b'AUGUST, 2020 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / PAGE 7Verticerticalal Waterer Wallall - HorizHorizontontalal DrumDrum Water Tubeube9.6 to 24 HP Gas Fired - Pressures up to 200 PSI100 SeriesSCAQMD Certified to 1146.2A SM ES or HSaftey is Always a PrioritySafetyThe Parker Boiler tube bundle is extremely flexible and offers a long life with a 25 year warranty against thermal shock.Package Complete BoilerEach unit is Factory AssembledA Great Design Like & Fire ested. 4 yearsyears ofof FieldField Fire Tested. No Otheresting.Testing.Blowerariable speed blower for electrical energy savings. EfficienciesSealed Combustion Chamber offers efficiencies to 84% with low excess air levels.Other Advantages5:1 Burner Turndown5:1 Burner urndown Ratio. Superior Quality &Digital Pressure Control. Boilers Superior Quality & Valuealuerequire access on two sides Heavy Duty Boiler Tubes only. Reflex Prismatic Sight Extra heavy boiler tubes 1-5/16 OD.Glass. Up to 4 of insulation minimum 0.12 (11GA) heavy thicknessand 1/2 thick steam drum.steel, built for long term service life.NEVER A CA COMPROMISE FOR QUNEVEROMPROMISE FOR QUALITY OR SAFTEYTel: 323-727-9800 5930 Bandini Blvd. el: 323-727-9800www.parkerboiler.com Los Angeles, CA 90040To learn more, visit www.natclo.com/ads'