIBUTING WRITERstore that looks cluttered and crowded can discourage people from coming inside.Customers want to do business in stores that give them the sense that this is the right place. This requires a clean, Chris Pollayorganized, efficient and uncrowded store. Loud music or a messy environment conveys to the customer that the staff is not MANAGING DIRECTORpaying attentioneither to the goods or to the shopper. A crowded store with lines at the counter store tells time-pressed Leslie Schaeffercustomers, Dont come in now unless you want to wait.The sights and sounds, and probably the smells, too, that customers get from your store are things that form their first ADVERTISINGimpression. If that impression is not good, you may never get a chance to impress them with your great prices, high quality, Richard Cappofriendly staff, wide range of services or whatever combination you offer that you believe gives you a competitive edge. GRAPHIC DESIGNThe onset of the fall season, which brings out more customers, is a good time to make sure youre not turning off Mary Castro-Regancustomers before they even come in. Clean up the customer service area, take down old signs, wash the windows, get thefingerprints off the door, turn down (or off) the music (or the TV). Some of those little things that you have just learned to live NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE is notwith and not even notice may be creating hurdles at your front door, keeping new customers from coming in just as if there owned or operated by any nationalwere a brick wall instead of an entryway.When time is of the essence or regional trade association. Adver-tisers are solely responsible for state-ments made in their advertising.When the days seem to pass too quickly, its hardly the earths fault. Sure, it is turning on its axis at about 1,000 miles per NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE (UShour, but we simply dont feel it. From our perspective, it seems like its standing still. ISSN #07446306) is an independentThis can happen with technology, as well. The faster technology moves and allows us to reach every corner of the world, trade newspaper published monthlythe more impatient we become, the more our attention spans continues to wane. In a time when we have a seemingly unlimited by BPS Communications Inc. Period-access to the entire sum of human knowledge literally in the palm of our hands, it is more difficult than ever to stay focussed. ical Postage paid at Willow Grove,That means when, say, somebody wants to find a new drycleaner online using their smartphone, how fast your web page PA, and at an additional mailing of-loads could mean the difference of whether or not it is actually viewed, or the browser window is clicked closed as they move fice.Postmaster:Sendaddresson to the next option on the list. According to Mach Metrics, the global average time it takes to fully load a typical mobile changes to: The National Clothes-homepage for a site is 22 seconds. It might as well be 22 hours since other research from Google indicates that 53 percent of line, 1001 Easton Rd., Suite 107, Wil-people will leave a mobile page within three seconds if it fails to load. Three seconds. low Grove, PA 19090.You can still rely on drive-by traffic, direct mail or other advertisingall can provide a nice boost to businessbut a Subscription price for anyone ac-large segment of your untapped market will eventually go online (most likely using their cell phone) to conduct a search. Theprocess only takes a few seconds: Siri, what drycleaners are located nearby? From there, it may be proximity, or the highest tivelyengagedinthedrycleaningaverage of star ratings, or even the name itself, but once that person makes their first choice and clicks on the link, they wont and laundry industry in the Unitedwait long for the page to appear. They are now aware of every other option in their zip code. States: $35; Canada $40 (US); All oth-Its a point youve probably heard before and will likely hear again. Multiple expert speakers at Clean 2019 all said it, as ers, $75 (US).well: Its better not to even have a website than to have an outdated or slow-loading one. This goes double for your mobile Thisnewspaperispublishedinpresence. two separate sections. If you do notIf somebody tries to visit your site and it takes too long or they encounter confusion, they will give up and and!now receive both sections, please notifythey have formed a negative opinion of your company, which they havent even stepped foot in or talked to a single employee our office.there yet. This is a scary thought, to be sure, but there is some hope since the reverse may also hold true: If your site loadsquickly and looks modern, then visitors may think highly of your business before they even drop off their first garment.2019 BPS Communications Inc.ContentsNews & Features Columns6 Poultry in motionBefore Rita Foley built Regency 18 Bruce Grossman Maintaining your air compressorCleaners from scratch, she sold about a million eggs a week is essential for your compressed air system8 Obituary: John TippsBefore he passed away at age 20 James PeusterOne thing was highly evident at72, he spent 58 of those years in the drycleaning industry Clean 2019: wash-dry-fold is here to stayRegions 22 Dan Eisen This month, Dan discusses some of thepractices at Wedding Gown Preservation Co.12 NortheastAdmission to NCA Texcares October convention 26 Larry Seigel It cannot be emphasized enough: youwill be free to all drycleaners; NEFA eyes plans for Fall Fest need a current, professional-looking websiteSouthNCALC taps IBM futurist Stan Phelps to headline 34 Don DesrosiersThere were a lot of great new16 its upcoming convention in late October equipment highlights at Clean 201924 MidwestIPDL Educational Extravaganza set for this Departmentsmonth; WFI discussing plans for 2019 Drycleaning Expo30 WestRMFA returns to Marriott Hotel in the Denver Tech 12 Newsmakers 32 Information CentralCenter for its Peak of Performance management conference'