b"PAGE 8 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / AUGUST, 2020W RENCH W B Y B RUCE G ROSSMANORKSTracking the circulation of steamofar,wehavelearned whichisoftencalledthe Now,herestheproblem. thelowestpointofthema- Getting the condensate backS howtosafelygenerate steam header shut off valve.Steam contains almost all the chine and open when activated into the boiler is the job of thesteam by controlling the You may find it surprising heat energy and condensate al- bytheaccumulationofcon- condensate return system andwater level inside a boiler and that steam will step along at most none. So, as the conden- densate, allowing the pressure is indeed a major part of thehow to heat that boiler. least a brisk 80 feet per second sateaccumulatesinthema- of the steam entering the ma- steam system. It performs soIn this installment we will minimum(55.5miles/hour) chinethereislessspacefor chine to blow the condensate many functions, well honor itanalyze the flow of steam and through this steam header pipe steam to enter and release heat out of the machine into the re- withitsownarticleinnexthow the water condensed from Its a good idea to open and energy.(Thatsthereason turnpipingwhichconducts months issue.this steam (condensate) is re- close this steam header shut off when a steam trap is blocked the condensate back to the re-turned to the boiler. valve once a month to keep it the machine will not heat up turn tank. Bruce Grossman is the chief ofYouwillnodoubtrecall operating freely. or just be warm). To summarize, a steam trap R&D for EZtimers Manufactur-fromthefirstarticlethata Like all boiler maintenance, Some method is required to traps steam yet allows con- ing, maker of the new EZ Doseboiler changes the state of wa- do this when the boiler is not get the condensate out of the densate to pass through and be boiler compound manager andter from a liquid to a gas called under pressure. machine, allowing more steam blown through the return pip- return tank level control whichsteam. Branching off the top of the to enter. This is accomplished ing back to the return tank. replaces that troublesome ballThischangestoreslarge steamheaderaresmaller using a device called a steam If a steam trap sticks open, float valve in the condensate re-amounts of heat energy in the drops connecting the steam trap.the machine usually will ap- turn tank. Sahara and Drop insteam in the form of latent heat header to the steam inlet of in- Without getting into the in- peartooperatenormally. the Bucket line of high puritywhich is later released when dividual machines. ternalworkingsofdifferent However, steam is constantly separator water mister/evapora-the steam condenses back to Each drop should have its types of steam traps, you will flowing through the machine, torsprovideathrifty,legalwater doing some sort of work own shut off valve between the almost always see an inverted back through the condensate method to get rid of the separa-likeheatingapressorstill, header and the machine. Shut bucket trap sort of a cylindri- return system causing an enor- torwatergeneratedbyyourdrying shirts on a double buck, off valves in the drops are usu- callyshapeddeviceora mous waste of energy (money) drycleaning machine. For moreetc. (you get the idea). ally of the 90 degree orturn thermo-staticalsocalled at$75 per month and up, per information on EZtimers prod-Thewaterresultingfrom to shut ball valve variety. thermo-dynamic trap shaped faulty trap. ucts, visitwww.eztimers.com.thesteamreleasingheaten- OK, now that we have the like a small rectangular block Each faulty trap would be Address any questions or com-ergy and changing back to wa- steam to the machine, lets see ofmetaloranoversized the same as drilling a 1/8-inch ments for Bruce tobruce@ez-ter is called condensate. Lets what happens to the steam in hockey puck. diameter hole in your steam timers.comorcall(702)examine what happens to this apressurizedvessellikea These devices are located at header. 376-6693.steam in a drycleaning/laun- press head, press buck or heat-dry operation. First at bat is the ing coil. 67($0\x036833/\x03667(0steam delivery system. Steam is cooled by contact-ing the metal of the vessel (IllThe steam delivery callthevesselthemachine 67($0\x036833/\x0372system fromnowon)andchanges 7+(\x035(67\x032)\x037+(Steamexitstheboiler state back to liquid water (Ill (48,30(17through a shut off valve at the call this water condensate fromtop of the boiler into a large now on).mainpipecalledthesteam Thischangeofstate,youheader. The shut off valve is will remember, releases large 67($0\x03+($'(5usuallyamulti-turnround amounts of heat stored as la- 67($0\x03+($'(5handledglobetypevalve tent heat energy. 6+87\x032))\x039$/9(67($0\x036833/ 67($0\x0335(6685(\x035(*8/$725)520\x03%2,/(5 \x14\x15\x18\x0336,*\x03,1\x10\x1b\x18\x0336,*\x03287\x0b127\x0335(6(17\x0321\x03$//\x03,167$//$7,216\x0c%2,/(567($0\x03'52335(6667($0\x0375$3/(*(1'Via R. 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