b"PAGE 8 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / OCTOBER, 2019Exhibits, seminars by NCA in SecaucusTexcare 2019, the National Cleaners As- change with it to stay relevant, NCA said. At 10 a.m., a seminar will address di- rectly for room reservations, (888) 231-sociations biennial drycleaning and laun- Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages versification and things you can do to make 5540.dry trade show, will take place Oct. 19 and and the Pennysaver; here are the days of more money. Reservations and other information can20 at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Se- the apps and voice search. From added services available for just a befoundontheNCATexcarewebsite,caucus, NJ. Disruptors are counting on drycleaners small investment to dramatic diversification www.texcareusa.com.NCA is also planning to hold its second to be unaware of the change happening opportunities exist that could change the On Monday following the show, NCAsannual Coats for Kids golf outing on Mon- around them. Prove them wrong.Find out entire trajectory of your business, this panel Coats for Kids golf outing will take placeday, Oct. 21 the day after the show closes. what changes are happening in the world presentation will offer fresh new ideas and at the White Beeches Golf and CountryThe exhibit will offer opportunities tofrom voice search to Alexa and Siri, and possible avenues of growth. Club in Haworth, NJ.learn about new solvents and cleaning tech- how you can use them to attract and keep Also on Sunday, NCA will offer New That event will begin with registrationnologies,demonstrationsofautomation customers. Yorkstate-mandatedsexualharassment at 10 a.m. followed by a buffet breakfastsoftware and a chance to meet new ven- A 10 a.m. panel presentation will cover training which has an October deadline. before the noon shotgun start.dors. computersystems.Attendeeswilllearn The training will be offered in both English Evening activities will include a three-The exhibit hall will be open from 11 howtheindustrysleadingsoftware and Spanish sessions on Sunday at 10 a.m. hour open bar beginning at 5 p.m. Dinnera.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 providers can help you grow and control and 4 p.m. and carving stations will be available be-p.m. on Sunday. Admission to the exhibit your business, from facial recognition to Preregistration for the training sessions ginning at 6 p.m. with awards and raffles athall is free for all cleaners. key performance indicators, to text mes- is recommended as space is limited. Con- 7 p.m.Advance registration for TexCare regis- saging and garment tracking. tact Ann Hargrove at (800) 888-1622 to Since 1967, NCAs Coats for Kids hastration can save time at the site. For infor- The first Sunday morning session will preregister or for more information. facilitated the collection, cleaning and do-mation, email annhargrove252@gmail.com help answer the question Is Now the Time NCA has secured special rates at two nating of coats for children in need, part-or visit www.texcareusa.com. to Get Out or Grow? nearby hotels. Embassy Suites offers king nering with local drycleaners and other or-On both Saturday and Sunday seminars Whether you are thinking about growing suites at $189 and double suites at $199. ganizations.will begin at 9 a.m. through acquisition or thinking you have Both rates include a cooked to order break- To join the golfers or be a sponsor, con-The first seminar on Saturday will ex- had enough and want to sell, this seminar fast. Call the hotel, (201) 864-7300, for tactJoeHallakatjjh@hallak.comorplain how to grow your business with voice will offer tips and techniques in identifying reservations. Richard Aviles at Richard@kinggarment-search. likely buyers and sellers, negotiating and The Holiday Inn Secaucus offers king care.com. Online registration is availableThe world is changing and you have to establishing a reasonable value. or double rooms at $149. Call the hotel di- at www.coatsforkidsusa.com.Mischief atMilt & EdiesContinued from page 1notes that she has seen quite a fewcelebrities at the cleaners, but see-ing McCarthy was like a wholedifferent level because thats likemy favorite artist. I just love herso much.Then, after a couple of daysfull of big surprises, she receivedthe biggest one of all. DeGeneresadds at the end of the interview,Well, we wanted to have you onjust to apologize, but since then Ilearned that you owe some moneyin student loans. Youre trying tosave money for a car and youresuch a good person, you were sopatient with her. You didnt getfrustrated. You didnt tell someonetocomehelp.Youjuststayedevery ink stain is an there with her the whole time. So,every ink stain is anI want to reward your kindness.PPORTUNITY So Shutterfly wants to give you$20,000.Overwhelmed by the gesture,Alexis cries and hugs Ellen. Its anice ending to the story. Since stain removal matters to your customers, Behind the Sceneseach stain is an opportunity to impress them. Like most things out of Holly-wood, there was quite a bit goingInkGo is the effective and safe way to remove inkon behind the scenes before Mc-Carthy initially even showed upstains from all types of fabric - including acetates.at Milt & Edies.Use it to remove adhesives, too. Michael Shader, co-owner ofMilt & Edies with his wife, Beth,It's eco-friendly. California compliant,was the only one outside of EllenDeGeneres team that knew aboutchlorinated-solvent and NPE free, biodegradablethe hidden camera prank. It almostand non-combustible.And since InkGo isdidnt happen, however.Because of the nature of howuser-friendly and odor-free, it's pleasant to work with. we conduct business, we are con-tacted a lot by the entertainmentindustry to come in and shoot andUse InkGo to deliver stain-free cleaning. You'll build your reputation for qualitymake commercials, or this or that,and the irony is they want us toand keep customers coming back. shut down, he explained.Closing down a 24-hour clean-See Us atNCAs Texcareers would prevent Milt & Ediesfrom giving the kind of serviceBooth 424 that draws such peoples attentionin the first place. To learn more, visit For the sake of our customers,ALWilson.com wesay,No,Shaderadded.Become a STAIN WIZARD at ALWilson.com or call 800-526-1188 This is the first time weve al-lowed it, because first of all it is A. L. WILSON CHEMICAL CO. Ellen and Melissa happens to beour customer and I was the onlyone who actually knew that it wasTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 42 or visit www.natclo.com/ads going down."