b'PAGE 40 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / MAY, 2019K EEP I T L EGAL BY F RANK K OLLMANBuy the insurance that you needlive less than a mile from the unemployment insurance. ance companies count on pol- aresupposedtobeyour the insurance company pays. II reservoir that serves Balti- Companies provide health icy holders not making claims lawyer, not the insurance com- have seen deductibles as highmore City. insurance (usually with group so they can afford to pay the panys lawyer, so you should as $500,000.Ironically,Ihaveawell. life and disability), need gen- policy holders that do. What is feel free to contact them and Before you buy EPLI, makeNevertheless, I like to run early eralliabilityinsurance,and left over is profit. insist on participation in the sure the deductible is reason-inthemorningtothedam, now need insurance to cover Employers need to be con- claims process. able.Mostcompanieswithwhichisexactlythreemiles cyber security breaches. cerned with two types of in- While you may be covered EPLIneverexhaustthede-from my house. Most morn- We have automobile insur- suranceworkers compen- by insurance, a big claim will ductible, so they fund compa-ings, I run before sunrise.ance, homeowners insurance, sation and unemployment. result in increased premiums, nies that do with their premi-Unfortunately,thewater- employment practices and lia- Many employers have also and sometimes outright can- ums.Therefore,youneedtoshed regulations ban parking bilityinsurance(morelater), purchased employment prac- cellationafterthepolicyex- evaluate whether you are get-and pedestrians from sunset to flood insurance, supplemental ticesandliabilityinsurance pires.Therefore,youdonot ting your moneys worth.sunrise. Medicare,andsoonandso (EPLI)tocoveremployment want some lawyer you have Second, almost all EPLI car-After25yearsofrunning forth. claims, like discrimination, yet never met settling a claim that rierswantyoutousethethere, the police started enforc- Life insurance is basically a they frequently do not under- makes it impossible for you to lawyers they have selected, noting the regulation. I contacted form of gambling on when you stand EPLI. These three types getreasonably-pricedinsur- thelawyeryoupreferandthe Baltimore Department of will die. Its a bet most people of insurance are the subject of ance in the future.trust.Public Works, and I obtained a hope they will lose by living this months column. Unemployment insurance is Insist on being able to selectright of entry pass starting past that date (namely, when Workers compensation in- a slightly different animal. You your own lawyer if you con-at 5 a.m. theinsurancelapsesorbe- suranceisactuallygoodfor stillgetexperiencerated, sider buying EPLI, or you mayOne of the conditions was comes too expensive to main- employers. If there is insurance which can result in larger con- end up with some lawyer whothatImaintaininsurance tain). forworkplaceinjuries,em- tributions to the state, but typ- barelyunderstandsemploy-not health insurance, but in- Insurance only works if the ployers cannot be sued by their ically there is a cap on the per- ment law or has so little expe-suranceincaseIcauseany insurance company can make employees for those injuries, centage. riencethatheorsheisas-damage running through the money. If it pays out too much no matter who is at fault. An The premium charged is signed by the law firm to doreservoir. I have what is called in claims, it will go bankrupt. employees sole remedy is to really a percentage of payroll. insurance cases. All too of-anUmbrellapolicy,sothat That is one of the reasons why file a workers comp claim and Intheunemploymentarena, ten, the attorney assigned to anworked. Ridiculous. insurance companies are strict receive the amounts set forth the state decides if the former EPLI matter is out of his or herInsurance,however,isan aboutwhatiscoveredand by state statute for the injury, employeemeetstherequire- element. essentialpartofmodernlife what is not. disability, or death. mentsforpayment,andthe Insurance is important, butand the economy. Some insurers are very ag- In virtually all cases, the in- typicaldisqualifyingreasons understanding how it worksEmployers are generally re- gressivetowardtheircus- surance company will assign a for getting unemployment are and how insurance companiesquired to have workers com- tomers, so you do need to read lawyer to your claim to repre- resignation and misconduct. make money is essential. Oth-pensation insurance, and they allpolicies(oratleasttheir sent the company. Poorworkperformance, erwise, you may end up fight-are required to contribute to summaries)carefully.Insur- Remember,theselawyers however, is not grounds for de- ingwiththeinsurancecom-nial of unemployment. If you panymorethanyouarewanttowinunemployment fighting with the people suingcases, and keep your contribu- you.tion rate low, you have to pres- More importantly, do every-entevidenceofmisconduct, thing you can to understandpreferablyinthecontextof whatyouarebuyingwhenworkplace rules that define the you do purchase insurance.behavior that got the employee Frank Kollman is a partner in thefired. law firm of Kollman & Saucier,Lawyersarepermittedat PA, in Baltimore, MD. He can beunemployment hearings, but reached by phone at (410) 727-you have to pay for your own. 4300 or fax (410) 727-4391. HisFinally, Employment Prac- firms web site can be found atticesandLiabilityInsurance www.kollmanlaw.com. It has ar-(EPLI) is great, except when it ticles, sample policies, news andis not. First, there is almost al- otherinformationonem-ways a high deductible before ployee/employer relations.DRYCLEAN SUPERCENTER in Plano, TX, installed an 18-ft.Quicksort automated assembly system. Pradeep Sumudra,the owner, is pictured with Brett McLeod (right) of GarmentTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 46 or visit www.natclo.com/ads Management Systems.'