b'MAY, 2019 / NATIONAL CLOTHESLINE / PAGE 9DP-420TU-V2 Utility Press DF-100U-V3 Rotary Garment Finisher Self-contained vacuumSleek, redesigned control panel for easier operation Automatic motor stop (after 10 seconds)Blower motor increased to help with laundered garmentsInverter for Vacuum Motor More ventilation slots on the torsoRedesigned foot pedals for easier use by the operatorAll Equipment Tested Prior to ShippingYour Satisfaction AssuredUSED* DRYCLEANING EEQUIPMENT PRICEHoyt 100 lb. Petroleum Reclaimer $11,000Marvel 30 lb. Transfer Washer/Extractor $3,995DRYCLEANING PPRESSES NEW**Forenta Utility Press $3,195 EQUIPMENTHoffman Mushroom Topper $3,600Unipress V3 Versaform $8,995 DRY CCLEANINGPRICESankosha Triple Puff Iron $1,960LAUNDRY WWASHERS && DDRYERS Forenta Utility Press $6,295Huebsch 75 lb. Gas Dryer $1,995Lattner 20 H.P.WLF Boiler $14,995 Milnor 35 lb. Washer $2,795 Forenta Form Finisher $3,995Unisec 50 lb. Dry to Dry Easysec $29,995LAUNDRY PPRESSESHoffman Bantam Body Press $2,995 LAUNDRYHoffman Double Topper $3,450 Forenta 19VS Topper $4,595Fujistar Double Buck w/unloader $14,000 Ipso 50 lb. Gas Dryer $3,350Unipress TD2 Double Buck $14,995 Bantam Body Press $3,995Ajax CBS Sleever $3,995 Wascomat 83 lb. Gas Dryer $3,675Forenta 54 Apparel Press $3,400Ipso 60 lb. Hard Mount Washer $7,995Unipress NT2 Double Buck $18,000 Ipso 55 lb. Soft Mount Washer $9,995ForentaCollar and Cuff $3,600 Electrolux 62 lb. Washer $8,195OTHER Forenta 53 Laundry Legger $6,695 Miele 30 lb. Soft Mount Washer $7,900Fimas Finishing Board $1,695 Fagor 60 lb. Washer $7,895Superstarch Starch Cooker $2,995Boch 20 Extractor $3,995 New Listing* Used equipment subject to prior sale FOB San Antonio** New Equipment FOB Factory866-734-3644www.MustangEnterprises.cominfo@mustangenterprises.comSan Antonio, TXTo learn more, see the Index of Advertisers on page 46 or visit www.natclo.com/ads'