Tensioning Blouse/Shirt/Jacket/Form Finisher • Sizes From 0 Petite To 3 XL and larger • Blouses, Shirts, Jackets, Labcoats – Wet or Dry • Dual, Rotating Front Clamps (Patented System) • One Heated For Wet Shirts/Blouses • One Unheated For Drycleaned Shirts/Blouses • Front Clamps Pivot & Rotate P.O. Box 127 - Mamaroneck, NY 10543 Telephone (973) 535-8305 E-Mail: info@trevilamerica.com Toll Free (877) TREVIL 1 www.TrevilAmerica.com The Future Is Here! The Venice Wetcleaning System by Imesa gives you complete control over the washing and drying cycles providing superior results. When paired with Trevil tensioning equipment you will have everything you need to effectively clean and press virtually every type of garment. PRINCESS ULTRA The first machine that can finish the entire pair of pants INCLUDING THE CREASE with one operator at a level of quality superior to conventional equipment. • For All Types Of Pants; – Creased Or Uncreased – Pleated Or Unpleated – Men’s Or Ladies • No Experienced Operator Needed • Requires Less Floor Space Than Conventional Equipment • Rotating Cuff Clamps For Creased/Uncreased/Flat Front Finish PANTASTAR No Need To Disconnect & Store Unused Clamp No Need To Disconnect & Store Unused Clamp To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads