b'PAGE 4 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / MAY, 2019National A national newspaperBPSC for drycleaners and launderers communications inc.lothesline May, 2019N Publisher ofVolume 60 Number 8ATIONAL C LOTHESLINEMaybe it is time to ban the bans 1001 Easton Rd., Suite 107Willow Grove, PA 19090We live in an age where customer service has evolved so much that customers essentially dictate to businesses what they Phone: (215) 830-8467want from them and then get it plus much, much more. The bar has been raised so high that nobody can find it anymore. Found Fax: (215) 830-8490or not, if that bar ever falls for any reason, then consumers can protest, boycott and pile on negative reviews against offendingcompanies which can break a reputation in the time it takes for a webpage to load. Consumer empowerment has affected the info@natclo.comlandscape of business, and not just in those ways mentioned previously. Public opinion also can drive lawmakers into action Web: www.natclo.comwhich, in turn, can affect business in a much broader way.Drycleaners know this better than anyone. There have been perc bans, plastic bag bans and countless other stringent PUBLISHERenvironmental regulations of every kind. The latest one to hit the headlines is a possible fur ban in New York City, though, to Carol Membergbe fair, the Big Apple isnt leading the way. In California, San Francisco already banned real fur sales on January 1 of this year,joining Berkeley and West Hollywood. Los Angeles has also passed a new ordinance, going into effect in 2021, that will make EDITORit illegal to sell, manufacture or trade fur clothing and accessories within city limits. Now, New York City stands to be the next Hal Horningto ban fur and more cities are likely to follow. Oddly enough, this all is occurring while retail fur sales have been seeminglystrong. CONTRIBUTING WRITERAccording to the Fur Information Council of America, sales have increased from $1.27 billion in 2012 to $1.39 billion in Chris Pollay2013 and to $1.5 billion in 2014. Yet, public opposition to the retail of fur has also seen an increased presence. Animal rights MANAGING DIRECTORactivists have made inroads for their cause in recent years, angry that each year more than a billion rabbits and 50 million otheranimals are killed for their pelts. They make the argument that faux fur is a viable alternative which would eliminate the Leslie Schaefferseverely cramped and harsh conditions in which many of the animals are kept. But, then again, as the Fur Commission USA ADVERTISINGnotes on its website, about 95 percent of the population in North America eat and wear products of animals. So, to sum up, while people still seem largely indifferent to the wearing of furs, the law is becoming less so. This growing Richard Cappomovement presents a big issue for cleaners. How much will such bans affect your businesss bottom line and what can you do GRAPHIC DESIGNto offset that? Whatever your answer, know this: the issue is fur real.Expecting the unexpected Mary Castro-ReganNATIONAL CLOTHESLINE is not ownedIt is inevitable but unpredictable. Sooner or later an unexpected problem will occur that stops you in your tracks. or operated by any national or regional tradeIt could be an act of nature, such as a flood or strong winds knocking down trees and power lines leaving you dead in the association. Advertisers are solely responsiblewater, so to speak. Or it could be key piece of equipment. Maybe that old reliable boiler decides not to be so reliable anymore. for statements made in their advertising.Or maybe your computer system decides to go sideways, leaving you with no way to process orders, keep track of employeehours and do payroll. NATIONALCLOTHESLINE (USISSNWorse things can happen that we dont even like to contemplate. Many a cleaner has closed up and gone home for the day #07446306) is an independent trade newspa-only to be called back in the middle of the night because the building is in flames. Or even worse, maybe a serious accident or per published monthly by BPS Communica-sudden illness befalls you or a key employee. tions Inc. Periodical Postage paid at WillowNobody likes to sit around and think about these things much less have to suffer through them. Adequate insurance maybuy you peace of mind against some of the worst case scenarios, but that alone doesnt guarantee that you have nothing to Grove, PA, and at an additional mailing office.worry about. Postmaster: Send address changes to: The Na-What exactly are your plans for dealing with the unwanted and unexpected? That is why its necessary to think about tional Clothesline, 1001 Easton Rd., Suite 107,these things and how you would deal with the disruption that could result.We have been giving that some thought this week as we recover from what seems a relatively minor mishap but Willow Grove, PA 19090.nonetheless proved to a show-stopper. And we will be giving it more thought after we fully recover. We arrived at the office on Subscription price for anyone actively en-Monday morning to find that a pipe in the ceiling sprung a leak and showered the desk from which this is being written. The gaged in the drycleaning and laundry indus-main hard drive that contains all the parts and pieces that go into assembling an issue of N ATIONAL C LOTHESLINE took a bath. try in the United States: $35; Canada $40 (US);And drowned in the tub.Thanks to a backup drive that survived, combined with cloud backups, we were able to get back up and running, but not All others, $75 (US).without a heaping helping of stress and anxiety over several days, and that is why you are able to read this now. We are grateful This newspaper is published in two sepa-for that and hope you will forgive any glitches that have crept in or pieces that may have fallen through the cracks.rate sections. If you do not receive both sec-We hope that this never happens againto us, to you or anyone. But hope is not a plan. Take some time to consider your tions, please notify our office.operations and make sure you have another way to get things done when the unusual occurs and makes business as usualimpossible.2019 BPS Communications Inc.ContentsNews & Features Columns6 Taking an active roleRhonda Eysel just isnt one to 8 Don Desrosiers With Clean 2019 coming, now is astand on the sidelines of either her business or her industry good time to ask what a new shirt unit can do for you14 Obituary: Seymour KatzsonAfter 80 years of serving Larry SiegelThe things people know about adrycleaners, an industry legend passes away at 98 years old 18 business are what makes up its brand28 A Music City meetingOakwood the Greener Cleaners Bruce Grossman As the hotter temps of summerof Nashville welcomed AWGS affiliates for a recent meeting 36 arrive, so does more stress for your cooling systemRegionsSouthAsheville will be the host city for NCALCs Spring 38 Dan Eisen When bleaching, know the fabric, the22 board meeting set to take place in May correct concentration, heat and length of timeWestEarly registration discounts are available for TCATAs 40 Frank Kollman When selecting the right insurance24 summer convention; SCCA plans seminar in Sherman Oaks for your business, there are many things to consider26 NortheastNCA will have several educational offerings in Departmentsthe coming months; Antons acquires Champion CleanersMidwestWFI will offer baseball and golf outings this 34 Newsmakers 42 Info Central30 summer; MWDLI works on August convention plans'