b'PAGE 8 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / MAY, 2019S T BY D ON D ESROSIERSHIRT ALESEver closer to zero defects on shirtsiththeCleanShow This does require good man- the cuff to slip downward. identical mannerthat is, one payforitselfwithincreasedW just around the cor- agement and a trained, consci- The padding on the sleeve high,onelowthesleeve productivitywithinafewner,youroldshirt entiousemployee.Ifthisre- press buck is very thin by de- measuringdevicewillnot months!unit may be just fine, but are sultsinthereductionofa sign, therefore the press qual- workcorrectlybecausethe Andwearealwayscon-youawareofwhatthenew full-timeemployee,youcan ity isnt going to be very good measuring device will rely on cerned about breakdowns andunits are capable of? easily save $1,200 per month, in any case, so its going to be only one of the seams. downtime. The modern, tech-We have all wished for the covering the monthly cost of a difficult to get the sleeve gusset A defect on at least one of nologicallyadvancedma-shirt unit that produces a shirt new shirt press. area to look great. thesleevesisguaranteed. chinesdiagnosethemselves.thatrequiresnotouch-upwhatsoever. We are closer tothat than you may think. There What can a new shirt unit do that your current unitisalwaysthetrainingissuethat can throw that concept to cannot do? Ultimately, it can save you a lot of money. the wolves, but given a prop-erlytrainedandsupervised It can even pay for itself.employee, you can produce aheck of a good shirt off a mod-ern shirt unit. So how do we get to 8 per- Also,theretendstobea There will be 1) an unpressed And these days, they dont justSo,whatcananewshirt cent touch-up? I have clients crease at the top of the sleeve. area at the extreme top of the go that with a simple errorunit do that your current unit who claim 100 percent touch- Thisiscausedbythesleeve sleeve(nearthechestwhen code that you need to look upcannot do? Ultimately, it can up. riding up on the sleeve buck a youre wearing the shirt); or 2) andreadabouttofindoutsave you a lot of money. It can First of all, if you still have bit. You want to pull down on an over-pressed area where the whats wrong. The most mod-even pay for itself.a sleeve press, be aware that thebackasthepressheads sleeve press pressed a part of ern machines display a photoFirst, lets establish a bench- most of your pressing defects close, but that isnt always pos- the front of the shirt, resulting ofthedefectivepart,alongmark and establish a definition are caused by the sleeve press. sible, practical or safe. in sharp, pressed-in wrinkles with instructions on how to fixfor the term no touch-up. Its Defects around the sleeve gus- If you fail to attach the cuff on the front of the shirt; or 3) it! Even a novice can get a dis-notgoingtobeliteral.Very sets(theareaaroundyour at the exact correct place there one of each of these defects on abled machine back on line inlarge or very small shirts or tai- wristswhenyouwearthe will be a press defect. Where it each side of the shirt. no time. Hows that for savinglored shirts will preclude you shirt) are caused by the sleeve will be and how bad the defect All of this goes away with a labor?from ever having to touch-up press when you dont properly will be depends on how you blown sleeve unit. The quality And to help with that all-all. clamp the cuffs in place. actually attached the cuff with of the finish is better than you important training, some ma-Thepercentageoftouch- Many cuff clamps are bro- the clamp. think, and the blown sleeve ap- chines even have built-in em-ups, as a goal, should be 8 per- ken and have been broken for Attachthecufftoohigh, paratusisntgoingtocause ployee training videos!cent. That is a very small per- years. If the cuff clamp itself therewillbeanunpressed, any unwanted defects. Before Its always nice to get newcentageandperhapstothe worksproperly,thepadun- rough-dry area in between the mypersonalshirtswere equipment, but I always wantpoint of unfathomable by you derneath the clamp is often de- cuff and the sleeve. If the two pressed on a blown sleeve unit, equipmenttobefree,some-at this point, but it is doable. teriorated or missing, causing cuffsarenotattachedinan Ialwaysfeltthatthefinish how. I want equipment to bewould be undesirable. Not so.paid for with some sort of real\x08\x07\x06\x05\x05\x04 \x02\x0b\x10\x0e\x0c\x00\x03\x0f\x01\x00 So thats the argument for savings. Usually that savingsgettingridofyoursleeve islabor,butsometimesitispress, but perhaps youve al- utilities or something else, butKeep Business on Track readydonethat.Afterall, remember that it always mustblown sleeve units have been bekeptincheckwithgoodReplace your bearings at half the cost!around for over 20 years now. management.WithoutgoodBut do you know that col- management, savings can be\x06\x10\x13\x0c\x00\x12\x14\x18\x19\x00\x14\x13\x1b\x0c\x1d\x14\x17\x00\x0b\x14\x1c\x13\x02\x19\x10\x12\x0c\x00\x10\x18\x00\x17\x0c\x11\x08\x19\x0c\x0b\x00\x19\x14\x00\x1c\x14\x17\x13\x02\x14\x1a\x19\x00\x1e\x19\x17\x14\x11\x11\x0c\x1d\x1f\x00 lar/cuff presses have changed chancy, sketchy or even non-\x0c\x08\x17\x10\x13\x0e\x18\x01\x00\x12\x08\x13\x1a\x08\x19\x1a\x17\x0c\x17\x18\x00\x17\x0c\x14\x12\x12\x0c\x13\x0b\x00\x19\x0f\x08\x19\x00\x19\x0f\x0c\x18\x0c\x00\x0c\x08\x17\x10\x13\x0e\x18\x00\x18\x0f\x14\x1a\x11\x0b\x00\x0c a lot, too? So much so, that I existent. \x17\x0c\x15\x11\x08\x0c\x0b\x00\x08\x19\x00\x11\x0c\x08\x18\x19\x00\x14\x13\x0c\x00\x0c\x1b\x0c\x17\x1d\x00\x04\x00\x1d\x0c\x08\x17\x18\x03\x00\x07\x0f\x10\x18\x00\x08\x11\x11\x14\x1c\x18\x00\x19\x0f\x0c\x00\x14\x13\x1b\x0c\x1d\x14\x17 \x18\x00\x12\x14\x19\x14\x17 see no reason to buy a regular Don Desrosiers has been in the\x08\x13\x0b\x00\x0e\x0c\x08\x17\x00\x17\x0c\x0b\x1a\x0c\x17\x00\x19\x14\x00\x14\x15\x0c\x17\x08\x19\x0c\x00\x1c\x10\x19\x0f\x00\x12\x10\x13\x10\x12\x08\x11\x00\x18\x19\x17\x0c\x18\x18\x00\x08\x13\x0b\x00\x17\x10\x19\x10\x14\x13\x03\x00\x05\x1a\x17\x00\x13\x1d\x11\x14\x13 collar/cuffpressthesedays. drycleaning and shirt laundering\x0c\x08\x17\x10\x13\x0e\x18\x00\x08\x17\x0c\x00\x19\x0f\x0c\x00\x18\x08\x12\x0c\x00\x16\x1a\x08\x11\x10\x19\x1d\x00\x0c\x08\x17\x10\x13\x0e\x18\x00\x1a\x18\x0c\x0b\x00\x1d\x00\x12\x08\x13\x1a\x08\x19\x1a\x17\x0c\x17\x18\x01\x00\x08\x13\x0b Forverylittleadditional businesssince1978.Heisawe back our bearings with a 30-day money-back guarantee.money,youcanbuya work-flow engineer and a man-collar/cuff press that can press agementconsultantwhopro-two shirts at one time, in the vides services to shirt laundererssame footprint as one that can anddrycleanersthroughTail-press just one shirt! wind Systems. He is a member ofOnly a few years ago, press- the Society of Professional Con-ing a second shirt to boost pro- sultantsandwinnerofDLIsduction required 30 additional Commitment to Professionalismsquare feet of floor space, not award.Hecanbereachedattomentionanadditional 186 Narrow Ave., Westport, MA$10,000. This is a technological 02790orathisofficebyfaxbreakthrough. (508)636-8839;bycell(508)If you have a double-buck 965-3163;ore-mailattail-shirtunit,butonlyonecol- windsystems@charter.net.TheSARATOGA / WHITE / RAILEXSPEEDCHECK WHITE / OLD STYLE lar/cuff machine, buying one TailwindwebsiteisTrolley Bearing Trolley Bearing Trolley Bearing of these at the Clean Show will www.tailwind systems.com.Manufacturers Price $2.72 Manufacturers Price $7.00 Manufacturers Price $4.60Our price $2.15 Our price $5.50 our price $2.50In StockImmediate Delivery! We accept Visa, MasterCardCall Today!& American Express1-800-392-1769www.trolleybearingcompany.comNEWMETHODCLEANERS inSantaFe,NM,installedaOrders of 200 units or more will be discounted an additional 20%.Union HL840 cleaning machine. Laurence Romero (left) ofNewMethodispicturedwithTomSheridanofUnionTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 46 or visit www.natclo.com/ads Drycleaning Products.'