b"PAGE 8 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / DECEMBER, 2019WESTCCA returning to Long Beachfor 2020 Fabricare trade showThe Long Beach Convention Peter Blake, CCA executive di- manager Leslie Schaeffer.Centerisafamiliarsettingfor rector,andtheplanningtakes Thiswillbeaneventyouthose who have attended the Cal- well over a year. I am really ex- cantaffordtomiss,addediforniaCleanersAssociations cited about the event, and I know Blake. We are fortunate to haveFabricare shows in the past, so it will be one of the best in the en- Leslie back running the show. Hernext year it should feel like re- tire country.unique experience coupled withturning home. Wehavebeenlookingat herfamiliaritywiththevenueTheassociationrecentlyan- show improvements, great educa- from last year will gives us a greatnounced its intentions to return to tional programs to hold in con- opportunity to really improve thethe venue for 2020. Booth sales junction with the event, and some show. I am confident the showNEXT DAY CLEANERS in Post Falls, ID, installed a Realstar are currently open for the event new ideas that will enhance the will be one of the best in CCAsKM343 heated hydrocarbon cleaning machine, the first in that is set to take place Aug. 14- attendees experience. recent past, and I am excited aboutnorthernIdaho.PicturedareMarkBonsell(left)Pacific 16. CCAhasretainedthesame some of the enhancements we willNorthwestareamanagerforFabritecInternational,and Exhibitslikethisarea show management company as it be bringing to the attendees Adam Burton, owner of Next Day Cleaners. tremendous undertaking, noted utilizedin2016,leadbyshow and the exhibitors.Details are still being finalized,but visitors can expects aisles fullof the latest industry technologyand services throughout the ex-hibit hall as well as several edu-cationalprogramsdesignedtohelpdrycleanersbemoreprof-itable and continue to be strong inthe future.CCA will keep members andprospective attendees updated viaitswebsitelocatedonlineatwww.calcleaners.com.The site includes a completeprospectus for companies inter-estedinexhibiting(EarlyBirdpricing is still available), a floorplan, and an up-to-date list of ex-hibitors.Information may also be ob-tained by calling show manage-ment, (215) 830-8467.The Long Beach ConventionCenterislocatedat300EastOcean Blvd, adjacent to the Hyattevery ink stain is an Regency Long Beach Hotel.CCA has a block of rooms atPPORTUNITY its host hotel, Renaissance Hotel,at a rate of $195 per night.Zips opens 1stSince stain removal matters to your customers, of 11 plannedeach stain is an opportunity to impress them. Portland storesInkGo is the effective and safe way to remove inkThe locals like to Keep Port-land Weird, but Zips Dry Clean-stains from all types of fabric - including acetates.ersishopingtokeepPortlandUse it to remove adhesives, too. clothes clean as the franchise hasopened its first store in the city.It's eco-friendly. California compliant,We are very excited to bringZips to the Portland area, notedchlorinated-solvent and NPE free, biodegradableJustin Andrews, vice president ofand non-combustible.And since InkGo isOKTA Dry Cleaning, who openedthe first of a proposed dozen loca-user-friendly and odor-free, it's pleasant to work with. tions. We saw that Portland wasin need of a same-day, high-qual-ity, low cost drycleaner that pro-Use InkGo to deliver stain-free cleaning. You'll build your reputation for qualityvided outstanding service. Zips isabletoprovidecustomerswithand keep customers coming back. huge cost saving because of ourflatratecleaningfeeforallclothes. Instead of spending thatmoney on clothes, they can nowspend it on other experiences thatmay be more enjoyable for them.To learn more, visit The first Zips store opened onALWilson.com Nov. 8. Eleven more are alreadyBecome a STAIN WIZARD at ALWilson.com or call 800-526-1188 intheworkstobedistributed A. L. WILSON CHEMICAL CO. throughoutthePortlandmetroarea, all to be owned by OKTADry Cleaning, LLC.FormoreinformationaboutTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads Zips, visit www.321zips.com."