JULY, 2017 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / PAGE 9 U US SE ED D* * D DR RY YC CL LE EA AN NI IN NG G E EQ QU UI IP PM ME EN NT T P PR RI IC CE E Marvel 30 lb. Transfer Washer/Extractor $3,995 Hoyt 50 lb. Petro-Miser $9,500 D DR RY YC CL LE EA AN NI IN NG G P PR RE ES SS SE ES S Forenta Utility Press $3,195 Hoffman Mushroom Topper $3,600 Forenta Single Legger $3,800 Unipress V3 Versaform $8,995 L LA AU UN ND DR RY Y W WA AS SH HE ER RS S & & D DR RY YE ER RS S Milnor 35 lb. Washer $2,795 Dexter 60 lb. Washer $3,800 Unimac 60 lb. Washer $4,595 L LA AU UN ND DR RY Y P PR RE ES SS SE ES S Hoffman Bantam Body Press $2,995 Hoffman Double Topper $3,450 Fujistar Double Buck w/unloader $14,000 Ajax CBS Sleever $3,995 Forenta 54” Apparel Press $3,400 Unipress NT2 Double Buck $18,000 Forenta Collar and Cuff $3,600 O OT TH HE ER R Fimas Finishing Board $1,695 Superstarch Starch Cooker $2,995 Boch 20” Extractor $3,995 DF-100U-V3 Rotary Garment Finisher • Sleek, redesigned control panel for easier operation • Blower motor increased to help with laundered garments • More ventilation slots on the torso • Redesigned foot pedals for easier use by the operator DP-420TU-V2 Utility Press • Self-contained vacuum • Automatic motor stop (after 10 seconds) • Inverter for Vacuum Motor All Equipment Tested Prior to Shipping Your Satisfaction Assured D DR RY Y C CL LE EA AN NI IN NG G PRICE Sankosha Triple Puff Iron $1,960 Forenta Utility Press $6,295 Lattner 20 H.P.WLF Boiler $14,995 Forenta Form Finisher $3,995 Unisec 50 lb. Dry to Dry Easysec $29,995 L LA AU UN ND DR RY Y Forenta 19VS Topper $4,595 Ipso 50 lb. Gas Dryer $3,350 Bantam Body Press $3,995 Wascomat 83 lb. Gas Dryer $3,675 Ipso 60 lb. Hard Mount Washer $7,995 Ipso 55 lb. Soft Mount Washer $10,500 Electrolux 62 lb. Washer $8,195 Forenta 53” Laundry Legger $6,695 Miele 30 lb. Soft Mount Washer $7,900 Fagor 60 lb. Washer $7,895 NEW** EQUIPMENT √ New Listing • * Used equipment subject to prior sale FOB San Antonio • ** New Equipment FOB Factory 866-734-3644 • www.MustangEnterprises.com info@mustangenterprises.com • San Antonio, TX √ √ √ √ To learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 38 or visit www.natclo.com/ads