b"PAGE 8 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / JANUARY, 2020Obituaries Robert Zengeler, Sr.A lifetime dedicated to the family drycleaning businessIts no exaggeration to say that Aftergraduatingfromhighdrycleaning was the lifes work of school, he joined the Navy, serv-Robert Zengeler, Sr.ing four years during the KoreanWar years.I wasn't particularly interestedin going to college, I wasn't readyto go to work full time and I was-n't ready to get married and settledown, he recalled in later yearsin explaining why he joined theNavy.College probably wasnt a ne-cessity for him, anyway, since bythat time hed received the equiv-alentofagraduatedegreeindrycleaning.I grew up around the business,andmyfatherandgrandfatherwere my role models, he said.ThepatriarchofZengeler As a young child, my grandfatherCleaners, who died Nov. 13, 2019, Art (A.W. Zengeler) would takehe began by accompanying his fa- me down to the plant in Winnetka,ther Ralph to work. In his last year where he did the dyeing. He wasof life, at age 89, he was often the a master dyer. Id watch him dip-first employee to come to work at ping clothes into the dye kettles,the historic cleaners Park Avenue which we have preserved to this Robert Zengeler, Sr., was already an experienced cleaner at the time of this photo in 1952 asstoreinLibertyville,IL,where veryday.Hewasmeticulous, he unloads a washer. He represented the fourth generation of the family business that washed turn on the lights, fire up the neversatisfieduntilhecould started by is grandfather in 1857. He cut his teeth in the business as a school boy and contin-boiler and make sure the plant was proudlypresentittohiscus- ued working regularly up until the last year of his life. He died in November at 89 years old.ready as the rest of the staff ar- tomer. year old in those days, and it was, youvemasteredtheverybest Tom said. My father always putrived for the day, even as he re- He would also watch his father as it had always been, the natural cleaning methods, the business is the loyalty of his customers beforemained involved in production. removing spots on the spotting place for me to be. all about stressing quality, doing monetary considerations.As it says on the companys board, the place where we keep By 1962, he was ready to as- it right, never cutting corners. He devoted himself to his com-website, Drycleaning is the only all the specialized chemicals we sume the reins of the company Under his leadership, the com- munity,Tomsaid,givingtolife hes ever known. use for that purpose. which by then had been around pany expanded into several new church organziations and sportsThat life began on March 21, By the time his four years of more than 100 years. communities, starting with Liber- teams. He was a charter member1930 in Lake Forest, IL. By the service in the Navy ended, he was When it came time for me to tyville in 1962 and the opening of of the Libertyville Rotary Club,time he was in high school, he ready to settle down and go to run the business, I tried to lead by the Northbrook facility and cor- where he served for 57 years. Hewasmakingdeliveriesforthe workin drycleaning, naturally.example, he said. Our business porate office in 1967. enjoyedtheoutdoors,fishing,family business after the school My father offered me $70 a is pretty simple. Once you have Treating people with respect hunting, cutting his grass, travel-day ended and on weekends. week, pretty good pay for a 22- the right technology in place and has been as important as anything ing to Palm Beach, and his nightlyelse to our longevity, he said. I old fashioned was a nod to a goodwas brought up, and my children day.were brought up, to respect and Survivingaresixchildren,appreciateourfellowworkers. Robert Zengeler, Deborah Creigh,Familymembershavealways A.WilliamZengeler,Michaelbeen on the plant floor, working Zengeler, Thomas and Kathleen-side-by-side with employees. We Lang; 12 grandchildren and threewouldneveraskanyonetodo great-grandchildren; two sisters,something we wouldnt do our- Jane Dietrich and Marie Brady.selves. He was preceded in death byHis son, Tom Zengeler, even- his parents, Ralph and Mary Zen-tually succeed him as president of geler;andhiswife,Elaineinthecompany.Tomsbrothers 2015. Michael and Robert Jr., also con- Funeral mass was held at St.tinue in the family business. Mary of the Annunciation ChurchZengelerCleanerswas in Mundelein. Memorial contribu-founded in 1857 and has remained tions can be made to www.rotary-a family business for 162 years, international.org.William Pete RountreeDrycleaner and beekeeperWilliam Perry Pete Rountree, of Twin City, GA, died Nov. 19while tending his bees. He was 76years old.He owned and operated Southern Laundryand Drycleaners for 30 years before his re-tirement in 2007. He was a member of theSouthEasternFabricareAssociationandserved as its president in 1991 and 1992. Hewas also a former president of SwainsboroRotary.Since his retirement, he enjoyed his hobbyof beekeeping. As a member of three differentbeekeeper clubs, he loved mentoring new orbeginner beekeepers.He is survived by his wife, Sandra McCranie Rountree of TwinCity, GA; two sons, William Perry Rountree, Jr. and Stephen HardyRountree, both of Atlanta; a sister, Mary Jane Rountree Faulk ofVidalia, GA; three brothers, John Rountree of Twin City, Lee EllisRountree of Statesboro, GA and George Holland Rountree of States-boro, GA; and many nieces, nephews and cousins. Funeral Services were Thursday, November 21, 2019 at theSwainsboro First Baptist Church. 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