b'PAGE 4 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / DECEMBER, 2019National A national newspaperBPSC for drycleaners and launderers communications inc.lothesline December, 2019N Publisher ofVolume 61 Number 3ATIONAL C LOTHESLINEBring on the sustainable fashion 1001 Easton Rd., Suite 107Willow Grove, PA 19090Its ironic that piece counts for drycleaners are in decline in a time when people own more clothes than ever before. That Phone: (215) 830-8467is due in part to a rise in the popularity of fast fashioninexpensive clothing good for a few wearings but not made to last and Fax: (215) 830-8490probably not worth the price of cleaning. But thats not a problem just for cleaners. Its a problem for the environment as info@natclo.commountains of discarded garments pile up. On top of that, there is growing concern about microfibers being shed from these Web: www.natclo.comgarments when they are cleaned, ultimately flowing into in our rivers and oceans.This issue is coming to the forefront of concerns from environmentalist organizations who are now encouraging PUBLISHERsustainable fashion over fast fashion. None other than Greenpeace, once the nemesis or drycleaners, is taking aim at synthetic Carol Membergfibers and fast fashion, as noted by NCAs Nora Nealis at the Texcare show. Twenty years ago, we never thought we would be EDITORciting a Greenpeace position positively, but we agree with their position that clothes should be designed with durability in Hal Horningmind, so that they can be recycled only after many years of use. Further, they say, We have a big part to play in preventingmicrofibers from polluting the oceans. CONTRIBUTING WRITERDrycleaners have a big part to play here, too. We can keep those durable clothes looking good for years and can clean Chris Pollaythem without discharging microfibers into the waterways. When it comes to sustainability and fashion, professional cleaners are MANAGING DIRECTORready to serve. Avoiding the pink tax fallout Leslie SchaefferADVERTISINGHistorically, women have had to fight to vote, own property and shatter glass ceilings. As political activist and feminist Richard Cappoorganizer Gloria Steinem noted: Feminism has never been about giving a job to one woman. Its about making life fair for GRAPHIC DESIGNwomen everywhere. Its not about a piece of the existing pie; there are too many of us for that. Its about baking a new pie. Mary Castro-ReganThe old pie was stale. Since then, strides have been made. Women are more empowered (at least in many countries), than NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE is notthey have been in any point in history. But considering how poorly they were been treated in the past, this is little consolation. owned or operated by any nationalTruth is, its still a world that makes things more difficult for women, both intentionally and unintentionally. The gender pay or regional trade association. Adver-gap still persists. A study from September of 2016 by Bernadette D. Proctor, Jessica L. Semega and Melissa A. Kollar noted tisers are solely responsible for state-that women were paid 80 percent less on average than their male counterparts. Not only do women typically make less, but they ments made in their advertising.also might pay more for consumer products. This has become known as the pink tax. As Consumer Reports noted back in NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE (US2010, women spend an average of $1,351 more a year than men in extra costs and fees for items such as clothing, childrenstoys, deodorant and other toiletries. ISSN #07446306) is an independentThen theres drycleaning. As many in the industry already know, a major part of the problem can be the size of a womens trade newspaper published monthlyblouse, which doesnt fit shirt equipment like mens shirts. There is also the issue of fabrics that require hand finishing. In the by BPS Communications Inc. Period-majority of such cases, drycleaners legitimately charge for the work performed, not based on the gender for which it was being ical Postage paid at Willow Grove,performed. But when a population group has faced centuries of discrimination, its hard to trust anyone who claims there is a PA, and at an additional mailing of-sound reason for such a price difference. To those who are not running a drycleaning business, it sounds like another example fice.Postmaster:Sendaddressof price discrimination. A well-rehearsed, but sincere explanation from a CSR can satisfy some customers, but if it doesnt, it changes to: The National Clothes-could mean a court case. line, 1001 Easton Rd., Suite 107, Wil-Case in point: there is a lawsuit gaining attention in involving a St. Louis cleaner citing that an imbalance of charges for low Grove, PA 19090.mens and womens shirts as a violation of the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act that was passed to combat legitimate pinktax scenarios. The plaintiff claims that the company charged $2.90 for a mans shirt and $6.55 for a womans even though both Subscription price for anyone ac-had long sleeves, buttons and were made of 100 percent cotton. There may be an excellent explanation for the discrepancy and tivelyengagedinthedrycleaningthe plaintiff could very well lose the case, but at what cost? Bad publicity for months? Sometimes just the appearance of an and laundry industry in the Unitedimpropriety is enough to convince people of the worst because they dont have all of the details. States: $35; Canada $40 (US); All oth-So, if your current business model for this situation is working, you are either handling the situation well or have been ers, $75 (US).lucky. This is an issue that is likely not going to fade away. Perhaps the best course is to handle these situations as honestly and Thisnewspaperispublishedindelicately as you can, just as you have successfully in the past. Just keep in mind: women didnt start the discrimination; but two separate sections. If you do nottheyve very likely experienced it most of their lives. receive both sections, please notifyIt will be interesting to see what comes of this case. Odds are, it wont be the last one. If you want to avoid the situation our office.altogether, perhaps its time to rethink your pricing structure. There are no simple solutions and its easier to say than to do, butultimately, the time seems right to think about baking a new pie with a whole new set of ingredients.2019 BPS Communications Inc.ContentsNews & Features Columns6 Cleaning soulsTexan Marty Moore preaches and teaches 16 Don Desroisers Better folding of shirts is just oneconvicts to better their lives new item on Dons holiday shirt pressing wishlist24 TCATA names new CEOLeslie Schaeffer takes over James PeusterAfter 20 years in the industry, thethe reins and Fred Schwarzman is the new president 20 Route Pro has tips for achieving 20/20 vision in 2020Regions Bruce Grossman When water mixes with26 compressed air, it create corrosive contaminants8 WestCCA members will return to Long Beach for 2020 Frank Kollman Firing an employee for rude orconvention; Zips launches first store in Portland, OR 30 uncivil behavior is not as easy as you might think18 NortheastA customer tripped over a stool and won Dan EisenThe best CSRs see questions from$650,000 in a settlement case with Charming Cleaners 34 customers as an opportunity to create trust22 MidatlanticDLI releases a full schedule of its 2020 classofferings at its School of Dry Cleaning Technology Departments32 SouthwestSDA returns to Ft. 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